Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Drink the Punk Away - Stockholm Punk Scene (Some Places)

Drink the Punk Away - Stockholm Punk Scene (Some Places)

On a visit, new in town or just lost?

A Quick guide to some of the main punk (metal, and rock) gig places. Or are you in it for just a beer in the presense of distorted guitars delivered by the DJ?... Or do you just wanna be where punks just happened to hang around? Find it here.

Stockholm inner city got five main areas which Södermalm is the biggest and the most punk frequented. Söder as it is called for short.

Söder (Södermalm)
gigs at

Snövit at Ringvägen 147, a quick walk down the Ringvägen from Skanstulls subwaystation.
Don´t be fooled by the restaurant, the punk is in the basement. Club Probation

Broder Tuck is at Götgatan 85, just oposit the Skanstulls Subway station.
Walk Through the restaurant down in the basement for Metal and Punk, Mostly at weekends but be alert it can be on week day night as well.

Kafé 44, Tjärhovsgatan 46 is an Vegetarian/Vegan café with alot of different venues, No-alcohol concerts, which makes it suitable for people under 18. Metal/Hard Core/Punk/Alternative.

Skål, Lindvallsgatan 11-13, A walk from subway station Hornstull. Mostly Rock, Blues and open stages but one or two Ska and Punk gigs can be seen.

Debaser Medis,  More info soon

Malmen, More info soon

Strand, More info soon

Clubs, beers and hang outs at...
Carmen, Jamson, Bröderna Ohlson, Charles Dickens, Star Bar
 (more info later)

Gamla Stan (Old Town)

Pussy a Go Go in the basement at the Pub Liffeys, Stora Nygatan 40 Subway station Gamla Stan.
Walk through the restaurand and walk down in the basement. open at fridays and saturdays.

Stampens Källare, Stora Nygatan 5, Subway station Gamla Stan.
Different clubs, like Apoteket Apan and music which includes Punk, Metal etc,

Debaser Slussen, More info soon


North inner city is called Kungholmen and have some cheaper beer joints. In that cluster...

Copperfields is placed very closed to the Fridhemsplan subway station. At the moment Club Dislocated is residing punk gig organizers there, with free concerts every friday and saturday.

Cheep beer at places as Dovas


Malmskilnadesgatan 45, A cool concept restaurant full with CCCP kitch. In the basement the Clubs Kalashnikov, Plus One, Bat Night, Stoner Caravan and Stockholms Pärlor resides. Both with bands and music quiz. EBM, Synth, Punk, Rock, Metal etc

Stay tuned for more places.

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