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Concert Review - Dropkick Murphy´s at Gröna Lund

Dropkick Murphy´s at (the amusment park) Gröna Lund in Stockholm

The Place

Dropkick Murphy´s said they were proud that so many people showed up to see them on this particulary stage at Gröna Lund. Proud to be performing at the stage that been hosting performances from acts as Runaways, The Sweet, The Clash, The Who, The Eagles,AC/DC, Bob Marley, Iggy Pop, PIL and more (my note), Many of those band in their prime or in the early stages of their career. Bob Marley made one of his best concerts ever when he broke the attendance record in 1980. Murphy´s pointed out The Who, the Clash and Eagles as their heroes on that stage.

But that doesn’t tell the whole story. The fact that that stage been a place where those band been doing pretty lame or weak performances. Iggy Pop Ive seen way under his normal level, as same goes for The Ramones, Soundtrack of our Lifes and more. Beck did a completely disasterous dull performance there. So as well as proud they really should be alert.
after all, Gröna Lund is a rollercoaster, merry go round amusement park in the first place.

To make things ever worse. At the same time, a few hundred meters away, there was a Live broadcasting of one of Swedens most popular TV shows. A sing a long music show, “Allsång på Skansen”. It is possible that that made them play at a disturbingly low volume at first. But they fixed it a bit after half the show. Anyway the overall sound was far from perfect. Everybody knows what too low volume on the guitars does to punk rock.

Besides that most other things were great.

The Crowd

The Crowd was great and huge. The regular tourist visitors were by far outnumbered by Murphy´s fans, punks and rockers in general. Me and girlfriend spoke to some Murphy fans that seems to be from all over this part of the country. From places like Västerås and towns like that. And possible why the crowd was so jolly. If you read what I written before, you might remember that I whine a bit about the Stockholm crows tendency to be standing silence like statues at concerts. Here was the crowd loud, handclapping, fists in the air, dancing and mosh pitting all in a turmoil. The singalong factor was almost as high as it probably was at the singalong Tv show next to us. And the response from the audience seems to fuel up the Murphy´s. Because they managed, despise the low sound, the dull stage put on a high energy show.

The Songs

They played most of their well known songs as well as two new ones, "Tattoo Rose" and a song don´t know the name of.yet, except “ For Boston”, “Wicked and Sensitive Crew” and “Skinhead on the MBTA”. The last mentioned, possibly because that the park security didn´t allowed the crowd to go onstage as usual during that song. A fact that made the bass playing singer Ken Casey go into the crowd singing "Kiss me I´m Shitfaced". Sometimes sitting on some ones shoulders, sometimes drowned in the crowd, sometimes crowd surfing, a peak of the performance. Its Celtic, its working class and punk all in the same. Florence Reece old “Which side are you on” are on their repertoire as well as the lyrics of Woody Guthrie on "Shipping Up to Boston". It´s traditional Irish and it´s sentimental more than it is angry. It´s hard to get feeling of a dirty factory in the lovely summer evening, but that doesn´t matter, because they do it with a heart and it affect the people in the crowd a lot, And that turn it into a big summer party. The true qualities this night comes from the way they use their chanting choruses, that they master to an Oi! perfection. However as my brother pointed out, they could left AC/DCs “TNT” at home, because they can´t reach their own level doing a bad cover on a good song. They got enough good songs themselves to keep it up the whole concert. So many songs that they could change them a bit. The fast song, "Citizen CIA" was played as a mellow slow beat, acoustic version. My personal favorite this Nordic sun light June night was “Sunday Hardcore Matinee, it sounded just as it should.

Was it worth the money?

Was it worth the money? Yes. I payed 200 SKr (20 Euro, 28 USD). But it´s even better than that because from that I got a card that give me free access to concerts with Iggy and the Stooges, Jimmy Cliff, Lenny Kravitz, Opeth and more at Gröna Lund this summer. Or just free entrence to the park any day.

It was a great perfomance, if it was held somwhere else it would been a great concert. Or as my brother put it, "If they have got louder volume somewhere else they would have tore the place apart".

Dropkick Murphy´s - Which side are you on (Live at Gröna Lund 2012)

Dropkick Murpy´s - Which side are you on (Cover)

The song originally written by Florence Reece in 1931
Live at Gröna Lund, Stockholm (2Oi2)


Fuck Consumerism, let´t play guitar!

Make guitar picks from your credit cards.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Dropkick Murphys - Skinhead on the MBTA

Dropkick Muphys - Skinhead on the MBTA
From Do or Die (1998)

Looking forward to the Dropkick Murphy´s concert tonight.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Russian Punk Fans Arrested.

Fans of the Russian punk band Pussy Riot have been arrested when they protested
outside the trials against the members of Pussy Riot.
Russian authorities have violated the rights of the band when they in a punk manner spoke out
about the wrongs in the Russian politics.
Freedom of speach is´t the big country in the easts best thing.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Adam Relelius Words of Wisdom

Chicagos punk veteran Adam Rebelius give you todays word of wisdom.

"One thing I've learned in life is if you're an athiest, never argue with a religious person. It's like playing chess with a pigeon. No matter what you do, that damned pigeon is just going to strut all over the chess board, knock over the pieces that get in it's way, take a shit on the chess board, and act all high and mighty about everything."

Ebba Grön - Vad ska du bli

Ebba Grön - Vad ska du bli?

From the single Antipop (1979)

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Söder - Vad ska du bli? Single Review

Söder, (ex Tuk Tuk Rally, Åka Bil, Inferno etc) have released  a digital single June 18, 2012 on Spotyfy. If there will be other releases Im not aware of yet.
The first track “Vad skall du bli”(What will become of you?) probaly makes one or two old punks to raise their eyebrows. It is a cover on Ebba Gröns “Vad ska du bli” from the 1979 single Totalpop.

After the lead singer of Ebba Grön, Joakim Thåström´s release of the mellow acuostic record “Skebokvarnsv. 209”, Thåström showed that the old punk energy can be transformed into acuostic ballads, so why don´t transform one of Thåströms older songs, like “Vad ska du bli?”, because the song in itself is brilliant, and so is this mellow coverversion. This is the ultimate soft song to play coming home from the bars and clubs in the early morning. It such record. It will probably work both with brought home company and when your drunk and alone. The voice of Söder sounds like a mix between Thåström himself and Stefan Sundström, but better. It fits the brilliant mixed acoustic guitars and bass. In a time when everybody wants to release singer songwriter shit, this is so much better that it all. The non cover song “En sorgsen song som gör mig glad” (A sad song that makes me glad)  is even more mellow and sad, with some stroke of Mudhoney´s “Endless Yesterday” in it.

This is a brilliant single release from the Beatbutcher label that beat any of Major record companies tries to release a good song.

Worth buying (Spotyfy downloading), YES!!!

Note that Stefan Sundström done Ebba Gröns "Mona Tumbas Slimclub" in the same manner some years ago, and Nike and Gurra did "Vad har jag gjort" in the mid 80ies. Compared with them Söders song is better.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Rancid - Liberty and Freedom

Rancid - Liberty and Freedom

From the album Let the Dominoes Fall (2009)

Sunday, June 17, 2012

The Rebel Riot - Lowest Class In Burma (Free Download)

Burmese band The Rebel Riot
give away a free tune  Lowest Class in Burma.

Intstead of last night concert

It would been nice to put something up from the Alonzo and Fas 3 gig last night at Pet Sounds Bar, I was on my way, but my priority was an old friend instead. Which was nice for us.
But not for you.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Motörhead Bastards Lager

Motörhead now as beer. After the Motörhead Vodka and the Motörhead Shiraz
now for the Swedish market there will be the Motörhead Bastards Lager, Brewed by Krönleins brewery..

At the moment only avalible in Sweden and it can only be ordered as a whole case.

The punk supergroup (or not)

They just killed the drummer....or?

The punk super group or what.?...Pic linked from Rancid´s Facebook, From left to right....Lars Fredriksen (Rancid), Lemmy (Motörhead), Charlie Harper (UK Subs) and Steve Whale (the Business).

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Turbonegro - Sexual Harassment CD Review

Turbonegro, the Norwegan mad men that invented their own genre, death punk, and got fanantic followers all over the world that label themself Turbojugends, have released their first full lenght CD after their singer and front man Hank von Helvete´s departure. Few established bands have survived the departure of their charismatic singer and front man, such as Hans Erik Dyvik Husby (as his real name is spelled), even fewer with such an established character as the fat bellied junkie, von Helvete. But the rest of the band decided to give it a go. 
And the result is the record “Sexual Harassment”.

Last night saw the release party of their new CD, Sexual Harassment at a hotel in Stockholm. With their cover illustration as a huge banner on the hotel exterior, the band shows that nothing will be spared on this release.
In todays Swedish edition of the news paper Metro the new singer, the Britt Tony Sylvester said that he respect Hank too much to do a bad imitation of him.
So the good mister Sylvester have a hard task to convince the world, and the Turbojugends, that he are the new singer of Turbonegro.

The new singer Sylvester know his Turbos, he´s been a Turbojugend and their Brittish press spokes person, so it seems like he is in the game. On the other hand, being an egocentric singer and a fan is a huge difference.

But Turbonegro is far from a singer and a support band. The band has it´s defined way of playing. Not that it is too original in any way. But it is still their sound and that is the joy of it. But I can´t help find traces of the early Hellacopters here (when they were a really good band) and rock n roll grove ala Diamond Dogs. But a bit more dirty, and heavy. The new singer gives the band a rougher sound at the same a more polished way to present themself. Because the insanity of Hank von Helvete no one can copy. The Metro (Sthlm) reviewer didn´t thought of it as a real Turbonegro record, It is possible it is not (Im not a Turbojugend so who am I to tell) but it´s still a good record. Over all the Swedish reviews been pretty positive and the web edition of Gaffa don´t miss Von Helvete one bit. Musically I agree, mythologically I don´t. The hard, rocksy death punk tunes are catchy both in the sound and the tunes itself.

Best song? Hard to say, it´s over all a good record that have a bunch of good tracks, but the “Shake your shit machine” tune have a real Turbonegro title so I might mention it.

Worth the money? Yes!  

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

RockBitch - Essex Girl

Rockbitch - Essex Girl

From the CD Motor Driven Bimbo (1999)

Few band have stirred up such controversy as the, often, totally naked
Rockbitch. The band was really an (mostly) Feamle, Pagan, Lesbian collective that lived
that life 24/7, on stage, at home or out in the woods. The Sex acts often performed on stage
was a part of their Pagan magic rituals. They mixed mainstream Rock, Punk and Metal in an own wayward sound. The world was divided,
Metal artist as Blackie Lawless was provoced and the Swedish Bass virtuoso Jonas Hellborg praised them. However fanatic their crowd was, hoping to get the golden condom that was thrown from stage, wich gave the one who caught it right to have sex with one of the girls in the band, there was to much oppression and preassure from the authorities where they played. In an almost
Sex Pistols like of campaign aginst them from various town officials they ended the band in 2005.
The main setting continued under the name MT-TV, with a less nude and more theatrical aproach.
Amanda and Jo formed the band Syren. Jo died from breast cancer in Jan 2012.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Turbonegro record signing at Bengans (STHLM)

Turbonegro will sign the new record, at the record store Bengans.

Where? Bengans at Drottninggatan Sthlm

When? June 13 (Wen) at 5pm

Missbrukarna - Skydd mot de fattiga

Missbrukarna - Skydd mot de fattiga

Classic Swedish Hardcore/D-beat from Hudiksvall, taken from the cassette Krigets Gentlemen (1983).

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Friday, June 8, 2012

Coca Carola - Onkel Sam och den snälle gossen at 44an

Coca Carola - Onkel Sam och den snälle gossen

Swedish oldtimers Coca Carola takes on a classic Swedish 60ies protest song at Café 44.

June 7 2012

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Attentat - Fy fan Svenska man

Attentat New Single

Attentat - Fy Fan Svenska Man

Attentat was one of Swedens first and longest lasting punkbands.
Founded in 1978 in Gothenburg where they fast became one of the main acts engaged in the GBG punk scene. With the years the added more and more pop punk to their sound which made them known
even outside outside the punk scene all over the country.
Most notably is their Woaoaohw Chorus chants, their main trademark.

According to Attentat on Facebook they climbing on I tunes toplist with
the new single "Fy fan Svenska man", passing many established mainstream acts.
Possible is that a sign on how missed by people they been after a few years of silence.

The record, is it any good? Well, it´s catchy as a poprock tune, they got a certain heavyness
in their sound, the lyrics are sharp and a bit naive as allways, but not as catchy as they use to be.
There is something missing, I dont know what, my youth maybe?

Anyway, Welcome back!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The Swindle Continues - Re-release of Pistols T G R n R Swindle.

Today, tomorrow etc there will be various rereleses of the disputed Sex Pistols record The Great Rock n Roll Swindle. Johnny Rotten claim no involvment in the record and by many, including me, one of the Manager Malcolm Maclarens cut n past works. A fantasy about what he thought punk rock was about. To be honest it had nothing to do with the real punk movment. How ever I remember buying and liking the record because there was this empty void and an ugre for Pistols songs. Anyway, the record was done and it is a part of my growing up, so I still like it in a way, even if its more of Malcolm McLarens mixed tape more than a real Sex Pistols Record.

The Classic Frank Sinatra song My Way performed by an alredy iconic Sid Vicious.

There are a few good stuff on the record, like the funny song about the sex crazy pirates, Friggin´in the Riggin´, My Way and

The was two releases of the Great Rock N Roll Swindle, One as a double LP one as a Single LP. The covers differ between those releases.

The origial double LP release in 1979.
The movie The Great Rock n Roll Swindle was made as a mocumetary by young film Student Julien Temple. That today more or less feel he was manipulated by McLaren to do the GRnRS as he did it. As to set the record straight he did a proper interview documentary, The Filth and The Fury in 2000.
The 1980 single LP release

Cosey Fanni Tutti - Time To Tell

Cosey Fanny Tutti - Time To Tell

Originally released as a cassette in 1983, Re released in other versions in 1993 and 2000 on CD.
Originally Cosey Fanni Tutti started out as a performance artist and in some of it there was music involved.
After the punk started to raise in England in 1976, Cosey Fanny Tutti co founded Throbbing Gristle with Genesis P Orrige. The band was a bit to extreme for the Punk formula so it was labeled as Industrial Music after the record label Industrial Records. Throbbing Gristle came to an end in 1981. Cosey Fanny Tutti´s Solo career after the Trobbing Gristle was more of an Ambient, Electronic and post Kraut Rock-ish style of music.

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Monday, June 4, 2012

Prometheus (a movie review)

Prometheus, was the name of a Greek Mythology Titan that tried to trick the main God Apollon. Apollon was not amused and sentenced him to get his liver hacked out by an eagle everyday until enternity. The liver grew back every day so it started all over. If I remember it right he was resued in som sort of way. Anyway....

Its also the name of a brand new movie from genius director Ridley Scott. His first Sci Fi in a very long time, and even if it´s only his third Sci Fi, he is often considered as one of the worlds best Sci fi directors.
Not only did he changed the way we looked upon the space and Sci Fi with his groundbreaking Alien (1979).
He also formed the way Cyber Punk looked upon the world in stylish "Blade Runner" (1982). William Gibson would two years later be labeled as a Cyber Punk writer with a Bladerunneresque world view.
Four cornerstones was the key to success of the Alien movie. An iconic Monster, scary as hell, an iconic super survivour, the female main character Ripley (played Sigourney Weaver). The feeling of beeing alone in space and its horrors and crooked coorporation behind some of the shit that was happening. Everything of that is in the new movie, Prometheus. Even if the feeling of being alone and stranded is worse in Alien.

If the dirt and punk feeling was high in the Bladerunner and Alien, there are very little of it in Prometheus. But there are less noble acts by the humans to compensate it.
The iconic Ripley´s cargo ship captain is now a scientist with a noble task, to find who the hell was that made us humans? Played by Swedish actress Noomi Rapace*, and the simularities are obvious, so obvious that Scott can use my expectation to trick me a few times. Rapace plays the character well, so well that she fill the gap the Weaver left not being in the film. All the actors do their bit, as well as the script writers, FX teams and the director himself. It´s a excellent piece of art and film hand craft. But it is no new Alien, it can´t be. The way Alien was groundbreaking back in 1979 and was something extra. But second best to Alien is very good. And even better, Scott point out a new direction for sequals so we don´t have to live with those horrible Alien vs Predators or even worse film trash that flooded the market. There are a few corny homage to HP Lovecraft that isn´t a bit silly, at its best a bit nerdy, but that is not to be upset by.

*Noomi Rapace played the punk hacker in the Millenium films, Men who hate women, The Girl who played with fire and The Girl who kicked the hornets´ nest.

Bitch Boys - Lördagsrebell (Live at Snövit 2012)

Bitch Boys - Lördagsrebell
at Snövit June 2 2012

Friday, June 1, 2012

(Charged) G.B.H. - City Baby Attacked by Rats

Charged GBH - City Baby Attacked By Rats
From the album with the same name (1982)

Fast punk from back in the days.