Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Topper breaks with bassplayer

Swedish punk rock band Topper breaks with Bassplayer Michael Gustavsson.
Just two days after a 3 days tour the break up was a fact. 
Today the three other members of the band made it official. I have been informed that I will get more information during the day.

The band also anounce on Facebook that they will not comment on rumours around the band.

As I am filming the band for my documentary "Vilket jävla skitliv" I should be able to see it comming by I didn´t.
Im as puzzeled as you are.

stay tuned for updates.

I have taken the decision to not publish any sides view in this
until things settled and I get a a bit of the whole picture.
As a former member i various bands I know that things should be settled in
the circle of the band, before people air it in the open, American style.
This because I don´t want to put oil on the fire.


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