Thursday, January 31, 2013

" Vakna för fascisterna är här! " ReggaeTeam

Classic Swedish Ska from the early 80ies.
Reggae Team does a Swedish Ska Cover on 
Linton Kwesi Johnsons "Fite Dem Back"
I dont remember what Tv show this was taken from, Possibly Zorro 1982?

Most noable member was Tohmas Gylling, who got to be a popular TV host and producer of
Reggae, calypso and African music, shows such as Tropicopop and Mosquito.


Monday, January 28, 2013

Kontrovers - Besviken På Allt

Kontrovers - Besviken På Allt (Swe)
From the Album När Spelreglerna Ändras (2011)


Sunday, January 27, 2013

Topper at Snövit jan 26 2013, Not far from Divine!

A bit of explanation of the Suburbs of Sweden, to understand the full mening of the Topper song We live in the suburbs.. After the WW2 when the European cities got their town centres bombed to peaces, the architects decided to spread out the cities in smaller towns in satelite towns. I live in what is considered as the Suburbia masterpiece, Vällingby that was built in the mid fifties, A town that stood as model for many suburbs in both Sweden and the world. During the 60ies and 70ies Sweden built 1milion new apartements which went under the name Miljonprogrammet (Now you know what the title of Ligisternas CD "Miljonprogrammet" means). Building in such speed for a country of just 8 milions was not without problems.
At the same time unemployment struck the country as well as the drugs found its way to sweden, as well as the imigration increased not always without problems. Suburbia wasn´t that paradise that was the intention, in fact Swedes tend to call them Ghettos.

It is in the suburbs swedish punk, metal and hip hop scenes got started.

Being from the Suburbs is for many middle class, inner city, people the same as being a total failure.

Some suburbia songs to check out;

Ebba Grön - Only in it for the drugs pt1
Topper - We live in the suburbs
The Dräpers - Råby
Kasta Katt - Full, Fet och Fattig
Hårda Tider - Området & Packet

Now onto the review....

The event and the crowd

The night before I and the bassplayer from Utanförskapet, Björn, was chatting about that it might be a good idea to get bands from different genres to play the same night to get more people to the concerts. Bad idea, proved by this Saturday in the cellar club of Snövit. Lets say, the punks were in minority in this punk club. Hippies ala 70ies, leftist 70ies progg* rockers as well as bikers populated the packed club. As did the bands on stage, with a horrible result. Björn, hear me, it was a bad idea! The Stockholm syndrome of stay as a statue and not stir up a mosh pit was well practiced in absurdum. I did a try with no use at all.

The Bands

The Highway Men and Pizda...Forget about them on to the good stuff...

Topper are a Stockholm band that like Rancid have the Clash as role model which is not a bad thing.
In another place or universe Topper might been a huge band touring the world like Rancid. But they don´t, which I find most peculiar. They are no youngsters and beginners and know whats make good punk within their genre. The band are tight, catchy and very well sounding, especially the carismatic singer that seems to put his whole soul in every word sung/screamed. I cant believe I see such a great performance so close to the band. They out score Dropkick Murphys great performance on the much bigger stage with a much bigger crowd earlier this week big times. There are shivers running down my spine when I realize that I am experience this. However, they didn´t played or pushed their new digital single "Dårar" where they sing in Swedish. But we got their classic tunes "Once a Punk...", "Off She Goes" and the World class tune "We live in the Suburbs". The "We live in the Suburbs" made me burst into tears that only really good concerts do. I couldn´t belive my ears and eyes how good such good performance a bunch of old men from the suburbs could put on. I wrote last summer I saw the light at the Rancids performance in Gothenburg, this was something like it.

Worth the money? Are you kidding me? I payed 80SKr (8 Euros) for three bands, which I could spend the 80SKr on not listening to the two pretentious hippie and progg/prog bands. I could pay 800Skr for seeing Topper in such shape.

*Progg spelled with gg is a Swedish leftist genre that evolved from prog rock, protests songs, Marxism, Jazz and Hippie psychadelia, often with Swedish folk music and blues influences.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Topper New Single - Free Download

Topper, the northern Stockholm surburb band have released a new single for you to download for free.

Dårar (in transl. Fools), on this new single Topper have switched from english to sing in Swedish.

Makabert fynd, Giesa Göbbels at Pussy a Go go, Stockholm jan 2013 (concert review)

Picture will soon be posted

Kängpunk (Boots Punk) is a Swedish genre label to fit in everything Crust, D-beat, Hard Core and Punk Metal, sometimes we call it Råpunk (Raw Punk). And I think it´s the propper way to describe what was going on in the 16th century cellar club of Stockholm´s Old Town friday 25 of Januari 2013.

The Place

Pussy A Go Go is placed in the basement of the Irish Pub The Liffey. The stone walls in the old cellar of the mideval house isn´t really the wet dream of a sound engineer, on the other hand, these bands were more into damage our ears than than to quallify for the sound of the year award. And they did...It is hard, fast and full of joyfull energy.

The Crowd

Plenty, I estimated it to be almost full, not quite but good enough. I knew a few, other wer new to me, some I seen around but never spoken to. Still it is a very friendly punk and metal head atmoshere like it often is in Stockholms punk scene. No rock star behavoir from the bands, no fractionistas building up hostility to each others, this is written after the violence outside the Alpine Village in California the same week. People are here for the bands, beers and fun in general. and you could really talk about all ages. Both old gezers or schould I say original punks to be more polite in their late 40ies/early 50ies down to a bunch of 19 year old pierced studded leather jacket punks. Most of the crowd not into the sometimes rather chaotic moshing in the front.

The Bands

Giesa Göbbles

Giesa Göbbels is a Stockholm band with an Australian singer. It is fast, hard and heartfull. I really have a hard time to say if there are good tunes in that massive treble noise that comes from the stage. But I like it because it is so well done. Some think it more metal than punk, I don´t, this is punk in it primal shape, don´t get fooled by the looks of the instrumentalists in the band (like Lemmys unborn sons and Lemmy is punk anyway), it is kängpunk, nuff said. It is a good days work delivered to us to enjoy and at least I did, I guess the rest of the crowd enjoyed it to.  

Makabert Fynd

Makabert Fynd (transl. Macabre Discovery)

Makabert Fynd is in my eyes something as a semi all star team of hard core or something, or am I just making that up because I want it to be that way? Refused might be more famous but this guys are the real stuff and they are nice too. And you can tell. it is fast, furious and tight. I guess the guys on stage in their 80-90ies HC bands didn´t sounded as tight as this. The Two singers brings something extra to the performance. It becomes like an dialog whitin the band on stage that is refreshing.
The subjects is mostly about the anoying things going on in our time. The lyrics in Swedish makes it even more credible. Not least the song titles are both funny and angry in one.  But that is just details, the mayhem that going on in the music and in the mosh infront of the stage is the thing.
The bands reminds a bit of the excellent bands Knark and Totallitär, and it isn´t out of the blue, because half of the members from Knark are in this 5 piece combo. as well as the singer of the 80ies band Totalitär and Makabert Fynd is the same person.

Worth the Money?

The entrance fee of 100Skr (10 Euros) is well spent money, I feel glad and cleansed when I hit the subway home. Maybee can I cope with the contemporary insanity that they call the world today for another few weeks?

Dropkick Murphys at Annexet,Stockholm, jan 2013 (Concert Review)

Will soon be posted, hang in there!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

How the Bristol band “Disruptive Influence” got banned from the pub. And proved that the are worthy their name.

They´re were Booked to play a pub gig in Bristol UK, in advance they warned the landlord that they were a punk band that say what they want and go mental in which he replied, "Lads, say whatever the fuck you want", so they took this on board. The day of the gig the lads started setting up and had a few pints, after the support bands had finished Disruptive Influence went on stage, it´s important to note at this point the lead singer were pretty sloshed and he might have said the “C” word a lot This was quite in its order, because the landlord said they could do as they pleased, Then the jolly singer started to mosh on the tables. Like in any great gig, everyone loved it.

After while the band of the nights success were packing up, the landlord comes up to them and giving them bollocks about foul language and told them not to bother showing our faces ever again.

That is how DI got banned from a local boozer.

A brilliant career move for any punk band that want to do something important. Brilliant!


Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Hyper Actives - Free Song

The Hyper Actives song The Promised Land

From their excellent album Rock n Roll Lives Again

Wilco Johnson´s Autobiography, Looking Back at Me

Guitar legend, Wilco Johnson, enigmatic guitarist in the pub rock band Dr Feelgood, one of the bands who inspired the 1977 punk wave, is dying in terminal cancer. He claims in interviews he enjoys it.
And I guess, he gets some time to enjoys all of our hailing of his lifes work.
A life work soon also described in print. The official Biography of Wilco Johnsson soon released, at least in the UK.


Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Dropkick Murphys - Signed And Sealed In Blood (CD Review)

“The Boys Are Back” was the first song of the Dropkick Murphys new album “Signed and Sealed in Blood” I heard. I thought it was fair then, not more. I thought it was a bit too Jolly and sentimental in a comic book manner. But the song grow with time and today I really like it. Then it was Christmas time.
“The Season Upon Us” is a more sentimental Christmas type of song in the tradition of the Pogues classic “Fairytale of New York”, possible the best Christmas song ever made after silent night. Anyone that steps into that territory are out on deep water, first I was skeptical, then it was clear to me if someone going to  do it, it was going to be the DKM. Actually I think they did it quite beautiful.
Now that was the eventually hesitation of this records are done. On to the Gold.
Tunes as ”Burn” and ”Rose Tattoo” I can probably already dub as classic DKM tunes. Backed up by the rest set of songs, especially “My Hero”, “Out of the Town” and “Out of our heads”. There are no dull or OK tunes on this 12 track album, which makes this a right through good record, possible at the end of the year might end up as one of the pearls of this year. This years perfect CD for your car either your are cruising in the sunshine looking for chicks or going to work.
Definitely one of the best Dropkick Murphys records ever made in competition with “Sing Loud…” and “Do or Die”.

Worth buying? HELL YES, buy one for you old man, mother in law and best friend as well. 

Eruptors - Ugly Faces(DEMO)

Eruptors . Ugly Faces (Demo) (UK)

Monday, January 21, 2013

Deadly Parking Lot Violence at Punk Concert.

Deadly violence at Californian punk rock concert in Alpine Village. A brawl that started at a Agression concert spilled over in the parking lot brawl where one person was shot and another was stabbed. One of them died.

According to Torrence police the incidents seems separated to each other, but happened in the same place.

I guess this will put fire on the debate that rised since the last weeks death shooting in the USA, President Obamas threat to change the gun laws and the NRA´s manifestations at Gun Appreciation Day (where five persons was wounded from stray bullets).,0,2727285.story?fb_ref=fb_widget

Even within the american punk community there have been discussions however guns are good or bad.

Thanx to Failfuck69 for the news.


Umeå based Meshuggah wins Swedish Radio prize "P3 Guld" in the cathogory "The Best Metal".

Tant Strul´s (Aunt Fuzz) Nike write about unemployment

Nike Markelius, drummer in Tant Strul (aka as Aunt Fuzz in english) and röda orkester, as well as singer in Nike och Gurra back in the 80ies, have written a report about her situation post surgery and unemployed. The way she is treated by the authorities in nowdays the conservative-liberal Sweden. It is often said that authors such as Stieg Larsson have changed the picture of the paradise, Sweden. Well reallity have changed in our beloved northern country, the conservatives have made it their mission to bring it to it´s knees.

In Swedish only


The NHL are back. Murphys looking for trouble

The NHL season is on, finally. Dropkick Murphys do what they can to support their team the classic Boston Bruins with their new song "The Boys Are Back". But I think the boys were looking for trouble being on the strike and lock out. I wonder how many players was then singing "Which Side Are You On"? 

BTW Let´s Go Rangers.....and remember that "Potvin Sucks"

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Adolecents tour manager found dead

the dude to the right
Adolecents driver/tour manager Chris Schaefer found dead in his home in Prague. Possible cause of death is a carbon monoxide poisoning from a heater/water heater.

read more

Plaza de Joe Strummer

Frontman, founder and the main singer of one of Englands original 1976-77 punk bands, Joe Strummer got a  Square named after himself. The Spanish city of Granada now got a "Plaza de Joe Strummer".

The city Granade is named in the Clash pop tune Spanish Bombs from the 1979 album "London Calling".

Read more

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

West Coast Riot 2013 canceled

Swedens best and biggest punk rock festival West Coast Riot will take a pause during the summer of 2013.
After some sucessful festivals, especially with the summer of 2012´s ultimate line up with Rancid as the main band, the festival think they havn´t been able to get a line up that will match their standards. So they will go for the summer of 2014 instead.

1,2, FUCK YOU PUNK REVIEW feared and thought it was to come. How on earth could they follow up the success  of last summer? Still Im not too pleased with the absent of the summers top event.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Erik Törnqvist & The Big Rivers - Rebellion Mind

When Swedish punks do country music it can sounds like this.

The band are featuring Erik from Vänsternäven.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Sneak peek from the Attentat movie

Attentat - Sweet & Slade,
from the movie "Glöden Slocknar Aldrig" (The fire never goes out)
Under production

From the forthcoming Dokumentary about Attentat.
Jönsson makes a nostalgic song about his childhood as a fan of Sweet and Slade.
Just like I least Sweet was great in 1974-75.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Gatans Lag - Turister

Gatans Lag - Turister (Swe) (Transl. Tourists)

From the compilation "Turist i Tillvaron" (2012)

(transl. Tourists in Existence)

It´s about Hipsters

Wilko Johnson . Sad News, Very Sad News

Original Posted on Facebook by the Manager of one of the worlds ultimate Guitar heroes.


I am very sad to announce that Wilko has recently been diagnosed with terminal cancer of the pancreas. He has chosen not to receive any chemotherapy. 

He is currently in good spirits, is not yet suffering any physical effects and can expect to enjoy at least another few months of reasonable health and activity. 

He has just set off on a trip to Japan; on his return we plan to complete a new CD, make a short tour of France, then give a series of farewell gigs in the UK. There is also a live DVD in the pipeline, filmed on the last UK tour.

Wilko wishes to offer his sincere thanks for all the support he has had over his long career, from those who have worked with him to, above all, those devoted fans and admirers who have attended
his live gigs, bought his recordings and generally made his life such an extraordinarily full and eventful experience.

Thank you.

Robert Hoy

The Beltones - Fuck You Anyway

Possibly one of the best tune ever sung.
Original version was recorded in 1998, This is the
2006 album version.

Beltones - Fuck You Anyway (USA)

On Deaf Ears (2006)

Frontkick - She's a Heartache

Frontkick - She´s A Heartace (Ger/Spa)

Frome the Album The Cause of Rebel (2007)

Monday, January 7, 2013

A Night of Art in Norrköping

Factory NKPG invites to opening night of Lauritz-house.

Saturday, January 19 starting at 20:00 you are welcome to take advantage of our opening night.

Photography, painting and 3D will be shown to night waking art lovers. The creative oundergroundfalangen show their work on topics of their choice.

We promise expressions and images you do not see the common forums.

We can promise you that you will be affected in any way.
We can promise you that you'll never find anything like this at IKEA.

All works will be for sale during the night, if you want a chance to hang out one-of-a-kind art on the wall at home.

You are welcome to bring a friend and to invite others who you think may be interested.
See you then!

Finspångsvägen 27
  Norrköping, Sweden   

Sunday, January 6, 2013

500 guitarists honour rape victim

The 23 year old Indian student that was killed after a brutal gang rape on a bus was Honored by 500 guitarist in an event in West Begal this week end.

Thursday, January 3, 2013


Bastards on Parade (Spa) - Time To Go
From the Shallow Waters EP 2012

Record Releases Winter Spring 2013

After a tremendous punk live concert year (At least from my Swedish Stockholm point ot view) we can now look forward to a great? year of record releases?
I will keep on updating the way I have the time to do it.

Recordreleases 2013, stay tuned for updates.

8th (Irl/UK) 9 (US/Can) 11(Global) of Januari  Dropkick Murphys (US) - Signed and sealed in Blood (Listen to it here)

22th of Januari Crash Diet (Swe) release party at Jan 30

6th  of februari   Attentat (Swe) - Fy Fan  (CD/LP) (Attentat was founded in 1978)

6th of March  Köttgrottorna (Swe) - (More info will follow)  (30 celebrate 30 years as a band)
Releaseparty at Debaser.

From what I heard we can look forward to releases from Vänsternäven, Rancid, Nej, (Possibly Ligisterna?), Nicola Sarcevic of Millencollin and more...