Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Best n Worst 2014 (the list)

In 2014 Rancid finally released their album, . And was it any good? Yes, even if it wasn´t any "...and out came the wolves" so was it a Rancid record in the middle section. Which means it was a good record. And only outscored by Ligisternas dark release Vänster/Höger, .
2014 saw me as a gig organizer. Topper, Smash it up, Fuck Frankie, Dödsbabs, The MANICS, Tequila Girls, Psycho Daddies and Troublemakers was on the bill when I booked the bands. But also did I became manager of the band Topper, that after a turbulent time in their existence wich got them to fire one of the founding members.
As well did my film get into the final phase of filming. Interviews with the creme de la creme in the Swedish punk scen is done or booked.
And thats the reason why this blog have been sleaping most of the year.
On a personal level I did get some domestic trouble, but we´re working it out now.

The Live Scene in Stockholm was noteble for an increase numbers of gigs, but not the same addition in visitors. Good acts came to fight each other for the punk community members to see their event. Not a good thing, which I feel a bit responible for.
My events (arranged together with Joakim Hammarstedt) was crowded. But over all it is a problem we can´t ignore.

A irritating issue however is that the punk nostalgia is taking over the scene. New bands, young bands are not given a chance. The "it was better back in the Days" mentallity is the new trend. And I fear it will increase next year.

All bands are from Sweden exept where noted

Best Concert
Alonzo at Gula Villan in Handen, Asta Kask Kägelbanan, Alonzo at Kafé 44
Runners up
Ligisterna, Topper, Fuck Frankie, Gatans Lag, The MANICS, Smash it up, UK Subs, Stiff Little Fingers, The Baboon Show, Dödsbabs.

Best Concert Promotor/Festival/Club Antisocial (Club) 1,2, Fuck You Punk Revue (yes I mean it), PSK

Best Album
Ligisterna Vänster/Höger

Runners up
Rancid (US)

Best Singalong
Turbonegro (No), Gatans Lag and Troublemakers

Records of other interests
The Turist i tillvaron compilations,

Best bands (Different reasons and in no particular ranking order)
Fuck Frankie
Stiff Little Fingers (UK)
Gatans Lag
Smash it up
Asta Kask
Elvira Bira med Full Fart

Positive new discoveries
Lyckliga Idioter (Swe), Fuck Frankie (Swe)

Best Revivals
Alonzo, Steppan and Matte of KSMB at Punky Reaggae Party

Ultimate Punk Heroes
Anna in Uppsala for her benefit work, Keep it up!
And Roger Crossler for helping out with my movie.
Patrik Björk, If I fall back down.....

Worst Disapointment
SDs (Sweden Democrats) 13% in the parliment
and finding out fake friends.

Worst Let Down
A certain person who fucked it up big time not only for me but for his bands as well.

Worst Fuck Up
A certain patriarch at Broder Tuck and that Idiot in those bands that fucked things up (may you rot and be forgotten).