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The Black Marias, Old Fashioned Ideas and Project 9 - Live Review

Förfest till Pretty Shitty Kjell 4 at China Station, Handen, Stockholm, March 28 2013

The Black Marias (UK), Old Fashoined Ideas (Swe) and Project 9 (Swe)

The Place
There was a lot to chose from last night like Tinner (D-Beat), Real Big Fish (US-Ska).
But I chose an event in a suburb far, far away. Handen at a Chinese restaurant.
Handen isn´t a punk nowheresland and Im not unfamiliar with the suburb because both the Punk place “Gula Villan” is placed there as well as the legendary Ultrahuset was there as well when it was a chaotic CBGBs of Sweden in the 80ies.

The event is an unofficial start up concert to the Oi! Festival Pretty Shitty Kjell 4 by the clubs Klubb Antisocial and Club Disorder. I had to travel an hour with subway´s and commuters train to get there. And to get it even more exciting you have to get yourself down a graffiti sprayed stairway made of concrete and tiles, It reminds me of an era that is gone, when Swedish suburbs looked like this, a bit like they look like in English crime stories. A perfect mood setting for some serious Oi! Music, not least when someone bombed the walls with Jamaica ska club posters. Am I in “This is England” the Swedish remake, haha? Walking down the staircase I was entering a time warp, I was back in time, I wish the extra kilos I carry around was removed by the time machine as well, but it wasn´t buggering enough.

The restaurant was full with skins and some punks with studded leatherjackets. The beer was by Swedish standards cheep. But the most obvious feeling that night, is a certain tension that proceeds PRK4 tomorrow.  People are here to wait for tomorrow. Except me that fucked it up and lost opportunities to get tickets for PSK not once but several times now (Am I the biggest cunt then? Possibly).

The Crowd
The crowd were mostly skins of various ages and styles, from different parts of Sweden and from other countries as well. Some punks with GBH and Casualties on their patched jackets and torn pants.
The skins stand quiet and watch the bands, the punks are in front and, from time to time, steering up rather a violent moshpit that makes the organizers sweat a bit over their equipment. And for a while I wondered if the light rig would be knocked over and falling down. But that was worries in vain, nothing got trashed. But the alcohol took its toll and in the end the crowd is as exhausted as drunk.

The Bands

Project 9

First out was P9, A Swedish Oi! Band that , It is the band that made me choose this event before the others. And the first few bars made me wonder why, the sound was terrible in the beginning, a crappy hung over rehearsal studio sound. No other genres would got away with it than Oi! and Hard Core. I accept it as a part of Oi!, Even the stars at Fridays and Saturdays PSK have sounded terrible both on records and live. But the soundman got it better during the set, I guess he have been happier. The PA system seemed to be the problem, which is something all bands suffered from during the night. The vocals are so distorted during the P9 gig that it´s hard to figure out what the singer was saying or singing.
The band itself did deliver a pretty much standard constellation of Oi! Songs and I didn´t see them having a huge hit in their set. The very charismatic singer lead his bunch of skins and mohawk punks into an enjoyable concert, where his way of using his rhythmic singing, and chorus chants were the satisfaction. He was very charismatic and that found its way out in the crowd and on me as well. It was no surprise they sounds a bit like Lowlifes (They share many members) but are even better. It is the same call and response in the songs that is Lowlifes strength. And last night P9 mastered it. This is Oi!. But I think, despite of the PA system shortcomings, that they could vary the guitars a bit, to get an extra punch.  They finished with a Swedish cover of 4 skins “Evil”, “Elak” which was funny.   
After the concert Jonas the singer from Gatans Lag claimed, infront of me and the by then sweaty and exhausted singer, that the singer of P9 (I didn´t catch his name right) was the most charismatic in the genre, which was wrong, Jonas himself holds that title, but have in many ways to look out now, haha.

Old Fashioned Ideas
Old Fashioned Ideas will strike you down with it´s heavy sound, not least with that enormous voice of the singer.That was almost the case last night. The Southern Swedes are here to conquer the capital, at least our taste in bands, that you can tell, and why not. With their distorted and a big sound they sounds like Motörhead goes Oi! With all the limitations the Oi! genre brings to it in speed, songs variation and musical skills, that is not said in a bad way. Sound wise this is the highlight of the night. The songs were catchy, they got the best sound all night and the voice of the singer Per is dominating the whole neighbourhood.

 There is a connection between the OFI and the next band, the Black Marias, because the split 7inch record. And the next band should be just fine…

The Black Marias
Last in line is what should be the main, band the English band, The Black Marias. But they didn´t really live up to that. The PA didn´t give them the mighty sound they would have needed to sound like the main band. The singer really tried his best and even if he is charismatic got a good voice and manners from a man of the world, it didn´t gave them the boost they should have to knock the other bands off stage. The alcohol exhausted crowd had not too much left to answer with. The Alcohol Liberation Front, the bunch of Cunt´s, Black Marias didn´t got any help from the Alcohol. And I don´t know if that affect the bands performance, but a few songs into their set they starts to sound sloppy, untight and unfocused.  Possibly did they suffer a bit from the sound equipment didn´t give them a break. The singer tries real hard but the plane won´t fly, his voice manage to break the boundaries the PA holds for a while, but in the end, it´s doomed. I don´t came here with the intention of being a grumpy cunt, but I felt it coming along with the things that didn´t click. It is entertaining when they lash out on everybody, themselves and anyone as being Cunts, and so does the crowd feel as well from telling of their reactions. At records it sounds fine, but not here. At their best they are quite good but the unfocused parts are a letdown. Their new unpublished songs was hard to relate to etc. On the other hand the Minority Report is a really good song where they are good both in performance and the hit quality of the song.

But mostly what was wrong was that, I think, everybody had Cock Sparrer, Infa Riot, Gatans Lag, Agent Bulldogg in their minds thas night. You can tell that everything is a slow countdown to PSK . I left in a hurry to take the one hour trip home. To the other part of Stockholm, while doing so I left “This is England, the Swedish edition” behind to be back in the real world the “trista förorten”, where “we live in the Suburbs 7 days a week”.  On my way home I discovered that I probably blown my visit to PSK4 to hell, bloody buggering Hell!

Worth the money?

180Skr is the double I pay for a concert like this in Stockholm and it wasn´t twice as good as them, opposite I say. But with the cheep beer prices and the general feeling of it all I would say yes. Did I regret going here in favor to Pussy a GoGo or Debaser? No!
The clubs Klubb Antisocial and Club Disorder are walking a different path then the most Stockholm punk clubs, but I think they enriches the scene and that can´t be wrong.  And I think it is good to get my lard ass going outside my circles, like a China restaurant in a Swedish suburb that time warped me to the 1980is this is England.

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Punk Bands Strictly Prohibited

Infa Riot - Emergency

Infa Riot - Emergency (UK)

From the Album "Still out of order" (1982)


Prins Carl - Your Life Your Dream

Prince Carl - Your Life Your Dream (Swe)

From the album "No Mercy" (2012)

When UK legends invade...

Cock Sparrer

A week of visits from UK punk rock legends are starting this weekend. First out is the Oi! festival "Pretty Shitty Kjell 4" at fryshuset, with such legendary bands as Cock Sparrer, Infa Riot and Peter and the Test Tube Babies, backed up by bands like Argy Bargy, Agent Bulldog, Gatans Lag, Prins Carl and Contemptious all pretty good bands. But I think the legends have some extra spotlights on them.

Then home and rest for a while, then the next friday when Stiff Little Fingers comes to town and makes us singalong to tunes about the Northern Ireland conflict. The band for most of us original punks were the band that carried the punkbanner when Sex Pistols imploded, Sham 69 collapsed, the time just before Oi!
I know my expectations are high on them. Backed up by Swedish punk legendss such as Bitch Boys and Alonzo & Faz 3 (Alonzo from legandary KSMB).


If you wanna see something history then these bands are good choises. I don´t really know where they stand today. I still working on to get a ticket to the PSK4, Stiff ticket is safe in my grasp.


Cunt Sparrer - Take 'em all" (Cock Sparrer cover)

Cunt Sparrer - Take ém all (US?)

(Cock Sparrer cover)

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Gatans Lag - Född Till Brat

Gatans Lag - Född Till Brat (Swe)

From the Album "Låt mig stanna tre dagar i himmelen innan Djävulen vet att jag är död" (2009)


Jerichos Echo - Punk Rock In The Holy Land 6/8

Jerichos Echo - Punk Rock In The Holy Land 6/8

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Single review, Köttgrottorna, Gatans Lag and Vänsternäven - Buy it or cry!

Köttgrottorna – Bolla med Zlatan/Online (Digital Single 2013)

I think the suburbian Stockholm band, Köttgrottorna spent their 30years of existence as a band practicing for this single.  Because their quirky, funny, clever Trallpunk have never sounded better. The lyrics in the tune “Bolla med Zlatan” is pretty much making fun of the absurd  love to Footballers straight guys and sport journalist shown proof of more than once. It´s a bit rougher in the sound than the average Köttgrottorna songs and I think this will be one that fit right in, in their funny and thoughtful repertoire. The second song what on vinyl is called the B side, Online is a song about internet obsession, a clever rock n roll tune that sticks for some times after you stopped listen to it.
Buy  or Cry!   

Gatans Lag – Från fest till arrest (Digital Single 2013)
Something in Gatans Lag rageful music is missing in their latest single, “Från fest till arrest”, the single that precedes their full lenght record this spring 2013. No doubt will this be a singalong all over the country this summer from one of Swedens hottest live acts, the Band Gatans lag from the province Västergötland. It´s catchy and clever and definitve a Gatans Lag tune. But there is something lacking in it, the total rage, that I can trace in their other good tunes isn´t there. In my ears it´s like their angry days are over and they look back on those days. The lyrics in translation is something like, we walk with easy steps from the party to the arrest, like the party is over. I hope not, I hope it´s just in my ears it sounds like that. Because we want our Gatans Lag to be “angriest in the municipality” (argast I Kommun).
Buy or Cry!

Vänsternäven -  King of Störd/ Arbetslös (Digital Single 2013)
From another part of the province Västergötland there is another bunch of angry guys, “a bunch” is an accurate description of the band or a horde is even a more suitable word. 17 or something guys onstage chanting their choruses. Some accuse them of being peasant comedians more than being a serious punk band. I grew up in that area and know their lingo, their local dialect is in Swedes ears very much a white trash hillbilly dialect, and they made a thing of it. I feel at home in my hometown in the lyrics about some dude that is so antisocial that he can´t function with others, and can relate to it, very much so. Back in my hometown those antisocial disturbed people seemed to be everywhere, Both to once horrors as well as some freakshow amusement. Besides that, Vänsternäven have sharpend their sound a bit. It is a bit harder and hard corish which makes this single a most welcome single. Their “b side”, arbetslös is a good, catchy political tune that makes their 17 man choir to its right. And this time almost all of them in the same key.
Buy or Cry!

Over all 3 good singles from three of this country´s better bands. Buy or cry!

Drawing - Bandmates

Was killing time doing a drawing....

Jerichos Echo - Punk Rock In The Holy Land 4/8

Jerichos Echo - Punk Rock In The Holy Land 4/8

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Derby STHLM - Nåt nytt

Derby STHLM - Nåt Nytt

Live at ROQ Odenplan, Stockholm
Mars 16 2013


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The Liptones - My Tiny Red Dr. Martens Boots

The Liptones - My Tiny Red Dr. Martens Boots (Swe)

From the Album "In English" (2006)


Jerichos Echo - Punk Rock In The Holy Land 3/8

Jerichos Echo - Punk Rock In The Holy Land 3/8

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Art by Valery Milovic - Anarchy in Broken Toyland

Painting; Anarchy in Broken Toyland  (2007) (7x9, Mixed media on wood) 

Artist; Valery Milovic (US)

Attentat at Debaser Slussen - I click on the "Like" button (live review)

Ther will be pictures later, please stay tuned.

The Crowd

Some smart ass booked Attentat the same night as Sweden played an important qualifying match for the next Football (Soccer) World Championship. Or maybe did they know what they were doing. The Club Debaser Slussen had to have open anyway and I can´t think of many bands that could attract such crowd under the same circumstances, than Attentat. Let´s say it was almost half full and it was decent from a Gothenburg band that tries to convince Stockholm about their greatness. On the good side, there wasn´t any trendies or hipsters around because of the hype, this was real to the bone punk fans, and even to the core Attentat fans. The young with studded jackets, skins and mohawks, in front jumping around, in the back the beer bellies chanting in every chorus of the old songs like they hasn´t done anything else the last decades than practice on chanting that they don´t want a new Opera house, that “you” should leave them fucking alone and they are birds without legs. Surprising to see so many young and old skinheads find their way to Attentat, I click on the “Like” button.

The Place

Debaser Slussen´s days seem numbered because of the rebuilding of the whole area, and I won´t feel sorry about it. I don´t like the way they have lit up the stage or the club in general. Tonight the bar service is great and that makes it OK.

The Bands

The Nature

It is a horrible booking to let The Nature up on stage as a support act to Attentat. It doesn´t give the band The Nature the chance they deserve and the crowd (me) the right mood. The Natures trashy indie pop should be fine any other night, but now I can´t relate to them as anything else that something that should end as fast as it is possible. Too bad, another night I might liked them, but not last night.


Attentat was a most important *band in the Swedish punk flora, starting out as a hard 77 type of band in 1978, they transformed to a mainstream rock punk band that attracted attention from national broadcasted media in the early 1980ies, to be back at small pub gigs at Tre Backar in the end of the decade. The ever young teenager (at least in his lyrics) singer Mats Jönsson seems to know how to speak to young and frustrated generations in his lyrics.
I can´t think of any other punk band that can play a ballad of fear and shortcomings and get some stone faced skinheads, mohawk punks and beer bellied drunks to sing along in it, all together. Attentat get such a thing going, very natural. Maybe because they are very honest about NOT having any Macho issues shown in songs like “Manskomplex”, a song from a never released demo* in 1981 but still a big crowd pleaser. It is a lot of Woahhh waouhh aeaeaeahh in their chorus that makes it easy to sing along with. But it doesn´t come for free to the band. As I pointed out many times, the Stockholm crowd is a rather stiff crowd, Attentat seems to take that as a challenge, and with their bond to the crowd and routine they manage to get the crowd going and it looks like that most people have a jolly good time. I know I got it.
But it isn´t all trouble free, there is one annoying thing with the band onstage, too many new songs. The new songs isn´t played with the same obvious Attentatness as the old tunes.  The new album “Fy fan” is a complex album and all of the songs doesn´t manage to compete with their old classics at such a night as this. Not that they are bad songs but there is better song from their old days that are better. On the other hand, I fully understand them, they are here to convince us that they have a future as a vital band full of new ideas and strength more than a punk revival act to cash in on old glory.  “Fattiga och rika” and “Dö som en hund” make their way to my heart. “Gilla mig” doesn´t have the same strength, but seems like it is very much an open gateway to Mats Jönssons frustrated heart. He introduce it as song about a pathetic phenomena, to spend our days going for the most “Like” clicks on Facebook. Mocking himself, the bass player Crippa (I often “Like” click his posts, haha) and us in the audience. It is funny and thoughtful but I rather seen them played some of their old classics like “Hej Gamle man”, “Hårding” or else of their song treasures.

And so...

Worth the money? 100SKr Yes! Just to see the Bass player “Crippa” do the 1,2,3,4 count, in Stockholm dialect (this time only, he claimed) was worth the price of a beer.

* I travelled miles to see Attentat as one of my first live punk shows in the early 80ies, collected their early singles with a certain eager as many others did.

**  Now you can find it on compilation albums.

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Vänsternäven - King of störd (New Single)

King of Störd (transl. King of (mentally) Disturbed)

Arbetslös (transl. Unemployed)

Find it at Spotify
Vänsternäven - King of Störd

Topper - Once a Punk Always a Punk (Live at ROQ Odenplan)

Topper - Once a Punk Always a Punk (Swe)
Live at ROQ Odenplan, Stockholm
march 16 2013

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Street Dogs - Rattle and Roll

Street Dogs - Rattle and Roll (US)

From the album Street Dogs (2010)

Peter Murphy (Bauhaus) arrested for alleged DUI hit-and-run in Glendale

Former Bauhaus singer Peter Murphy was arrested on Saturday in Los Angeles after he fled
from a car crash where he hit a car and injured the driver.
He he appeared confused while being arrested and
are under suspicion of drunken driving and drug possession.


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Derby STHLM, Topper and Psykbryt at ROQ, (Concert review)

Pictures will be posted later. Please be patient.

Derby STHLM, Topper and Psykbryt at ROQ Odenplan, Stockholm.
March 16 2013

Weeks before I warned that you shouldn´t miss this, and still you did. A three bands night like this should count in thousands of screaming, rampaging fans. But it didn´t.

The Place
The last night concert at the Pool hall ROQ was an odd break in the usual , Snövit, Broder Tuck and Kafé 44 at the Södermalm punk scene in the Vasastan part of the City. Once in a while ROQ have rock and punk concerts in the pool hall. It isn’t as primitive as it sounds, because they both have a stage, light rig and mixer/DJ booth. And the sound is quite good, but, the pool table landscape in next to the concert area is huge and makes the narrow punk club feeling isn´t really there. On the Other side, how often can you play pool while waiting for the stage mayhem to happen. My former band Lap Dogs challenged Ligisterna in some fine game of Billiards. With a humiliating defeat for Lap Dogs. I blame it on the DJ that played so much fine punk of my favorite bands that I wasn´t too focused on the pool.
 It wasn’t optimal that such a fine band as Ligisterna played pool this night and wasn´t on stage, then the night would have been even greater.

The Crowd
I am upset! If you have some of this citys best band on stage for free and there isn´t a line of waiting people to March outside, then there is something wrong. It was a decent crowd I think, but far from what this bands deserve.  Hey you, stop sitting and feeling sorry for yourself over beer and being misunderstood. Start watching all these good bands that play all over the city right now! Visit Snövit, KGB, Kafé 44 and ROQ for some quality time.
You might know by now that I say the Stockholm crowd is a bit stiff. Yes we are. Some, however did some spontaneous dancing here and there, but this bands deserve a total wreck less mayhem in front. Shame on me, as well. I blame it on the fact I tried to film it, what is your excuse?

The Bands
The bands are in some parts similar, but in most parts not. Together they in their lyrics pretty much cover the whole situation in this country right now, with Ligisterna this picture would be perfect. And they are three main act bands. No support acts here.


First out was the youngsters in Psykbryt, which I think scared the shit out of the others. They are young, fast and furious and set the pace for the night. The old men in Topper and Derby STHLM then had to keep up.
Psykbryt was razor sharp! At their finest, witty and sarcastic and full of the arrogance of young bastards in a band as well as some humble doubt in it . They took no prisoners last night, it was a clean cut operation, search and destroy. Their own songs as well the KSMB covers . I think they are an important band, because of the age of the members in the Stockholm punk scene isn´t very young. Psykbryt are young and keep it very basic and simple just what I love with punk. The rhythm section plays well, tha bass lines giving the rather simple music some depth. The drumers talent doesn´t pass unnoticed. Tonight he is all over the drum set (not all over the stage). As I just wrote, I think they are an important band, for other young punks, because they show how easy it is to make good punk, even if it is an illusion because there are plenty of skills, will power and practice to master it like this.  Best song? I am a sucker for “Åk hem till Täby” but I couldn´t find any weak spots.


Topper must be shitting bricks backstage while Psykbryt shell shocked the crowd. You could tell there was no way that the 4 man group Topper would be looking old and with an “best before” date stamped into their foreheads. Their music, melodic SLF/The Clash style of punk, isn´t as fast as Psykbryts. But there is no need to it. But they really tried to be, I think. Haha. Where the Psykbryt drummer is fast and furious, Topper is heavy and hard hitting, the whole rhythm section (Bass and Drums) made the whole sound very professional, then add the intensity of the singer and the beautiful lead Steve Jones type of guitar playing you got a world class performance. Once again I was standing in a small club thinking “that this should be on a much bigger stage, in front of much more people”. This particular night they also did a Stiff Little Fingers cover, “Suspect Device” with a guest singer, really brilliant. In the end it was “Suburbs”, “Once a Punk” and “Off She goes” that was the highlights. Really well written songs, performed with a lot of heart, sweat and a good rock n roll feeling.  

In between Topper presented a two man act (I didn´t pay enough attention to hear what they were presented as) Guitar and Drums. Not bad at all, in fact quite cool.


Here I might be feeling sorry for Derby STHLM if I didn´t knew that they are not any ordinary band. I guess they are in their own little world not disturbed by the fact that the some of this years (to date) best concerts just been on the same stage. Such detail seems like just a thing in the background, even if they just as Topper cheered Psykbryt.
Derby STHLM seemed not to have any intention to let anyone down. The sound was perfect as their timing. They hurried into the next song thru the set, that was played fast so they won´t look old next to Psykbryt. The drums were both fast, hard hitting and effective.  The Bass player is all over the stage in his typical Pete Townsend manner orchestrating the crowds heartbeat. The vocals and chorus giving the band such a depth and professional sound. The only negative about the set is that it is hard to hear the keyboards.
Covers? Yes, Both Ebba Grön, Köttgrottorna and Tredje könets “Godismannen” sung by the original text writer.  When the sound of the vocals were as good as it was, then their own tunes stand out really well. Best song? Hard to say but I pick the covers “Godismannen” and “Vildjdjuret” mostly of nostalgic reasons. But all the songs are good.

Finally, it is a shame that this concert wasn´t attended by thousands. I could easily pay a couple of hundred Swedish Kronor, to see this. Now it was free of charge, Thank you ROQ!

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(Im a) PUNKROCKER (yes I am)

The Swedish song that never stop being recorded - Punkrocker

Teddybears STHLM - Punkrocker (original version, 2000)

Caesars - Punkrocker (I think this was the first published version
and they were still named Caesars Palace then, 2000)

Thomas Rusiac feat. Teddybears STHLM- HipHopper (This version became a hit,2000)

Teddybears STHLM feat Iggy Pop (who re-wrote some of the lyrics, 2006)

Träd Gräs och Stenar (The progrock version by the classic proggers 2002)

Torgny Melins - Dansbander (this was ment as a joke
but became a bigger hit than the original version, 2006)

Slagsmålsklubben - Synthpopper (If Kraftwerk don´t do it call Slagsmålsklubben, 2001)

Snutjävel  - Punksvin (Song starts at 0:46, 2010)
Falköpings Hard Core feat. Arve Teddybears, Micke Asta Kask,  Chips K Sator and Henke Liptones

Psykbryt - But we have no Bananas feat. Leffe from Derby STHLM (KSMB cover)

Psykbryt - But we have no banas feat. Leffe from Derby STHLM (KSMB cover)  (Swe)

Sorry called this Bohman which is another KSMB song.
What we learn from this is that always check you old record covers
for the right info and don´t rely on your memories you lost in a bar somewhere ages ago.

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Derby STHLM - Svart guld och diamanter

Derby STHLM - Svart guld och diamanter

Feb 16 2013

Klubb Dislocated fucked up!

Klubb Dislocated fucked up!

The punk scene in Stockholm is furious. 
One of the bigger promotors, Klubb Dislocated, with venues at three places in Stockholm have 
booked one band (who´s name isn´t important) with members with roots in both white power movement and Nazi parties and another band, lets call them a Nazi light band.

This have made punks in the whole city blow their tops, and I doubt that the gig ever will be played. Because I guess there will be hordes of ANTIFAs getting there to greet them.

It is troublesome to Klubb Dislocated that in a Political Naive (PN) attempt to refer to freedom of speach, that they are not taking a political stance, try to pretend that they have not fucked up, when everyone can see they did. Many band´s this blog been in contact with will boycott Klubb Dislocated all events in the future.
And I don´t think it´s is the end of it.

i´ll guess their grab for some cash was a bite to sour.

Admit it guys, you fucked up, you fucked up big time!

Updated 16/3 2013

The pub/restaurant Broder Tuck (Friar Tuck) canceled the gig with following statement.

"We at Broder Tuck has decided to cancel the gigs on 25 May in our premises, 

you have questions regarding these gigs, 

we refer you to the club Dislocated who booked these bands.

We are a Pub / Restaurant who want to focus on serving good food, 

drink and good entertainment.

We reject everything on racism, Nazism and xenophobia.

Thank you for the comments here made us aware of the gig. "

        Broder Tuck  

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Punk Economics 7: The Global Food Economy

Punk Economics 7: The Global Food Economy

Punk Economics 6: Kilkenomics 2012

Punk Economics 6: Kilkenomics 2012

This is mostly a promovideo but it is in the series so I post it anyway.

Snutjävel - Småstadsterror

I originally posted another tune by the same band Snutjävel here.
But felt I didn´t like to present them that way. It was a Troublemakers cover
that they do well and got a political feeling I sometimes can get.
I felt I was making an easy political point that I don´t like others (when they`ll) do. 
So being true to myself I rather present their music, not my political point of view.
I don´t think it was a accurate post of my picture of the band.
This song is far better reflecting my POW.  

Snutjävel - Småstadsterror (Swe)

The other song
Download it here


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Topper - We live in the Suburbs (live at Snövit)

Topper - We live in the Suburbs (Swe)

as it was played at Snövit Jan 26 2013

How is it that there is always money when the poor will be persecuted

  "How is it that there is always money  

 when the poor will be  
     persecuted, but never money   

       when the poor must be defended?"    

                                                   Jonas Hassen Khemiri
                                        Swedish Author              

LIVE at ROQ, Topper, Derby STHLM, Psykbryt

Looking forwart to see Topper, Derby STHLM and Psykbry on saturday.
IMHO this is one of the DON`T MISS IT moments.

Free Entrance, be there or cry your self to sleep and lie about it later, that you were there.

At ROQ, Gyldengatan 2, Stockholm
Subway Odenplan.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Collapse of The American Dream Explained in Animation

People use to give me funny looks, especially at the bank or guitar store, when I refuse 
to use their credit cards. When I tell them I save up to the stuff I want.
Thats crazy talk, they claim!

This little film show you why I´ll do what I do.

Punk Economics 5: China Panics, US "Recovers" and Germany Flinches

Punk Economics 5 - China Panics, US "Recovers" and Germany Flinches

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Rifle - Murder on TV (Live at Go!)

Rifle - Murder on TV (Swe)

Live at Go!, Stampens Källare, Stockholm 7/3 2013

Unfortionately it was a bit too dark for my camera, thats why the picture quality isn´t at it´s best.

Tredje Könet - Godismannen.

Tredje Könet - Godismannen (Swe)

From the 4 songs EP, Fyra Hits (1986)

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Dead Kennedys Killed the Music Industry

If you thought downloading piracy was a new thing, rethink.

Dead Kennedys (US) released this in 1981.

Köttgrottorna 30 years - Concert Review

The Event

Köttgrottorna you can call the first Trallpunk band, the inventors of it. I don´t think the band was the first to be connected with that label. Actually I don´t think they really care about what. Happy and Mongo came out of the ruins of the broken up band Incest Brothers, one of Swedens first wave of 70ies punk band that gained recognition, formed in the northern satellite town of Stockholm, Järfälla.  The Band started as Trekant (transl. threesome / triangle) but changed some members to form what saw the world as Köttgrottorna. It all started as a joke according to the band members. And the Joke continued for 30 years. Humor have always been a part of their public image, often a bit twisted, but they are also deadly serious about political issues, always in the oppositions of abuse of power.
I´ll guess most Swedes that been into punk seen them at least once. I´ve seen them now and then from time to times through the years. Now it was time for them to sum up the 30 years as a band.

The Place
Debaser Slussen is one of the only real rock clubs made for the reason of rock concerts in Stockholm. It´s days are numbered because the will tear down and rebuild the whole neighbourhood soon. Until then it is there. From a photographers point of view its horrible, because most of the spotlights are from behind of the band.

The Crowd
If you been around so long as Köttgrottorna been, then there will be a crowd of mixed ages. Everything from teenagers to beer bellied veterans. Mohawks, die hard Köttgrottorna fans, old skins and the ordinary rock fan all in a turmoil.
The feeling of a birthday party is there in the packed club. It´s crowded and sweaty but not unfriendly.

The other bands.
First out is Derby STHLM that gives the night a perfect start, a very professionally performed set with the characteristics of their way of doing it. In my world they would fit perfect as a support act to Stiff Little Fingers. Then Roger Karlsson and band followed, living out his Bruce Springsteen, Bob Dylan dreams or something (sorry that wasn´t fair but …). It´s not my cup of tea, so I didn´t pay too much attention. I bet he´ll not cry over that, the man is a legend in this circles so he got his fair share of supporters to hail him. Then Johan Johansson with band followed. I´m not too impressed with his later years works. But the man is a genius and his KSMB songs are Swedish history, especially the "602" tune, he plays to close his set with.
Then the crowd is so worked up, I wondered for a brief moment how Köttgrottorna would respond to it, would they, could they?

My worries came to a shame. From the first step Stefan “Mongo” Enger put on the stage floor he owned the place. The funny, ever mocking frontman of the 4 man band just knew it was his night in the limelight. They played all their hits. New songs such as Afrika,, Raj raj, Online, Bolla med Zlatan as well as old crowd pleasers such as Hjälp till Hjälplöshet, The Ornitologs, Pendeltåg, Älska Mig, Sista festen, Zuga and many more. Some with a little help from the two members no longer in the band and invited guests from other bands. The sound is good and the crowd are there to tango (Slamdance and Pogo). Basically most their songs are offsprings from the sons Louie Louie/Wild Thing and their rythm. Which is perfect to jump up and down to. In it they throw a medley based on "No Limit" mixed with songs like "That’s the way, (aha aha) I like it" and A.P.A.´s “Mengele”, hillarious, brilliant and very funny. The new songs were just as good as the older classics but all in the crowd havn´t been taken it to it´s heart yet as they have done with the older tunes.  You could tell. Because tonight every song is a singalong, big time. From the second tune to the end, the chanting from the crowd are as loud as what the singer himself can produce.

Mongo went on through the whole set mocking the band members and guest artist in a very funny manner in his attempt to tell the truth about their career, it could been roosting if it wasn´t all lies just to give Mongo a nice way to present the next tune. I´ll guess, Guld Lars, Happy and Janne are quite used to it, haha. Per from Charta 77 was blamed to be prejudice against Asians and on it went. Quite funny.
It all went crazy for a while  just as it should. A dude hit the roof beams (it´s very low roof height at the club) with his forehead while trying to stage dive, I hope he didn´t died. It´s like the scene from their song “Sista Festen” but for real. People didn´t want the set to end and when it all was over we all knew that the last 30 years wasn´t a completely waste of time.

With guests from in itself classic bands like Coca Carola, Charta 77 and the legendary Johan Johansson (of KSMB, Strindbergs, John Lenin) it showed the position 30 years of struggle in the Swedish punk scene with its ups and downs, the band holds.
What I personally appreciated most was the playing of the pre-Köttgrottorna song “Människor Smakar gott” (Originally published by the band Trekant in 1982, that then was turned into Köttgrottorna in 1983).

When I turn 30 I will have a party like this. Wait I did turn 30, 18 years ago. Darn! Well this blog might do it, yeah right….Im babble crazy talk now…so I quit it here.

Worth the Money?
110Skr,YES, it was a bargain!

The Bad Drugs - Screaming Bitch Creature (Free Download)

The Bad Drugs (US) - Screaming Bitch Creature (2013)

Download for Free this 6 songs EP


Sex Pistols - Who Killed Bill?

Sex Pistols - Therell Always Be An England (2008 Live From Brixt Ac)

Sex Pistols Live from The Brixton Academy, London in 2008


Friday, March 8, 2013

Köttgrottorna - Människor smakar gott (Trekant Cover)

Köttgrottorna - Människor Smakar Gott
Originally published with the Köttgrottorna members, Mongo (bass and vocals) and Happy (Drums) in the band Trekant on the EP Männsikor smakar gott (1982).

Here played at Köttgrottornas 30 years anniversary at Debaser Slussen, Stockholm March 6 2013 

Babes In Toyland - Sweet '69

Babes in Toyland - Sweet 69 (US)

From the Single Sweet 69 (1995)

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Russian police delay Pussy Riot play at Moscow theater

For some reason did I manage to deleat this post from this week by misstake. Here we go again.

MOSCOW (Reuters) - Moscow police interrupted a play featuring the trial of punk rockers Pussy Riot on Sunday and warned its Swiss director for violating visa rules, in what a government critic said was part of an anti-Western campaign.

Pussy Riot supporters from all over the world support Pussy Riots mission for a free and democratic Russia

Federal Migration Service officers delayed the performance of "Moscow Trials" at a theatre at Moscow's Sakharov center for an hour as they issued a verbal warning to director Milo Rau, according to news agency Interfax and website .

The play features three recent trials in Russia, including one which ended in August with jail terms for ""hooliganism motivated by religious hatred" for three members of the Pussy Riot band for staging a profanity-laced protest in Moscow's main cathedral last February.

The band members, one of whom was later released on appeal, said the protest was meant to draw attention to close ties between the Russian Orthodox Church and the Kremlin.

Kremlin critic Boris Nemtsov, a deputy prime minister from 1997 to 1998, said the raid on the theatre was part of an anti-Western drive fostered by President Vladimir Putin.

"Our leadership is suffering a grave form of spymania ... and the fight against the West has become a number one priority in its domestic and foreign policies," he said.

Russia's relations with the West have cooled since Putin returned to the presidency last May.

On January 1, Russia banned adoptions of children by U.S. parents in response to U.S. legislation imposing visa and asset restrictions on Russians accused of violating human rights. Russia has also forced non-governmental organizations receiving overseas funding to register themselves as "foreign agents".

The migration officials raiding "Moscow Trials" were accompanied by Cossacks, a traditionalist group whose recent revival has been encouraged by Putin, according to and twitter reports from the scene.

No formal punishment was imposed on Rau for allegedly violating visa conditions, Interfax quoted Sergei Kalyuzhny, the Federal Migration Service's deputy head as saying.

"He entered (Russia) on a business visa, which does not allow any working activity," Kaluzhny said.

Putin's return to the presidency last year was soured by the biggest political protest over the past decade, which analysts say led the Kremlin to ramp up nationalist rhetoric.

(Reporting by Alexei Anishchuk; Editing by Jason Webb)

As it was posted on

Köttgrottorna (30år) - Hjälp till hjälplöshet (featuring Johan Johansson)

From the Köttgrottorna 30 anniversary party at Debaser, Slussen

march 6 2013

Sid Gogh

Sid Gogh

Dave MacDowell takes on Van Gogh

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Rancid Live in London, Free Download

Rancid - See ya in the pit (Live bootleg) (US)
Live concert from London 1995

Its a free Download Bootleg that Rancid themself gives away.

köttgrottornas uppmaning till oss alla!

Köttgrottorna tells the crowd to come closer at Snövit 2012

Asta Kask - Inget ljus

Asta Kask - Inget Ljus (SWE)
from the EP, Plikten framför allt (1985)

The Nomads - She Pays the Rent

The Nomads - She Pays the Rent (Swe)

Single (1985)

Punk Economics 4: Irish Referendum

Punk Economics 4: Irish Referendum

Monday, March 4, 2013

The Civillains - Damage Control (new OFFICIAL VIDEO)

The Civilians - Damage Control (Swe=

Punk Economics 3: Playing With Liquidity

Punk Economics 3: Playing With Liquidity

More disturbing facts about the world of the economical scam.

Asta Kask - New Album

Pictures from Facebook     Micke
Legendary Swedish punkrockers Asta Kask anounce on their Facebook profile that they in the studio again for their first studio album in 7 years. Read mor in their own words taken from Facebook.

"New album! 

As some of you might have guessed we have had something up our sleeves. Since one 

week we have been been in Gothenburg at the infamous Studio Fredman with F. Nordström 

and Henke Udd recording a new album, our first in 7 years! The new LP / CD will be 

released on our new label Kloakens Alternativa Anti Produktion in a few months. More info 

about that and much more is coming soon! Cheers from Asta Kask"


Sunday, March 3, 2013

Saturday, March 2, 2013

The Blog as a Book

Så Jävla Punk (Transl. So Fucking Punk) is the working title of 1,2, fuck you´s 1st year
as a blog in the shape of a book. Photos, quotes from the Stockholm Punkscene.

For those who were there, for those that wasn´t and other curious bastards.

Estimated release in April 2013

Stay tuned!


Photos - Greta Kassler

Greta Kassler (Swe) from Copperfields feb 15 2013

Friday, March 1, 2013

This Blog is soon one year old!

The one year celebration is to start!

March 24 2012 this blog started, I didn´t really got it going until April when it was skyrocketing in both posts and readers. Through the year it have grown, not least the readers becoming more and more. Last month, Februari was another record breaking month. It´s fun that it works.

But my time is limited and to run it takes it´s time. So be patient with me, actually I didn´t think I would last one year. Now, however, I will as a part of this next year invite more writers, guest DJs picking their favorites and try to do the interviews I so much like to do.

I did start this blog as a result of my filming Ligisterna, an excellent Swedish band. Going to concerts, hanging out and surfing the net gave me a lot material to post on the blog, So, why not?

It all started at a forum called which is pretty much a homebase for me. Cabbe, the bass player of Ligisterna, convinced me to get back on facebook, which is another source and reader base. As well as my dear girlfriends interessts in Asian punk, which came to me as well.

I started it partly so my American and international punk forum friends could see what was going on in Stockholm, that´s why it is in Swenglish (Swedish English, haha). And I don´t let my dyslexia stand in my way. If you think my written English is shitty then you would probably think the same about my Swedish or guitarplaying, haha. Im to old to care about being right, so Im not asking for any permission to do it, I´ll just do it. The Style police can go and F....well, you know.

The Americans are 1/3 of all viewers as well as Swedes are 1/3. The rest of the world then share the last 1/3 where Germans and Brits are the biggest group (no surprice). But all continents are following it so I guess Punk is really global today.

It is fun to be Swedish when Swedish Punk, Hard Core and Metal have such good reputation abroad. Which is why I got the feeling watching bands that Im priviledged.
It is my general impression that the Stockholm punk scene have recovered big time after been a bit in the shadows. I would say the punk in Sweden and Stockholm are blossoming, In stockholm there are up to 5 different Punk, Hard Core and punky Metal concerts to choose from every Friday and Saturday. With some planning you could have your own punk festival every weekend. And we got bigger events now, such as "Gatans Musik" and "Pretty Shitty Kjell", that brings both bands and people together, en masse. What we could need is a summer punk festival worth the name, such as West Coast Riot in Gothenburg.

And there is another thing I could wish for. Punk concerts for underaged punks. Most concerts are +18 due to the Swedish alcohol laws and therefor the average age is high. Swedish punk might be good, but it is far to beer bellies and thin haired to believe that there will be new generations of good bands. Psykbryt is a young band trying to make a difference but there should be much more like them. The bands which members could be fathers to the Psykbryt members are good, but there have to be some young that not will try to be trendy and right to make it right.

Enough of this, now on to the next year, the good year that will be a legendary punk record year that will be certain, that I can say without a crystal ball. 1,2, Fuck You!


Pastoratet - Fredrik

Pastorated - Fredrik (Swe)

From the EP Sexpack (2012)

They are giving away their songs for free here


Punk Economics 2: Cash For Trash

Punk Economics 2 - Cash for Trash

Banks having Greece by the balls and Germany loves it!