Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Closed for Vacation .... and Ramones - California Sun

Holiday in the Sun!
Closed for vacation!

As you might noticed I pretty much closed down my mental system for vacation.
That means as long I bum around like a Californian hippie in the sun just being lazy at the beach or gone fishing, I won´t update the blog as often as I use to. And there is nothing much to report anyway...No West Coast Riot (buhu) this year and Gröna Lund didn´t went for the punk this year, except for Bad Religion, more about it later.

 Ramones - California Sun (US)
From the album "Leave Home" (1977)


Rancid - Wrongful Suspicion

Let´s Have A Rancid Tuesday!

Rancid - Wrongful Suspicion (US)
From the album "Life won´t wait (1998)