Friday, February 21, 2014

Pussy Riot as shown on Swedish Televisions site,

Pussy Riot - Live in Sochi (Rus)

Asta Kask- Fredagsmys

Asta Kask - Fredagsmys (Swe)
Single (2014) taken from the album "Med handen på hjärtat" (2013)

Fredagsmys can be translated as cozy friday.


Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Pussy Riot arrested at the Olympics

Here we go again. The russian punk/art collective Pussy Riot have been arrested after
a manifestation at the Sochi Winter Olympics.

Punkrock Allstar GBG - Ensam i natt (Lädernunnan cover)

Punkrock Allstar GBG - Ensam i natt (Swe)


Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Monday, February 17, 2014

Get well soon Wattie

After Wattie Buchan (the singer in the Exploited) ended up in hospital after heart conditions
the Exploited fans now send their best wishes.
Watties wife thank all and sais on Facebook it helps to cheer him up.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Tequila Girls and Psycho Daddies at Tucken (Review)

Tequila Girls and Psycho Daddies
at Tucken, Broder Tuck, Stockholm

Psycho Daddies
Up until a few weeks ago I didn´t knew about Psycho Daddies. As they were booked at the Tucken club, I had to do my homework and found a bunch of aged original 77 punks doing a very personal thing with a flavor of The Professionals, Ramones and Angelic Upstarts (the last, did they claim, they never heard). Catchy tunes that got your attention real fast, not least with their quirky twist in the lyrics. Live they were a bit more raw and rough, than on record. In which I saw nothing wrong.
The new, unrecorded song, “Working for the Stasi” was both their best as well as funny and reached way beyond the first funny impression. A future possible hit?
They ended with a surprise.  As guitarist David was an original member in Bitch Boys and wrote “Jag hatar dig” (I Hate You), the Bitch Boys singer Frobbe was invited on stage (well almost, he was more or less running around like a punk rock idiot ala Iggy Pop as he used to, in the crowd the whole song) . To sing that old Bitch Boys tune. Yesterday´s ass holes in the lyrics was exchanged to SD party leader Jimmie Åkesson.
A rare but not an unpleasant experience. We were all 16 again, Hilarious!

Tequila Girls
Tequila Girls have been around forever. In fact I had to ask if they were the same band as I saw a million years ago. Well almost, some new members and some old.
I can´t remember when I last saw them but it must been in the late 80ies.
They used to be such a band that was around when the Nomads roamed at the clubs of Stockholm.
Back then they were one of some folk/rock/punk bands. A kind of Dropkick Murphy´s, Flogging Molly before those bands were invented. And if I don´t got it wrong I think I had some bad not band related memories from seing them the first itme in the mid 80ies, chick trouble or something I think. But that can also be wrong, don´t really remember.
Tequila Girls, a band that only contains men, did their thing like they use to do out in Europe.
That they even appeared in Stockholm was a rare thing. And to be honest I think I would rather seen this on a much bigger stage with a huge audience. Because that was the feeling of it. This was a big concert in many ways. The energy, the eye catching energetic singer/lead guitarist, Totte, put on was amazing. The band a whole was skilled and tight, even if they complained that they did some mistakes, it was nothing that stood in the way for the greatness of it all. The Hypnotic power of the performance of the song “Wake Up” was something magical, a song that is more of a bit of old school Swedish progg rock than punk.
You might get fooled by the fact that they play rather slow for the punk genre. But that was just an illusion. The intensity of it was so amazing that it would probably take the piss out of any screaming hard core band. The concert as a whole was something that stood out as one of, to date, best performances I seen this year.

A great night with a big crowd that left me with a big smile.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

A selection of good Swedish punkblogs

For readers in Swedish there are some blogs I recomend as good reading.   Covering the scene especially the Swedish and Oi!  Turist i tillvaron is a blog as well as Punk Compilation of contemporary Swedish punk.   Kjell Hell the blog has pretty much moved on to Facebook. Still the archive is rich, Especially from a Oi! POW. The guy behind it is the Guy behing the Pretty Shitty Kjell Oi!/Street Punk  festivals. And a record company.

Exploiteds Wattie sick in a heart attack, all European tour dates canceled

Exploited´s singer Wattie Buchan (57 years old) have suffered from a heart attack during a gig in Lisabon, Portugal.
However luckilly he survived but the band cancel all dates on their European tour. Which includes the gig at Pretty Shitty Kjell Oi! festival in Stockholm.

1,2 FYPR says, get well, and then come here to sing about our Dead Cities.

Rancid - Hooligans

Rancid - Hooligans (US)
From the album "Life won´t wait" (1998)


Psycho Daddies - Hope You Crash

Psycho Daddies (Swe)
From the album "Hits The Fan" (2013)


Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Gatans Lag, the speach at the Manifest prize cermony

I sum it!

Gatans Lag gets the Swedish Manifest Prize for Best Punk 2013.

Ín the speach they try to point out that, some years ago you all thought we were scum, now we ´re here.
and then it ends with BOYCOTT the Olympic Games (in Sochi. my comment).

se also


Monday, February 10, 2014

Besserbitch - Moments of Grey (New Album)

Besserbitch - Welcome to Shitholm (Swe)
From the album "Moments of Grey" (2014)

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Asta Kask Re-Releasing All Their Classic Tunes

Swedish punk band who´s legacy is undiputable is re-releasing all their old 80ies EP´s, remastered and with linernotes in English. Release date March 14 2014.

Asta Kask - Välkommen hem, samlade EP 1980-86 (Swe)

Zen Fuck-Ups

Zen Fuck-Ups - Static (Irl)
from the Album "Days Of The Week" (2014)

Gråsuggorna at Tucken and Ligisternas surprise gig

The Event

Band night at Tucken (the basement club at Broder Tuck)

It looked like it was going to be a pretty shitty night at Tucken (nothing similar to the PSK punk festival). First of all it was hard to book any other band that night. So it was decided that Gråsuggorna should play all by them self. And then no one showed up at first. But in the end there was a crowd as dedicated as anyone can be.  

Ligisterna (The Thugs)  = Surprise gig =

I had just finished a conversation with the drummer Pelle of Gråsuggorna about the greatness Ligisterna when all the boys of Ligisterna entered the club in a truly brilliant punk rock manner. All of a sudden they became an improvised support act to Gråsuggorna. With three songs they were on it with the energy they almost always are on. A great start. Gråsuggorna seemed a bit worried that they couldn’t match the support act.

Gråsuggorna  (The Woodlices)

And it was obvious that they seemed a bit lost in the beginning. But recovered real fast.
Gråsuggorna is originally from the small, hillbilly style, village of Rättvik. An hostile environment to a young punk. Still they have survived as both humans and as a band. As a band they been doing this for 20 years. Basically they are into fast UK82 style of punk. Which also can be heard in their Blitz. GBH covers, etc.

The set started a bit shaky, not least with a bit of problem with some unwelcome microphone feedback. But after settled that problem they sort of geared up a level and you could literary see the energy build up inside them all. Especially the singer Jörgen got more and more confident and could let out the pure punk energy that got the crowd going. It was amazing watching that change from low energy to high and then into supercharged!
I heard that they were a good live band and now I got to see that.
With their slogan “Old punks never dies!” they proved that punk rock is the formula to stay young and for an eternal life in joy.

Even if they have had the band for 20 years they have never played in Stockholm before, so this was their STHLM premiere. And both the band and the crowd agreed on that it wasn´t the last time playing in the capital of Sweden.

As the Dj at the event I didn´t pay, but the 40 SEK must been worth the money for any true punk.

To all of you that wasn´t there but was watching, whining and complaining about the Swedish “Mellodifestivalen”, shame on you!

I sum the night with a smile, the true brotherhood of DIY punk rock, like it once was, could never been more obvious last night. Long gone was all elitism, rock star manners, only the heart and love to the fast music with screaming vocals about the grim facts of life.


Which punk icon are you? I am...

So I was "Joe Strummer"

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Swedish anti Olympic song is spread like a forest fire.

Swedish anti Olympic song is spread like a forest fire.

The worldwide anti Putin protests and anti the Winter Olympics have now a new contribution.

Swedish and International media have been reporting about the abuse of the locals, the workers of Sotji. And that with the Russian fascist regimes treatment of Pussy Riot, Green Peace along with and their Homophobic laws and systematic corruption of the Russian leaders. Have turned many of us that normally follows our winter olympics with pride, into boycotting it or at least question the IOKs decition to give the Russians the games.

Now the Swedes have their song for the protest. Tobias Nilsson is the name on people lips, and his version of the band Nationalteaterns anti Eurovision song contest song from 1975, "Doing the omoralisk Schlagerfestival"  (Doing The Immoral Eurovision Songcontest). The man from Halmstad, Roxettes hometown) have made a pastish of the old song, Doing the omoralisk vinterolympiad (Doing the immoral Winter Olympics) and it is now spreading on the internet. Also news papers and local Tv stations have picked up the tune as news.

When 1,2 fuck you punk revue first posted it, there were only 23 watches, now it is many more and there will be more.

Watch the video here.....


Gatans Lag, winning the Manifest award and then proved that they live like they sing

Manifestgalan is the Swedish independent record producers annual award orgie. In the cathegory the best punk Gatans Kag was nominated. The prize cermonies was held at the old jitterbug/Rock n Roll palour "Nalen". In connection to it Club Antisocial had a little party. Where Gatans Lag might show up and give an unplugged surprice gig. But the it evolved and it was changed to be a played on electrical instruments. I along with the people of Club Antisocial did do the soundcheck.

Gatans Lag did win the prize and was cheered as football heroes arriving at the club. But the situation occured that they had flagged. The open bar at the prize cermonies was a willing mistress for the lads.

So when they showed up at Tucken, part of the band was denied entrance, and the others was after while to follow him. I can´t help feeling a bit robbed of it. To see Gatans Lag play at the club after being crowned winners had been something extra. But no one was surpriced, the deal was if /IF/ they were sober enough they would play. The skinhead punk band, with most lyrics about over consuming alcohol, proved that they are the real deal. And they proved that the record that made them win the award "Från fest till arrest", (From Party to Arrested     my transl.) was not some posed fantasy, but a bit of their reallity.

Well, next time to see them is at Pretty Shitty Kjell Oi! festival in Stockholm.

the nomenees was

Gatans Lag – Från Fest Till Arrest (PST Records/Kjell Hell)
Allvaret – Tänk på döden (Erste Theke Tonträger)
Tiger Bell – Don’t Wanna Hear About Your Band (WIFE)

Hårda Tider – Scandinavian Hardcore Insanity (La Familia/Instigate)

....My comment,

I had, Gatans Lag as my favorites, I actually had them om my best in 2013 list.
However did I think Tiger Bell would win.

See the prizecermony here

Friday, February 7, 2014

Last word in Toppergate

Swedish band Topper have been through some turbulence in the last few days. This is their final word in i the break up with bass player Michael Gustavsson.
I sum it in English.

They say that they decided to go separated ways after many years together.
Anyone that plays or have played in a band knows that those things happens. And this doesn´t means
there must be someone to blame. This things happens. Topper thanks "Micke" for being a fuel injection on the creative development of the band.

And point out that they won´t comment on rumours or other that isn´t true.
They will also thank all the people in their following that didn´t throw shit in any direction when the news first was spread, as they thank all their fans.

Next gig will be at Tucken in stockholm March 8, with "Rockis" Ivarsson (Thåström) on bass.

"Efter några intensiva dagar med rykten och en hel del frågor ang Topper så vill vi härmed förtydliga vissa saker en sista gång. Efter många år med underbara, sanslösa och otroligt roliga minnen så har Topper och Michael Gustavsson valt att gå skilda vägar. Alla som spelar, eller har spelat i ett band vet att ibland händer detta. Det betyder absolut inte att någon har gjort fel. Som vi skrev tidigare så tackar vi Micke för den injektion han har varit i Toppers musikaliska utveckling. Topper kommer inte att under några som helst omständigheter kommentera osanna rykten, påhopp eller annat. Vi ber alla att respektera detta. Topper villsamtidigt tacka alla som visade hänsyn och inte slängde in onödiga och sårande kommentarer åt någon sida. Till de som nu väljer att sluta att följa Topper, ett stort HANX till er för den tiden som varit. Till alla er som väljer att fortsätta att vara med oss säger, once a punk, always a punk. Vikarierande basist är nu Ulf Rockis Ivarsson. Den 8 mars så kommer han att göra debut då Topper med gäster som bl.a. Eas Tiljander spelar på Broder Tuck. Samtidigt fortsätter jobbet med nya cd'n. Topper räknar med att en vinylsingel är klar i början av april. Ett stort HANX från Per Knochenhauer, Benjamin Fikus(Tobbe) och Joakim Hammarstedt."

Micke Gustavsson vill tillägga/Micke Gustavsson wants to add.....

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Doing the omoralisk vinterolympiad

Booze & Glory - As Bold As Brass (New Album Out Now)

Out today. both on CD and vinyl, spotify etc.

Radio Underground a voice from the East

Punk from the east.

Punkowe Radio Underground is a web based radiostation that is Polish spoken.
That also features punk from the east such as from Azerbadjan.

Tune it for a NEW EXPERIENCE.


Smash It Up EP, Limited Edition.

Limited edition of the vinyl edition of the band Smash it up´s EP Billy and Rudy

Order it from The band.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Topper breaks with bassplayer

Swedish punk rock band Topper breaks with Bassplayer Michael Gustavsson.
Just two days after a 3 days tour the break up was a fact. 
Today the three other members of the band made it official. I have been informed that I will get more information during the day.

The band also anounce on Facebook that they will not comment on rumours around the band.

As I am filming the band for my documentary "Vilket jävla skitliv" I should be able to see it comming by I didn´t.
Im as puzzeled as you are.

stay tuned for updates.

I have taken the decision to not publish any sides view in this
until things settled and I get a a bit of the whole picture.
As a former member i various bands I know that things should be settled in
the circle of the band, before people air it in the open, American style.
This because I don´t want to put oil on the fire.


Monday, February 3, 2014

What they didn´t told you at music class

Punk in the Streets Vol 2 (New Compilation)

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Thanx all 1,2,FYPR night at Tucken

Last night 1,2 FYPR event filled the club of Tucken to see Topper and The Wall of Clash play. A brilliant night......THANK YOU ALL!

The Wall of Clash did put on a great Clash tribute show.

Topper appeared as always as the top performers they proved themself to be.

In all it was a brilliant punk rock week full of Topper, UK Subs and many more.

A GREAT THANK YOU TO The Audience, Tucken, the Wall of Clash och Topper, My darling Camilla , Club Double Debbie, UK SUBS, TV Smith, Stiffy Jones, the two Patriks, Uffe, Lasse, Guest artist at Toppers performances and the beer Falcon. 

Pictures will soon be up.....


Saturday, February 1, 2014

1,2, FYPR proudly presents Topper and the Wall of Clash

Tonight will this Blogs first ever IRL public evnt be on.

On stage Topper and The Wall of Clash.

The event is a collaboration Between Topper, Wall of Clash and 1,2, Fuck You Punk Revue.

In the speakers, inbetween the great bands, there will be 1,2 fuck you punk revue´s selection of punk rock hits.
There will be punk frpm all different eras, most continents and in various tempos.

Everthing in the basement of Brother Tuck aka Tucken.

Götgatan  Stockholm