Wednesday, January 29, 2014


The word been around for a while, but the comback for DERBY STHLM is now official. 

Gigs have been booked and a mobilphone update on Facebook shows the New Line up.
All guys minus. Uffe that handles the camera. are ready to rock.

All five guys from the former line up are still in the band. The drummer Turbo have changed to guitars and Nikko Knösch from Psykbryt will be the drummer. To broaden their views a bit the Toasting rapper Daddy Boastin,´that have worked with Latin Kings and Teddybears Sthlm are now in the band.

Vänd skiten ryggen, A Rant In Swedish

Inom populärmusikkretsar gnälls det att det finns så få tjejer på scen, det finns så få kvinnliga musiker. Bara pojkband. Inte minst i schlagersammanhang. Jo, man tackar. En bransch som så hänsynslöst vill suga ut pengar ur sin publik till vilket pris som helst, som lyfter fram dessa produkter som pojkband är, och med mediebolag som helt släppt tanken på på att verka för mångfald utan bara ser till tittarsiffror. För det viktigaste är att sälja kläderna som de bär, promota de som stylar dem. Hur skulle de ens vilja att förlora en enda krona på att promota och stödja kvinnliga artister när de tjänar mycket mer på att skrikande tonårstöser leds in i en hysterisk värld av shopping och idoldyrkan av dessa pojkbandsprodukter.

För det är så att Medievärlden helt tappat intresset för musik, konst och litteratur. Detta för att mediebolagens människor inte förstår värdet av utbytande av idévärldar eller intellektuellt utbyte. Därför gör man tävlingar, betting, mobbing och hångel Tv av allt. Så sluta lipa och lev som ni lär. ELLER så kan ni ju faktiskt vända allt det där patrasket och spektaklet ryggen och satsa på riktig musik av riktiga musiker och låtskrivare som gör musik med hjärtat, inte för tittarsiffrorna. Det finns så många genrer, duktiga musiker där ute. Stäng av TVn, gå till närmaste klubb, konserthus eller varhelst folk spelar. Och inse att det finns en kulturvärld som inte behöver Christer Björkman, TV4 eller Idol. Och där kan vi kämpa för att mer tjejer skall kunna ta plats och ta stegen upp på scenen. Inte fler Carolor och Pernillor i prime time dumskalle TV.

UK Subs and Topper pictures (Live in Stockholm 2014)

UK Subs

 UK Subs



Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Pete Seeger is Dead

American working class protest singer Pete Seeger have died at age 94

He was a great inspiration for artists like Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen and Dropkick Murphy´s.


UK Subs, TV Smith and Topper at Henriksberg a Live review

UK Subs, TV Smith, Topper
at Henriksberg in Gothenburg

I did travel hours to see UK Subs and Topper to support them. A trip I didn´t regret.

First of all, it was great to take a trip to another city. To be among new people. Not the same faces as always. That didn´t prevented that some old Stockholm faces showed up anyway.

Henriksberg was a new acquaintance to me. An old three stories building on top of one of many of Gothenburgs hills, which gave us a magnificent view over the Gothenburg harbor.
But I wasn´t there to look at the scenery outside the windows. We were there to see some classic punk rock. UK Subs and TV Smith were up for a night full of punk from the past. Topper, from Stockholm was there to support them.

I hitchhiked with Toppers van to Gothenburg, both to film them on tour as well to get to know them a bit better. The spirit was high, but you could tell that under the jolly surface they was focused to deliver a good gig, so they did, or even better, a great gig as the opening act. If the singer Joakim is focused at any gig he doubled that here, I would say. The timid, funny guy in the tour bus was gone, now there was a devil full of thoughts sung to us with a very focused band that was on their toes. Swedish living punk rock legend, Christer Blomgren of the Troublemakers helped them out on “Once a Punk”. Brilliant!

TV Smith
TV Smith of the classic band The Adverts was doing an acoustic set with both old and new material. I feared some nostalgia here, but had got it wrong. We got a rather warm, living performance, with lots of stage presence, way better than expected. But there IS a limitation in acoustic played punk and that is my objection. It was brilliant, it was soulful in many ways, but I missed the distorted guitars and a band to give the songs the push that would take it from good to great.

UK Subs
UK Subs entered the stage as absolute winners. From the first chord to the last it was a divine chariot of punk on the road of triumph. The crowd was there from the start. The moshpit wasn’t as violent as I´m used to in Stockholm (which was great), still it didn´t prevent a bunch of Turbojugend to start a fight in the end of the set. Over what? Don´t know. Well, nothing that lasted for long. On stage an incredibly skilled band gave life to the 35 year old songs. And Charlie Harper showed no signs of being 70. In fact it was so much better than expected. The sing a long during Warhead was the highlight of the night. BUT, we got robbed of “Party in Paris” that wasn´t played even if the whole crowed chanted it after the gig in an attempt to get another encore.

But you have to ask yourself, where were the biiiig crowd. I´m glad that I got to see them in a small club like this, but guys and girls! This is punk legends, they deserve more people and bigger stages.

A great night with great music and in great spirit, can´t be wrong. Well, worth the time and money spent on traveling  and hostel. The music, the people at the place the way UK Subs interacted with the people there was a night of great punk spirit.

On Tuesday I will go out to one of the infamous southern Stockholm suburbs for an encore.
And will there be some “Party in Paris”.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

SMASH IT UP - New Vinyl EP

Gothenburg based band Smash It Up will release new in the end of March.

Before that, you can see them live at Tucken (Stockholm) March 8.


Monday, January 20, 2014

1,2, Fuck You Punk Revue Selection - Topper (and guests) and The Wall of Clash

Busy days....A little more than a week ago I was sitting on my ass, sipping my coffee and tried to find out what to do next in the Simpsons Tapped .Out app When I got this call from Jocke H, singer of Topper. I thought it was about me following them to Gothenburg for my punk documentary when they going to support UK Subs and TV Smith. But it wasn´t. He asked me if I wanted to come on down to the Brother Tuck restaurant/Pub for a chat. This led to this and that led to that. All of a sudden I was in the middle of a new punk stage being born. To make it short. Im in the middle of it, helping the lads of "Tucken" out, to get started. Actually I was asked to work with it, for real money. But No, that is not what I want. I want my punk concerts to be my spare time, not my work. But that seems like bloody harder.

But the dream scenario is that I can pick and choose my Swedish favorite bands to come and play. Or at least that is the scenario. and more, this blog will not just be a passive onlooker, but also as a promoter and organizer....well time will tell what will come out of it.

First out of the 1,2, FYPR selection will be Topper (and guests) and The Wall of Clash. Februari 1st.
Hope to see you there, But first we have some UK Subs gig to attent to, don´t we?

Photos from Punk Mot Rasism at Kafé 44


Projekt 9


Friday, January 17, 2014

Lyckliga Idioterna - Kärringjävel!

Lyckliga Idioterna - Kärringjävel! (Swe)

Swedish magazine Close Up dubbed the16 year old girls from the Town of Helsingborg
the best new band in 2013


Punk Mot Rasism (Punk Against Rasism) Live Review

Where? at Kafe 44 Stockholm

When Jan 14 2014

Who? Psykbryt, Ligisterna and Project 9


In a way Punk needs its enemies. In the seventies the dinosaur arena rockers were the main offenders in the Sex Pistols aim. Then Maggie Thatcher,Ronald Reagan, far right where the real enemies in the eighties, something to write angry lyrics about. Then I think Punk became cute and adopted itself to mass market consumption. And with that, became dull.

Lately Sweden have been under the pressure of a right wing government. With that, new Swedish punk got vitalized. Even worse is that a racist party gotten into the Swedish parliament. Time´s up for nonsense lyrics, now it is for real.

Lately what´s left of the Swedish Nazi movement been trying to gain some attention by attacking peaceful antiracist manifistations,spray swastikas on Mosques and Kafé 44. The Nazi attack in the Stockholm suburb of Kärrtorp in December resulted in a manifestation against racism with 16 000 participants. Not 16 000 showed up at the punk place Kafé 44, but enough to fill up the place. Punk needs its enemies.

If the purpose was to scare the punks at 44an with nazi graffiti they were wrong. But some lads in the band Psykbryt thought it was a good idea to have a concert to collect money for the removal of the graffiti. The Lads of the band did call some pals in other bands and, viola, we got us a mini punk festival.

As was said from the stage by invited speaker Nathan Hemelberg, if you attack Kafé 44, you attack the heart of Swedish punk itself.  And from it came really good music.

First out was the organizers band, Psykbryt, and believe me, punk need its enemies, because I have never seen them play better. Very focused, good sound and a perfect gig that engaged me as well as the crowd. Some very young, 11 or 12 years old I guess.  Angry and tight, but not without joy in it. The band have really developed a lot the last year. Especially singer Linus voice and how he use it.
A brilliant start on a brilliant night.

Next out was the invited speaker that was choosing not to be ranting about how ghastly the confused Nazis were, but how strong we are with our punk that hold us together.

Ligisterna did continue its mayhem from the week before. What they have developed is their deconstruction of rock music. Bass player Cabbes playing style is unique, sometimes he didn´t touch the strings at all but hammered the wooden body of the Fender bass to make it boom out its message, this Tuesday was no exception.  What once ware angry songs about how unfair everything is, have in later time developed to therapy sessions for a bunch of thugs at large, (Ligisterna means the Thugs in Swedish), like their 78 style tunes are excuses to go into uncontrolled yelling more than singing. It was far from the safe world of bubble gum commercial skate punk that been on the top list the last 20 years. This was the unpredictable grey zone between real agony and entertainment.  Enemies or not, Ligisterna delivered their message in their own way.

Project 9

Project 9 is a very interesting band on the rise. In my point of view they´re gone from clarity to clarity. It was logical that they closed this manifestation. The lads are skinheads, but not any far right blonde boneheads ranting Viking drivel. Here it was an Asian, a Gypsy, a Black, a Russian and a Jew onstage, deconstructing the Swedish media cliché of skinheads.  They delivered melodic and hard Oi!/Street Punk. Three chords, a ranting singer that is all over the place as he should and Oi! choruses in numbers. Like the other two band this night, they had very catchy tunes that sticks.

I sum the night with a smile. Been supporting removal of Nazi graffiti, been listening to three good bands and been chairing it with a lot of punks from a numerous generations. Not bad at all. Punk needs its enemies. 

Monday, January 13, 2014

Booze&Glory - Only Fools Get Caught

Booze & Glory - Only Fools Get Caught (UK)
From the Album "As Bold As Brass" (2014)


Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The New Order Punk Order at Brother Tuck...

Stockholm, Södermalm

The Brother Tuck restaurant have finally thrown out Club Dislocated, that dragged the BTs name in the dirt. New clubs are to roam in the basement of Brother Tuck.

New equipment, backline, PA, amps and drums (you name it) are installed. So instead of Club Dislocated Pay n Play, it will be Plug n Play. And a better deal for the bands playing.

Hopefully it could be a start for something good.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Ligisterna, Låt dom hata oss, Nya given, Live at Antisocial, review

Antisocial #8
Ligisterna, Låt dom hata oss
and Nya Given

Klubb Antisocial have moved from Skål in the outskirts of Södermalm to Liffy basement in Old Town, where the metal club Pussy a GoGo resides. And there are no question that Metal is what normally is going on there. The big black and white, metal style, wall paintings is obvious in the old 17th century stone cellar, kind of cool in its kitch. But the sound in that basement is far from good. The sound bounce on the naked walls and everything just sounds loud and not good. But that is no exception to all the other cellar clubs of Stockholm.

As someone point out. The narrow, intimate feeling of Klubb Antisocial got a bit lost in that cellar. Skål wasn´t a good place but the bar itself forced people together in a way. On the other side, this place takes more people so the club can grow. And I can´t see any reason why they shouldn´t do so,   

The people
From being more of a pure Oi! club with its skinhead followings, Antisocial have broaden its view a bit. Fridays night was a proof of that with a Streetpunk/Oi! band, a Hardcore band and an Old School Punk band.  The crowd was reflected by the band genres. Spirit of 69. skinhead girls, mohawks, hard core studded jackets as well as the more casual sloppy Ebba Grön style.

The Bands

Nya Given (the new deal)

First out was the band from the city of Norrköping, Nya Given . A streetpunk and skinhead ranting kind of band. Good songs but the band seems like they would burst out in a stream of apologies for existing.
-OK, that´s the way you might do it in Östergötland, but now you are in Stockholm, so please, gain some selfconfidence, it will help. Possible is it scary to play in the capital of Sweden for some or something, I´ve seen this before, by the same guys in a different band. But they shouldn´t worry too much, the crowd gave the band a good reception. So I could see no reason why they should be asking for any permission to perform. The singer got a real good punk voice with great timing in the rhythmic ranting. For a moment I wondered if I should call the cops, someone stole the bands energy. Not bad, but could been better with some attitude.

Låt  dom hata oss (Let them hate Us)
The hardcore band Låt them hata oss had all the energy and attitude that I missed with the first band. They didn´t had as good songs as the first band but a really entertaining show was performed. It was wild and frenetic and with a nice arrogant attitude from the singer telling us, old fart to go to hell. He didn´t care whatever band we saw back then. Brilliant!

Ligisterna (The Thugs)
Just before Christmas I saw Ligisterna put on a wild and wreckless show. This wasn´t as spaced out a that, but not far from it. Anger, testosterone and a shit load of energy. Old songs, new songs in a turmoil. Singer Bojan all over the stage as well as bass player Cabbe. A lot of humor and jokes in between the songs. Ligisterna plays in a tradition of classic Swedish punkband Ebba Grön.
Even if it´s hard to compare bands from different ages, Ligisterna gave me the same feeling that Ebba Grön gave me back in the days. Something that would make the Låt dom hata oss singer to tell me go F…………………, well you get it.  The bad sound is taking down the experience a bit, but you couln´t blame the guys onstage for it, they were in it for real.

The crowd did go sing along to all the bands and there was a great feeling of belonging about it all. I felt sorry for the ones that sat at home felt sorry for themselves, when they could been at Liffys basement listening to great music. Both live and played on record by the DJ, chatting with music underground of Stockholm. I payed 100 SEK for the bands 35 SEK for beer in a bottle.  That can´t be wrong.