Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Krooked at copperfields

The Krooked at Copperfields Stockholm
Feb 15 2013

Bolla med Zlatan - Köttgrottorna

Köttgrottorna - Bolla med Zlatan

New single from the album "Totalgalet Köttgrottorna - 2013"

Monday, February 25, 2013

Voice of A Generation - Baseball Bat

Voice of a Generation - Baseball Bat (Swe)

from the album "The Final oddition" 1999

Iggy Stooge in Interview, a new record on the way

New Stooges record at stores April 30

Iggy Pop interview at Vimeo


Troublemakers - Ronka

Troublemakers - Ronka (Swe)

at Gatans Musik at Fryshuset, Stockholm Dec 1st 2012


Benefit concert for The Cancer Reseach in the Memory of 

Stellan Hemringe former guitarist in the bands Mob-77, Aoouh!, Warheads.

May 4th 2013 at Boo Folkets hus, Orminge, Stockholm

Sorry in Swedish only.

Facebook länk till evenemanget. Här

Stellans 3 "gamla" punkband spelar, för sista gången.
- Mob-77
- Aoouh!
- Warheads
+ Vi får hjälp på scen av flera grymma kompisar/musiker.
+ Band från Musikföreningen Ormen:
-The Rapers-77

Flera band kommer haka på.
Vi återkommer om vilka som spelar & speltider.
- Platinum Ink Tattoo kommer vara på plats.
Ni kan boka tider och en del av kostnaden går till forskningen.
VÅR VÄN STELLAN HEMRINGE, gitarrist i några av Stockholms bästa punkband på 70-80 talet dog 2012 i Cancer. Stellans band från 76-80 kommer och spelar sina låtar och samlar ihop pengar till Cancerforskningen.
Eftersom Stellan växte upp i Orminge-området och var med i Musikföreningen Ormen så var valet av spelställe enkelt. Bosse & Jens på Boo Folkets Hus ställde upp direkt. Flera av Stellans vänner i musikvärlden ställer självklart upp gratis och spelar kända & okända punklåtar.
Bussen tar bara 15 minuter från Slussen till Orminge och kör var
5-10 minut. Boo Folkets Hus har servering och en schysst scen.
Så kom och träffa gamla å nya vänner och se till att
Cancerforskningen får pengar.
INTRÄDE: 120:- (allt överskjutande går till Cancerfonden)
Biljetter säljs 4 maj i dörren och på nätet (Info kommer)
Detta är en chans att ta farväl av en gammal kompis.
Missa inte detta.

Derby STHLM at Copperfields feb 2013

Derby STHLM at Copperfields (Club Dislocated, feb 16 2013), Stockholm

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Derby STHLM Telling the crowd what Punk is about!

Derby STHLM telling us what punk is about.


We comes from the old School of Punk.
It wasn´t about play fast, It was about attitude, it was about underwear, to show off you dick!
That is what punk is about! You know, don´t be so damn pretentious, here is a punk tune..... 

Topper - Off She Goes (Live at Snövit 2013)

Topper at Snövit, Stockholm

jan 26 2013

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Mojo March 2013 issue presents Echoes

There is this excellent Spacerock/Psychadelia CD compilation sold with March issue of MOJO.
If you into Krautrock, Spacerock early Prog then this is a must buy.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Spion 13 - Tusen och en natt

Spion 13 - Tusen och en natt (Swe)

Single (1982)

Sixten Redlös - Ni Ska Få Ångra

Sixten Redlös - Ni ska få ångra (Transl. You Will Regret) (Swe)

Single from 1984, Re released on CD on the singles collection  "Sålunda spelade Sixten Redlös" in 1994

Scary Cherry and the Bang Bangs - Don't Wanna

Scary Sherry and the Bang Bangs - Don´t Wanna (US)

Single taken from the forthcomming album "Girl" (2013)

Download it for free here


Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Derby STHLM and Psykbryt at Copperfields (Review)

The Place
Copperfields, the Pub with a stage at Fridhemsplan. Tonight, Derby STHLM ranted about the tables that was too close to the stage. A bit more place was made for people to move along to the wild music of Derby STHLM and Psykbryt.

The Crowd
A good crowd tonight as well. Everyone from skinny young punkettes with studs and Mohawks ´till heavy old geezers that makes beer bellies look like a state of fitness. This is what punk is a bout, something Derby STHLM in their ranting pointed out. Not least by the fact that one of the guitarist told us that it was punk to play in his undies which he did, trousers off, then play.

The Bands

I arrived when the first band just had played so I missed them, The Spotlicks, which was a bit pity, I like them.

I haven´t heard them before and It didn´t struck me with astonishment. A bit too Trall for my taste.
Tight and competent yes, but not my cup of Tea.

Find more Photos here

Is a cult band, hailed by many and tonight you could understand why. This is naked hyperactivity on the verge to insanity. This is all the energy that been built up by daily frustration concentrated in one attack from stage, played by a bunch of old beer drinkers from hell.  It´s funny, it´s dysfunctional and it´s totally entertaining. They are a bunch of goofballs and football thugs on the loose, rampaging both ears, taste and guitars. The last wasn’t their fault, but the band managed to get technical problems not once but twice. But that didn´t slowed them down. In the wait for a new guitar, you can jump up and down in sheer joy or frustration, hilarious, brilliant. With a bit catchier tunes they could be Swedens best band. They got the anger, the frustration, the ranting, the speed, the tightness. This was so far from commercial PopSkatePunk you can get, even more far away than that.

More photos here

Closing band for tonight was the critical acclaimed Psykbryt (even in mainstream media). A young band on the rise, the reason why I was there in the first place. A bit they remind me of a Young Bitch Boys. And they got a bunch of really catchy tunes such as “Åk hem till Täby”* about our right wing prime minister, and “Södra latin” (About preppy schoolgirls). It´s simple straight forward Oi! Punk, even if I think they wouldn´t agree on that label. In a way I was a bit let down by the performance.
Where Derby STHLM´s dysfunctional approach is giving it a humerous edge , this band doesn´t benefit from the technical problems as they don´t keep the pace with a drummer running up to the stage front to take the admiration from his female fan club to semi Tommy Lee level. There is a lot of Punk talent in this band but there are some to learn about how to master it, in order to make the music great. Enough of grumpy whining. They did manage to close the set great and proved that they know how to be brilliant. "Åk hem till Täby" was the best song played on that stage this week end. Unfortionatly I got battery trouble with my camera during it.

*Originally the Irish Song "Go On Home British Soldiers"

Worth the money? It was free. There was some talk about a Swedish tour with Derby STHLM and Psykbryt. If I was you I would line up for ticket right now. Because this was great fun!

BTW with this two weekends at Copperfields, Club Dislocated showed that Stockholm is worth visiting.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Free Pussy Riot Petition!

We received this email from recently regarding two members of the Russian punk group Pussy Riot. Most of you have been following this story for some time now so please continue doing what you can do to help. ~ PLEASE READ THE MESSAGE BELLOW AND RESPOND BY FILING OUT THE WATCHDOG.NET PETITION TODAY!!!!
Dear ___ ____,

The prisons in Perm and Mordovia are some of the harshest camps in all Russia, known for severely unhealthy conditions, a complete absence of privacy and a brutal social hierarchy where convicts are subject to abuse and sexual violence by both prison guards and inmates.

This summer, Pussy Riot's Maria Alyokhina, 24, and Nadezhda Tolokonnikova, 22, began two-year prison sentences there for daring to stand against Vladimir Putin. Now Nadezhda has been hospitalized after toiling in prison yards around the clock -- and sources say her life is in danger.

Media attention this summer already caused Putin's puppets to stop pushing for the maximum penalty and pardon one member of the group. Don't let Nadezhda become a martyr for dissent: call for Pussy Riot to be transferred to a Moscow facility now!

PETITION TO VLADIMIR PUTIN AND RUSSIAN PENAL AUTHORITIES: There is no reason to deny Maria Alyokhina and Nadezhda Tolokonnikova the right to serve their two-year prison terms in Moscow to be closer to their children. The world is watching: Transfer Maria and Nadezhda now!

Click here to sign -- it just takes a second.

Thanks, -- The folks at

P.S. If the other links aren't working for you, please go here to sign:

The Krooked and Greta kassler at Copperfields (review)

Club Dislocated Fridays at Copperfields looks like a bit of small sucess. A rather decent crowd showed up this Friday for some Stockholm punk. I had just bought my first beer when the tragic news reached me. Ligisterna have canceled. The reason why I was there had pulled out because of illness. Still, there was three more bands on the bill and I thought they really had to deliver to make the  it worth the effort going there.

The Place
Copperfields is a pub that got a stage. Still they have tables up next to the stage which makes moshing hard. Some tries it however, even I for one song. No one will cry if they removed some of the front tables.

The crowd
 I estimates it as a good crowd, both people with punk patches/studed jackets and Lonsdale dudes, Skinhead girls and casuals. I spoke to a fellow that just happened to had a few pints in the restaurant and was on the way out when Greta Kassler started. He and his buddies stayed for the rest of the night, loving it. Possibly was it a good move to start having the club outside Södermalm.

The Bands

Greta Kassler

First out was Greta Kassler, a trallpunk band that made that melodic genre a bit faster, a bit harder. And with the Ligisterna absent the band do step out of the shadows. Any obscurity about this and that is blown away tonight. Tight, fast and raw with very good sound. Best song? "Kasparovs Parti", possibly. But my doubt about GK is that their melodies doesn’t stick in my mind, I know that they got lyrics about important stuff but the lines doesn’t stick,  it is possible that it is me? Tonight I don´t find that´s a problem, the performance is convincing as it is.

The Krooked

In my eyes the Krooked have been the Ligisternas support act. Tonight with Ligisterna absent they stand out real fine and proved that they can be a main act just as good the Civilians was last week.
However I have the same problem with them as with Greta Kassler. I have a hard time to remember a catchy tune after the last chord is strummed. But in the moment they play they are a good, entertaining band that is both hard working and seems to have a passion for the spirit of Punk Rock n Roll, and when they do as they do tonight it´s great.

The last band wasn’t my cup of tea at all so I don´t review them at all, I had a chat with Greta Kassler instead.

Worth the money? It was free! But I don’t understand why more people are not there? Because this is the world famous Swedish punk played for free!

Killdozer - Hamburger Martyr

Noise rockers
Killdozer - Hamburger Martyr (US)
from the EP "Burl" (1986)

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Gibby Haynes - Pauls Not Home

Gibby Haynes (Featuring Jack White) - Pauls Not Home. (2013)

A cover from Adrenaline OD 1982 Roir Records Hard Core Tape Compilation, "New York Trash".

I like Butthole surfers where Gibby Haynes is the singer and I liked what Jack White did in White Stripes, But I don´t like this a bit.
It is possible that this started as an internal band joke in Butthole Surfers about their guitarist Paul Leary? But I must say the Adrenaline OD version which happens to be one of my HC favorites are still far better.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Prince Buster and the All Stars- One Step Beyond (Jam)

Single (1964)

Madness cover from 1979 became a mainstream hit and was the title on Madness debute album that reached 2 place on the British hit list in 1979.

Manu Chao - Me gustas tu

Manu Chao - Me gustas tu (Fra/The World)

From the album Proxima Estacion: Esperanca (2001) 

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Drink the Punk Away - Stockholm Punk Scene (Some Places)

Drink the Punk Away - Stockholm Punk Scene (Some Places)

On a visit, new in town or just lost?

A Quick guide to some of the main punk (metal, and rock) gig places. Or are you in it for just a beer in the presense of distorted guitars delivered by the DJ?... Or do you just wanna be where punks just happened to hang around? Find it here.

Stockholm inner city got five main areas which Södermalm is the biggest and the most punk frequented. Söder as it is called for short.

Söder (Södermalm)
gigs at

Snövit at Ringvägen 147, a quick walk down the Ringvägen from Skanstulls subwaystation.
Don´t be fooled by the restaurant, the punk is in the basement. Club Probation

Broder Tuck is at Götgatan 85, just oposit the Skanstulls Subway station.
Walk Through the restaurant down in the basement for Metal and Punk, Mostly at weekends but be alert it can be on week day night as well.

Kafé 44, Tjärhovsgatan 46 is an Vegetarian/Vegan café with alot of different venues, No-alcohol concerts, which makes it suitable for people under 18. Metal/Hard Core/Punk/Alternative.

Skål, Lindvallsgatan 11-13, A walk from subway station Hornstull. Mostly Rock, Blues and open stages but one or two Ska and Punk gigs can be seen.

Debaser Medis,  More info soon

Malmen, More info soon

Strand, More info soon

Clubs, beers and hang outs at...
Carmen, Jamson, Bröderna Ohlson, Charles Dickens, Star Bar
 (more info later)

Gamla Stan (Old Town)

Pussy a Go Go in the basement at the Pub Liffeys, Stora Nygatan 40 Subway station Gamla Stan.
Walk through the restaurand and walk down in the basement. open at fridays and saturdays.

Stampens Källare, Stora Nygatan 5, Subway station Gamla Stan.
Different clubs, like Apoteket Apan and music which includes Punk, Metal etc,

Debaser Slussen, More info soon


North inner city is called Kungholmen and have some cheaper beer joints. In that cluster...

Copperfields is placed very closed to the Fridhemsplan subway station. At the moment Club Dislocated is residing punk gig organizers there, with free concerts every friday and saturday.

Cheep beer at places as Dovas


Malmskilnadesgatan 45, A cool concept restaurant full with CCCP kitch. In the basement the Clubs Kalashnikov, Plus One, Bat Night, Stoner Caravan and Stockholms Pärlor resides. Both with bands and music quiz. EBM, Synth, Punk, Rock, Metal etc

Stay tuned for more places.

Stiff Little Fingers to Debaser Medis

Stiff Little Fingers at Debaser Medis April 5 2013

See the venue here.

Find tickets here

One of the seventies most influentual punk rock acts, the North Ireland 4 man group Stiff Little Fingers
will visit Debaser Medis in April 5, supported by Alonzo and fas 3, Bitch Boys.

Smash It Up - New Single

Smash It up - Billy and Rudy (Swe)

Monday, February 11, 2013

Gatans Lag - Från Fest Till Arrest

Gatans Lag - Från fest till Arrest

New Album out March 30 2013

The Civilians at Copperfields, Stockholm 2013

The Civilians at Copperfields, Stockholm, (Club Dislocated) feb 9  2013

The Civilians at Copperfields, Stockholm 2013

The Civilians at Copperfields (Club Dislocated) feb 9 2013

Beyond Pink wins Manifest prize in Stockholm.

1,2,fypr congratulate the Skåne Hard Core band Beyond Pink for their win of the Manifest prize in the cathegory PUNK for their excellent and brutal hard core.

As well as Witchcraft for winning the Hard Rock Cathegory.

How the overrated Refused could win the best Live is still a mystery to me. But I will face it and go on with life.

Its not for this song they got prized but it is smashing good.

Beyond Pink -Slave For My Uterus (Swe)

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Tank Girl - Kids With Guns (Nepal)

Tank Girls - Kids With Guns & Choco Fun (Nepal)
Kids With Guns & Choco Fun (2005)

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Fy Fan, Attentat!

Attentat releases a new album today, Fy Fan (transl. Damn It)

Lyrics in Swedish and in the tradition of their previous records.

A handfull singles been released during 2012.

Possible will I review it in a couple of days, will listen to it first.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Sodomy Soldiers - Religion & Guns

Sodomy Soldiers - Religions & Guns (Swe)

The Baboon Show - You Got A Problem Without Knowing It

The Baboon Show - You Got A Problem Without Knowing It (Swe)

From the Album "Punk Rock Harbour" (2010)

The Dräperz - Konstapel Steroid

The Dräperz - Konstapel Steroid (Swe)

From the Album "Praise The Lord and Pass The Ammunition" (2011)

Monday, February 4, 2013

PUKE - Snoppen ( a Request)

If Asta Kask can do requests, 1,2, FUPR can do the same.

A request from the Quebec dude Noseball Cannon.

This one for you!

Puke - Snoppen (tranl. The Willie) (Swe)

Asta Kask - Den enes bröd /Rehearshal feb 2013)

On the Colombian tour Asta Kask promised Catalina something on his birthday.
So direct from the rehershal room they send a birthday greeting.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Jeunesse Apatride - Clochers

Jeunesse Apratride - Clochers (Can/Que)

From the album Larmes aux Poings (2008)

Attentat- Manskomplex Stockholm 1.12 2012

Attentat - Manskoplex (Demo early 80ies.)

Live at Gatan Musik, Fryshuset, Stockholm dec 2012