Saturday, February 8, 2014

Gatans Lag, winning the Manifest award and then proved that they live like they sing

Manifestgalan is the Swedish independent record producers annual award orgie. In the cathegory the best punk Gatans Kag was nominated. The prize cermonies was held at the old jitterbug/Rock n Roll palour "Nalen". In connection to it Club Antisocial had a little party. Where Gatans Lag might show up and give an unplugged surprice gig. But the it evolved and it was changed to be a played on electrical instruments. I along with the people of Club Antisocial did do the soundcheck.

Gatans Lag did win the prize and was cheered as football heroes arriving at the club. But the situation occured that they had flagged. The open bar at the prize cermonies was a willing mistress for the lads.

So when they showed up at Tucken, part of the band was denied entrance, and the others was after while to follow him. I can´t help feeling a bit robbed of it. To see Gatans Lag play at the club after being crowned winners had been something extra. But no one was surpriced, the deal was if /IF/ they were sober enough they would play. The skinhead punk band, with most lyrics about over consuming alcohol, proved that they are the real deal. And they proved that the record that made them win the award "Från fest till arrest", (From Party to Arrested     my transl.) was not some posed fantasy, but a bit of their reallity.

Well, next time to see them is at Pretty Shitty Kjell Oi! festival in Stockholm.

the nomenees was

Gatans Lag – Från Fest Till Arrest (PST Records/Kjell Hell)
Allvaret – Tänk på döden (Erste Theke Tonträger)
Tiger Bell – Don’t Wanna Hear About Your Band (WIFE)

Hårda Tider – Scandinavian Hardcore Insanity (La Familia/Instigate)

....My comment,

I had, Gatans Lag as my favorites, I actually had them om my best in 2013 list.
However did I think Tiger Bell would win.

See the prizecermony here

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