Sunday, February 16, 2014

Tequila Girls and Psycho Daddies at Tucken (Review)

Tequila Girls and Psycho Daddies
at Tucken, Broder Tuck, Stockholm

Psycho Daddies
Up until a few weeks ago I didn´t knew about Psycho Daddies. As they were booked at the Tucken club, I had to do my homework and found a bunch of aged original 77 punks doing a very personal thing with a flavor of The Professionals, Ramones and Angelic Upstarts (the last, did they claim, they never heard). Catchy tunes that got your attention real fast, not least with their quirky twist in the lyrics. Live they were a bit more raw and rough, than on record. In which I saw nothing wrong.
The new, unrecorded song, “Working for the Stasi” was both their best as well as funny and reached way beyond the first funny impression. A future possible hit?
They ended with a surprise.  As guitarist David was an original member in Bitch Boys and wrote “Jag hatar dig” (I Hate You), the Bitch Boys singer Frobbe was invited on stage (well almost, he was more or less running around like a punk rock idiot ala Iggy Pop as he used to, in the crowd the whole song) . To sing that old Bitch Boys tune. Yesterday´s ass holes in the lyrics was exchanged to SD party leader Jimmie Åkesson.
A rare but not an unpleasant experience. We were all 16 again, Hilarious!

Tequila Girls
Tequila Girls have been around forever. In fact I had to ask if they were the same band as I saw a million years ago. Well almost, some new members and some old.
I can´t remember when I last saw them but it must been in the late 80ies.
They used to be such a band that was around when the Nomads roamed at the clubs of Stockholm.
Back then they were one of some folk/rock/punk bands. A kind of Dropkick Murphy´s, Flogging Molly before those bands were invented. And if I don´t got it wrong I think I had some bad not band related memories from seing them the first itme in the mid 80ies, chick trouble or something I think. But that can also be wrong, don´t really remember.
Tequila Girls, a band that only contains men, did their thing like they use to do out in Europe.
That they even appeared in Stockholm was a rare thing. And to be honest I think I would rather seen this on a much bigger stage with a huge audience. Because that was the feeling of it. This was a big concert in many ways. The energy, the eye catching energetic singer/lead guitarist, Totte, put on was amazing. The band a whole was skilled and tight, even if they complained that they did some mistakes, it was nothing that stood in the way for the greatness of it all. The Hypnotic power of the performance of the song “Wake Up” was something magical, a song that is more of a bit of old school Swedish progg rock than punk.
You might get fooled by the fact that they play rather slow for the punk genre. But that was just an illusion. The intensity of it was so amazing that it would probably take the piss out of any screaming hard core band. The concert as a whole was something that stood out as one of, to date, best performances I seen this year.

A great night with a big crowd that left me with a big smile.

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