Sunday, February 9, 2014

Gråsuggorna at Tucken and Ligisternas surprise gig

The Event

Band night at Tucken (the basement club at Broder Tuck)

It looked like it was going to be a pretty shitty night at Tucken (nothing similar to the PSK punk festival). First of all it was hard to book any other band that night. So it was decided that Gråsuggorna should play all by them self. And then no one showed up at first. But in the end there was a crowd as dedicated as anyone can be.  

Ligisterna (The Thugs)  = Surprise gig =

I had just finished a conversation with the drummer Pelle of Gråsuggorna about the greatness Ligisterna when all the boys of Ligisterna entered the club in a truly brilliant punk rock manner. All of a sudden they became an improvised support act to Gråsuggorna. With three songs they were on it with the energy they almost always are on. A great start. Gråsuggorna seemed a bit worried that they couldn’t match the support act.

Gråsuggorna  (The Woodlices)

And it was obvious that they seemed a bit lost in the beginning. But recovered real fast.
Gråsuggorna is originally from the small, hillbilly style, village of Rättvik. An hostile environment to a young punk. Still they have survived as both humans and as a band. As a band they been doing this for 20 years. Basically they are into fast UK82 style of punk. Which also can be heard in their Blitz. GBH covers, etc.

The set started a bit shaky, not least with a bit of problem with some unwelcome microphone feedback. But after settled that problem they sort of geared up a level and you could literary see the energy build up inside them all. Especially the singer Jörgen got more and more confident and could let out the pure punk energy that got the crowd going. It was amazing watching that change from low energy to high and then into supercharged!
I heard that they were a good live band and now I got to see that.
With their slogan “Old punks never dies!” they proved that punk rock is the formula to stay young and for an eternal life in joy.

Even if they have had the band for 20 years they have never played in Stockholm before, so this was their STHLM premiere. And both the band and the crowd agreed on that it wasn´t the last time playing in the capital of Sweden.

As the Dj at the event I didn´t pay, but the 40 SEK must been worth the money for any true punk.

To all of you that wasn´t there but was watching, whining and complaining about the Swedish “Mellodifestivalen”, shame on you!

I sum the night with a smile, the true brotherhood of DIY punk rock, like it once was, could never been more obvious last night. Long gone was all elitism, rock star manners, only the heart and love to the fast music with screaming vocals about the grim facts of life.


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