Thursday, May 31, 2012

Hot summer could wipe out Goth population experts warn

read the full story here

The pale skinned Goth population might be under the threat of extinction  during the warm summer. 

Experts warn that the warm and sunny weather isn´t all
joy and fun in the sun. To some its an threat.

1,2,fupr will here like to point out that the Swedish island Gotland (in English, Gothland) could be a sancuary for the last of the Goth. 

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Kärlek och Revolt (festival)

Friday June 8  
6pm - 3am


Svensk Punk
Charta 77
Christen Trubadur

at Lorient
Drottninggatan 18, Linköping, Sweden

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Skandalites - Debute CD released

The Swedish Ska band Skandalites released their record Debute.
Skandalites do covers from bands Like Entombed, Kraftwerk etc, as
Danceable Ska.

Monday, May 28, 2012

P 90 (P94) the Noise of Punk


Pete Townsend with P90 soapbars on a Strat.

Click on the pict to read more.

Gibson Les Paul Gold Top with p90 soapbars.
Mike Ness of Social Distortion set up.

Mike Ness

P94 that fits in the Humbucker slot
I guess that most people agree on the fact that Les Paul is the Punk Rock Guitar No1. The Sex Pistols, theClash, the Damned, Social Distortion blah blah blah all played Les Pauls. Some played/play SG, like Ebba Grön, Asta Kask and Rancid. Either it is Gibson or Epiphones the handle it all about that Les Paul and SG sound. But not all of them had that crispy, crunchy sound. Like the way Social Distortion have. It not in the guitar itself it is in. It is in the pick ups. P90 was the fifties Les Paul pick up. A noisy and crunchy pick up that was replaced by the more silent Humbuckers.

If you listen to guitar heroes like Pete Townsend in the Who, especially in the ...We don´t be fooled again song, you hear that special crunch. The extra power that shoots out of the guitar because the pick ups. Neil Youngs uber noisy distortion is also the works of the P90ies. Mike Ness of Social Distortion is another P90 guy. How ever to make it easier to fit in the standard slot where the Humbuckers are placed, Gibson designed the P94 pick up, a P90 for the Humbucker slots. There are other manufacturer of the P90/P94´s, Swedish  Lundgren Revolver  is an exellent pick up with the same sound.

To play with those pick ups is both a powerful experience and annoying, because the noise in it self is a helluva job to handle. But it is so punk rock it hurts.

John Lydon Goes Ape - I wish Tv was more like this

John "Attenborough" Lydon takes on
the African djungle Rotten style.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Argy Bargy - Lights Over London

Argy Bargy - Lights Over London
From the album The Likes Of Us (2007)

Full, Fet Och Fattig (Drunk, Fat and Poor)

My Ful-Punk project Kasta Katt are now in the process recording the single Full, Fet och Fattig / Att Vara En Vara. 
Lyrics in Swedish. 
Produced by myself meglomaniac enough.

DIY or Die!

Friday, May 25, 2012

New bands added to the West Coast Riot!

New bands added to the West Coast Riot!

Wolves Like Us
Gatans Lag

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Punk in Comix - Peter Pank

Many Swedes ghasps out a nostalgic Ah! when you mention Peter Pank. During the 80 and the adult comic wave Peter Pank was as pupular as many other of the French, Belgian, Italian and Spanish comics published in Comic books like POX, EPIX, Pulserande Metal and Tung Metal.

Peter Pank and Tinkerbelle

Behind the artist name Max hides Gisbert Francesco Capdevila from Barcelona, a Spanish comic artist that during the 1980ies made the comic Peter Pank. A Peter Pan parody in a punk setting. Originally published in the Spanish alternative comic magazine el Vibora. In Sweden it was published in the monthly adult comic book POX. 

 The style it was drawn in was in the tradition of European adventurous comics like Spirou etc. But with punky, anarchist, sexual and violent content. The characters from the Classic Peter Pan story was made into Punks, Teddyboys, Hippies and Punkette sluts and Dominatrix. The Captain Hook character was the leader for the Teddyboys, refers to the hostility between the Punks and the Teds here and there all over Europe at the early stages of Punk. 

For an old punk like me it still stand out as a good comic. It´s funny, stylish, disturbing and tear down the silliness of the original Peter Pan, especially the Disney Version.

Between 84-90 Max Published 3 albums in Spanish, Peter Pank (84), El Licantropunk(87), Pankdinista! (90).

On Your Mixed Tape 18 - The Distillers

The Distillers - Young And Crazy Peeling

From the album Sing Sing Death House

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Bad Assets - Wasted Generation

Oi! from Detroit (US),
Bad Assets - Wasted Generation

From their Debute Album The Spirit of Detroit

Order CD here

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Punk Cooperative, A New Swedish Punk Festival

New Swedish Punk Festival

July 20-22 

(South Sweden)

Line up so far

Civil Olydnad
Strindberg som Tortyr
En Svensk Tiger
Bernts sockervadd
Återfall 666
Soviet Toilet
South City Locos
Porno Dvaerg (DK)

Millencolin FREE streaming!

Listen to Millencolin´s new record free

The Record will be released May 28 2012

On Your Mixed Tape 17 - Babyshambles

Babyshambles & Friends - Janie Jones

Ex Libertine, Pete Doherty´s chaotic band Babyshambles
takes on the Clash classic song Janie Jones.
The song is produced by the man who wrote it Mick Jones, Guitarist in the Clash who also plays the guitar and apears in the video.
In the video as well is the Lady who the song is about, the Madam Janie Jones who
was accused in a bordello harness who inspired Jones to write the song as well.

Monday, May 21, 2012

On Your Mixed Tape 16 - The Clash

The Clash - White Man In Hammersmiths Palais
(Single 1978)

Not only was this my first Punk Single bought in England in 1978.
It was and still is The Clash best song.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

That´s why we wont see the original Black Sabbath play.

Read Bill Ward´s letter to the fans

First it sounded fantastic, The pre 1978 Black Sabbath line up was to tour and Play.
Tony Iommi, Ozzy Osbourne, Bill Ward and Geezer Buttler.
Stockholm Stadion was on the tour dates. Then there was this bad vibe about it.
Bill Ward, Sabbaths original drummer with his significative Jazzy hard hitting drumstyle wasn´t in the deal.
In the press we could read that he wasnt given a propper contract he could agree on.
The time went and I didn´t buy a ticket for the show. Which was a good choise.
The original Black Sabbath concert was now a Ozzy and Friends spectacle.

In Europe Ozzy replace the Sabbaths. Ha, What a joke. Kids pop metal music instead of
the real thing.

I guess they have a bit harder to sell the tickets. Because the ad is in the paper everyday here now. So it can´t be sold out.

OK, we should make it clear. Either Bill or Ozzy is of any helth to mention nowdays.
I guess they are all physical wrecks. But, what the hell. Let the man play.

Now the  old Bill have written a open letter to the fans to set the story straight.

Read Bill Ward´s letter to the fans 

Friday, May 18, 2012

Butt Ugly Sex Pistols Figures

I don´t know what to make out of this? But I note that it is made.

I guess the the butt ugly figures are in line with what was made in an irony on the cover on the record "Some products, carri on Sex Pistols".

Will I buy them....Do I look like an Idiot?

Activism, Activist Art - Rebuilding The Culture House Cyklopen

The time for talking is over, now I will grab a hammer and start building. The spontainiously buildt culture house/getalong space "Cyklopen" that was burned down by an annonymous limpdick a few years ago, will now be rebuildt. During the summer of 2Oi2, punks, artists, builders, activists will gather together in order to rebuild the house. I will be glad that Im both as an artist and as a punk will be able to contribute to such a good initiative, far away from commercial interessts.

But its even better than that. YOU, can be an builder as well. Sign up on facebook and become an activist for the free speach and free culture.

It is symbolic that it will be buildt in the area of Högdalen/Rågsved, where once saw the birth of the Swedish punk scene in 1977. At Rågsveds "Oasen", "The CBGBs" of Sweden, Ebba Grön started their success.

Ill keep you updated.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Sensitives - Debute album Out Now

Debute album from the Sensitives
Swedish Folk Punk.

On Your Mixed Tape 15 - Troublemakers

Troublemakers - Dom Ljuger (They´re Lying)

Swedish official Euro 2012 song is CRAP!

I now make it official. The Official Swedish Euro 2012, pop punk song "Vi mot världen" (We Against The World) is a barrel full of shite. The Pop punk band from the town of Skövde was commisioned to rise the tempurature for the upcomming games in summers Euro 2012 soccer tournament. Through the years most of those attempts been rather embarrasing. This song isn´t any different except that those guys call them self a Pop Punk band, haha, what a joke!
Corporate Pop is a more suitable label. That MTV have dubbed them the best Swedish act a few times just proves my point.

Skövde is town in the rural part of south west in Sweden. The Town have brought up Working class punk band Vänsternäven and Tim Sköld, former member in bands like Marilyn Manson and KMFDM,

Fredrik Rövfeldt en Dum-Moderat mitt i livet.

This is about Swedish politics, therefor it´s in Swedish....sorry.

Detta har hänt. Sossar anklagar Regeringen Rövfeldt för inkompetens vad det gäller att få bukt med MASSARBETSLÖSHETEN. Stora delar av det Svenska folket går ekonomisk på knäna. Förnedringskassan, Arbetsförnedringen är en evig visa då de inte kan sitt jobb. Då slickar Dum-Moderaten Fredrik, som om han nyss verkar kliven ur Tv Serien "Solsidan", gåslevern ur ansiktet och fulyttrar att bland "ETNISKA" Svenskar, DVS rasrena Kalles kaviarätare, inte finns någon massarbetslöshet. Tro fan det!

Idioten Röhvfeldt verkar helt sakna sund analytisk förmåga. Tro fan att de vita medelålders männen inte är arbetslösa. Svågerpolitik, Bruhderbund, Rotary och allmän grannsamverkan ser ju till att även den mest inkompetenta dumskallen får det jobbet som en mer meriterad mörkhyad kvinna kunde sköta bättre. Vet inte vilket som är värst, hans öppet rasistiska uttalande, hans övfre vita medelklass bubbla, avsaknaden av ananlys eller att han är Dum-Moderat i allmänhet.   


Dropkick Murphy´s laugh at stupid Republican

Taken from Dropkick Murphy´s facebook.

"We just got word that Wisconsin State Rep and Speaker of the State Assembly Jeff Fitzgerald used "Shipping Up To Boston" as his walk-on song yesterday at the Wisconsin GOP Convention in Green Bay.

The stupidity and irony of this is laughable. A Wisconsin Republican U.S. Senate candidate - and crony of anti-Union Governor Scott Walker - using a Dropkick Murphys song as an intro is like a white supremacist coming out to gangsta rap!

Fitzgerald: if you and your staff can't even figure out your music you might wanna give up on the politics!!!!!

We stand beside our Union and Labor brothers and sisters and their families in Wisconsin and all over the U.S!


You know how Nelson Muntz should wrap this one up.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Ex-Sex Pistols manager, still a hot topic

Malcolm McLaren still is a main topic.

Malcolm Mc Laren and Vivienne Westwood in 1977

BBC doku on Punk...Louder Than War

Louder Than War
BBC makes a new Tv Series on the punk subject.
Johnny Rotten, Siouxie Sioux, Mick Jones, John Cooper Clarke, 
Buzzcocks and Dr Feelgood is said to be in it

Just a pict from the time to illustrate it

Monday, May 14, 2012

Murdering Murders at Broder Tuck 2012

Murdering Murders Live at Broder Tuck may 2012

Manu Chao - Minha Galera

Manu Chao - Mihna Galera

French artist of Spanish heritage, Manu Chao,  mix the worlds language
in his own mix of reggae, ska, rock , punk, pop, salsa whatever...
Here sung in Portugese.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

On Your Mixed Tape 14 - Ebba Grön

Ebba Grön - We´re Only In It For The Drugs pt 1

Taken fron Swedish punk pioneers Ebba Gröns debute album
We´re Only In It Fot The Drugs 1979.

After a few series of singles the album was most welcome and
came to be loved, and still are, by generations of Swedes.

Handgranat at Broder Tuck May 2Oi1

Handgranat at Broder Tuck 6/5-12

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Happy Birthday Birdnest Records

Swedish punk label Birdnest Records celebrate 30 years.
party tonight at the town of Köping.

On stage tonight Strebers, Big Fish, Dia Psalma, Charta 77, Finkel Rokkers, Johan Johansson, Dennis & Dom Blå Apelsinerna and more

D I Y Coffins

As a DIY punk you shouldn´t fall for expensive coffins.
There are better ways to R.I.P.  ....

Thanx to FilmGal for the link

Friday, May 11, 2012

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Mmm .. Kiss. Metro testar rockvinerna – Metro

Mmm .. Kiss. Metro testar rockvinerna – Metro

Metro (Swedish edition) try out the Rock n Roll wines. Or at least the wines named after Rock Bands.
Pink Floyd, Motörhead, Rolling Stones, Kiss and Kent all got their own wine.
Propably not the wine of their choise, but still licenced as their brand wine. Why did some comedian licence Pink  Floyd´s to a pink rosé, haha if I tickle myself under the arm I might laught.

First of all, why? Then, why did Motörhead sell their logo to a wine and not a beer or a whiskey. Why did some comedian licence Pink  Floyd´s to a pink rosé, haha, if I tickle myself under the arm I might laught. Is the next new thing to license LSD with Pink Floyd logo, Motörhead Speed, Keith Richard licensed Heroin?
The test panel contained the drummer from Crucify Barbara a Radio Dj and a wine expert.

Which one was the best wine? Kent got the best rating. Motörhead the worst.

Kiss in Swedish means Piss. So they drink kiss (piss) in Swedish. I tickle myself under the arm
in an attempt to laugh.

BTW, Motörhead got a vodka as well.

CBGBs rock festival

The first punk club, CBGB & omfug, which been the birthblace for the American punk scene in 1975 with bands like The Ramones, Blondie, Patti Smith Group etc will become a music festival.

Since the death of the founder Hilly Kristal in Lung Cancer in 2007, Fashion designer John Varvatos run the place for a while, mostly as a clothing store with the interior intact. But CBGBs was i reallity shut down in 2006 because a rent dispute.

However, a place that seen the birth of genres as punk roch, hard core etc is such a strong brand that it is now going to be used for a rock festival held around in New York City, at places as Central park, Lower East Side and Williamsburg. It is said to be a way to support live music, not to be about nostalgia.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Punky Reggae Party

When Punk and Reggae was married in the seventies it might sounded like this.
Punky Reggae Party makes a new effort to revitalize it.

The Selecter - On My Radio

This week at Strand, Stockholm.
A classic 1979 ska band.

On Your Mixed Tape 13 - Rezillos

Rezillos -  Somebody´s Gotta Get Their Head Kicked In Tonight

Rezillos 1978 cover on Fleetwood Mac 1969 B-side.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Is there a life after Hell? Turbonegro recording again

Is there a life after Hell? 

In Norwegan as well as in Swedish "helvete" is a word for Hell. 

Hank von Helvete means Hank from Hell. And  that was the stage name for 
Hans-Erik Dyvik Husby. Singer and figure head of the band Turbonegro.

Since his departure 
from the cult band Turbonegro it has been pretty qiuet from 

the Norwegan band. Hank von Helvete went into rehab
getting rid of his heroin addiction and then went to Sweden to
act in the film Cornelis about the Swedish-Dutch singer songwriter
Cornelis Wreswijk.

Now Turbonegro release date set to june 13 2012
at least for the digital release, the CD release is said to be in August.

A single is already avalible for listening.
Turbonegro - You Give Me Worms 

My question is, will there be a life after von Helvete?
Of coure there are, I don´t think the Turbojugend will give up in a hurry.
And the band will write new material, but will the magic of  a unpredictable
 von Helvete still be there.
Or will the band be lost in their search for their new identity?
Im not jealous on the ones that will stir that ship to the harbour,
not to mention the guy that will be the next singer.
June 13 will be a first test on that. 

A classic from back in the days 

Turbonegro - You Give Me Worms

Listen to Turbonegros first single after Hank von Helvetes departure.

Street Art Utopia

Street Art Utopia

Michael row your boat ashore - The Pain

The (nowdays) Welsh Band the Pain in the studio during the recording of "songs of the soil"

The Answers on the punk quiz

Quiz and anxwers created by Adam Rebelius from Chicago

The Answers on the quiz.

 1. CBGB and OMFUG: Country, Blue Grass, Blues, and Other Music for Uplifting Gormandizers. Thanks to Baby Bongo for correcting my typo w/his answer (And no, I don't know what a "Gormandizer" is either)

 2. "Carbona, Not Glue" appears on the first pressing of The Ramones "Leave Home" album. It was pulled off future pressings because the company that makes Carbona didn't like the song, and threatened to sue. Depending on what part of the world you lived in, the song was either replaced by "Sheena is a Punk Rocker", "Baby Sitter", or it was just left blank. ("Baby Sitter" was the b-side to a 45, but I can't remember what the a-side was. I used to have that single over 30 years ago til it got stolen)

 3. The song, "Submission" was originally left off the British pressing of Never Mind the Bollocks when it was first released. Fun fact: On the VERY FIRST pressing, the song is NOT LISTED on the back cover! There was a sticker on the shrink wrap that said, "Also contains the song, "Submission" Later pressings would have the song listed on the back cover.

 4. Chines Rock was originally a RAMONES song that Johnny Thunders and The Heartbreakers used to cover. The Ramones never got paid for the song, and sued. The Ramones version eventually was released in 1980 on "The End Of the Century" album.

 5. When DAMNEDX3 came out, the band Eddie And The Hot Rods originally appeared on the back cover. The original version is a highly sought after collector's item.

 6. Nick Mason from Pink Floyd produced The Damned's "Music for Pleasure" album for some odd reason. (Don't ask me why. I don't know either)

 7. Lenny Kaye, guitar player for The Patti Smith Group wrote the original liner notes for the two record 60s garage compilation, "Nuggets". Here is a direct quote from the liner notes: ....."most of these groups (And by and large, this was an era dominated by groups) were young, decidedly unprofessional, seemingly more at home practicing for a teen dance than going out on national tour. The name that has been unofficially coined for them-"PUNK ROCK"-seems particularly fitting in this case, for if nothing else they exemplified the berserk pleasure that comes with being on-stage outrageous, the relentless middle-finger drive and determination offered only by rock and roll at it's finest" (Emphases mine) Remember folks, these liner notes were written in 1972! ANSWER TO BONUS QUESTION: Lenny Kaye, for a brief period of time was the editor of "Rock Scene" magazine. a teeny-bopper music magazine that combined the style and lay out of such magazines as "Tiger Beat" and "16" but featured bands that would usually appear in CREEM. In "Rock Scene" it was NOT unusual to see an article about The Partridge Family next to a pictorial of The New York Dolls playing a concert at The Mercer Arts Center. They would NEVER have done that in "16" or "Tiger Beat".

 8. The VERY FIRST record by Patti Smith was a two song, 7 inch 45. The songs were "Piss Factory" B/W "Hey, Joe" This record was released in 1974, a year before the album "Horses" would be released. ANSWER TO BONUS QUESTION: Tom Verlaine is playing the lead guitar solo at the end of "Hey, Joe". The band that he would be famous for starting would be "Television". ANSWER TO EXTRA BONUS QUESTION: THe original record label was a local record label called "Mir" records. ("Mir" is Russian for peace) As stated before, the record was briefly re-issued on Sire in 1978.

 9. The famous actor/comedian who sat in on drums w/The Dead Boys at CBGBs during the two day benefit for Johnny Blitz was JOHN BELUSHI. ANSWER TO BONUS QUESTION: before his untimely death, John Belushi used whatever influence he still had at the time to get FEAR booked on Saturday Night Live. After that show, Lorne Michaels and the people at Standards and Practices at 30 Rock/NBC studios severed ALL ties w/John Belushi, and it would be at least ten years before Saturday Night Live ever took a chance with ever having any punk rock band on the show ever again. (Of course, Rancid, Green Day, Sonic Youth, and Nirvana have all appeared on the show at least once since 1992) ANSWER TO EXTRA BONUS QUESTION: Ian MacKay, of Minor Threat, was one of the slam dancers in the pit during Fear's two sets.

10. The very first time (And I think only time. I might be wrong) The Dickies appeared on American television was when they were just starting out in 1978, on a short lived sitcom called, "C.P.O. Sharky" which was mainly a vehicle for the comic stylings of Don Rickles. I can't remember what song they performed, though. This would've been about the time the "Hideous" E.P. was released.

 So that's the quiz. How did you do?

 0-3: You think "Punk Rock" is an incense holder made out of stone, but you think those Misfit Skull shirts look pretty cool. You might think Green Day is from Green Bay, but you have a keen interest in punk rock, and took a chance and took the test. You have a lot to learn, but you should be proud of yourself of making an effort and at least getting one question right.

 4-6: You heard "Blitzkrieg Bop" in a beer commercial, and "Lust for Life" in a cruise line commercial, and you know you like what you heard and want to learn more. The bad news is you thin St. Mark's Place is a park across the street from a Catholic church. But don't give up hope. You have a love for the music, and are eager to learn more, so start finding out who the local punk bands are in your area, and support them!

 7-10: Either you're the person who supplied the nails, hammer and lumber to the people who built the stage at CBGBs or you worked briefly or you worked at BLEEKER BOB'S GOLDEN OLDIES record store when it was still located at the corner of W. 8th St. and MacDougal in The West Village. (Or you're just a smart cookie and know your old school punk inside and out) You're so smart, maybe YOU should come up with the next trivia quiz!

 I hope people had as much fun taking the quiz as I had putting it together. And don't feel bad i you didn't know all or even any of the answers. As i said before this was just for fun. I'll try to make the next one a bit easier, but I make no promises. Thanks for participating. :-)

Monday, May 7, 2012

Attila The Stockbroker - Willie Whitelaw's Willie

An Oi! classic from the early 80ies.

Johan Johansson + Wilco Johnson???

The biggest news today is a Facebook comment by Swedish punk legend Johan Johansson of KSMB*, that he is working with Wilko Johnson of Dr Feelgood**. Wow I wonder what would come out of that?

* KSMB was one of Swedens first punk bands, after Ebba Grön they are ranked as the second best.
KSMB was active 1977-82, Despite that Johan Johanson was one of the youngest member and drummer he wrote most of the bands now classic songs. After KSMB he formed bands like Strindbergs and John Lenin. Today he is solo artist with an acustic guitar.

** Wilco Johnson was the legendary guitarplayer of Dr Feelgood between 1971-1977, The Bands maybe most classic lineup. Known for his own guitarstyle. See what he was/is like here

Link at Broder Tuck 6/5-12

Link, Ligisterna, Murdering Murders and Handgranat at Broder Tuck review 6/5-12

There will be pictures later....

The Place
Broder Tuck I described at Ligisternas and the Dräperz review in earlier this year. It isn´t the best of places to see bands at. But at least I can see them, so I don´t whine to much about it.

The Crowd
It was a pretty fair crowd a Sunday night at the narrow basement of Broder Tuck. Sunday isn´t directly t the ball of a week. So I am surprised that, in the end, so many showed up. The concert room at Broder Tuck is in my mind pretty close to a disaster from my crowd point of view. The sound is usual quite bad. But tonight at least Link showed it is possible to get it to sounds good.
The place in itself doesn´t invite to mosh pitting but that isn´t high on the Stockholm crowds toplist.   

Handgranat was a new experience for me. And they set the pace for the night. It´s fast, it´s hard and it´s funny. The sound is good and the energy level is high. After a few bars the feeling of Sunday is long gone, now it´s all about survival. The singer have a deep throat voice that fit perfect with the rest of the band. The drummer gives a certain dynamic to the fast tunes that with a less skilled drummer should be suffering a bit.

Murdering Murders
Murdering Murders singer doesn’t have the same deep growling roar as handgranat´s voice handler. But he have a desperation from the inside that he pour on us as a bitter salt. It´s both funny and bitter in the same sentence. Between the songs there are monologs to set us in the right mood. And they show us how shitty the everyday life can be, how narrow minded and petty the Bougoise society can be. Early in the set they have gear trouble, that Ligisterna later will develop into an art form. So in the beginning of the set they sound not as heavy as Handgranat. But though the set they manage to get it right.

Ligisterna starts off with a few disasters. First guitar trouble, then microphone troubles, microphone trouble. After the first song there was more guitar trouble. So they was a bit stressed by it and that affected the whole set. To make it worse for them, the crowd teased them that they play to slow, which the band answer with humor. -We will play ever slower soon, they reply. One of the strenght of Ligisterna is their bitter  humor. After two fast as hell bands it wasn´t an easy task to slow it down, to be more traditional punk. But here, Ligisterna should take the credit. Their songs are so good that they have no trouble to make an impact on both me and the crowd, especially on one skinhead that spontaneously moves to the music. The set doesn´t have the same amount of energy that I´ve been used to get from them, and I guess they them self think of it as a skitspelning (crappy gig). Ligisternas humor saves them together with their incredibly strong tunes. I mean, a band havn´t been tested until a disaster gig like this or in front of a hostile crowd is done, and I think they crawl out of it with a honor. In the end of SAAB I can´t help myself and I got a tear in the corner of my eye. That song is the pure essence of what is happening in the western world today.

The Belgian band Link ends the venue and my nine gig weekend. And what a lession in professionalism that was. Listen and Learn! The sound was as close to perfect as you can get. The Growling roars that was the singing was the roar of hell. They were as heavy as the other bands together. And Yet, so musically and sonically sophisticated. This was the best gig of this week ends all nine gigs I´ve seen. The guys seems humble on the verge to annihilation. Don´t worry we are here to see you, I found myself thinking. Some of the audience have waited a long time to see them. I think I was blessed that I was there and the number of people that I think should be sad about missing this is quite a few. They really missed something.
I can´t help thinking that this band should be on a much larger stage. On an stadium I think it should be more fitting, in front of thousands of fans. The sound and songs gives me images of them at a big stage. If their intention was to drag me to hell to show what it is like? They really got me to like it.

OK, you read me whine about the “stand like statues” crowd culture of Stockholm. So this time I wind up some skins and punks for some mosh pitting in front. And I was great. I think Link deserved it.

Was it worth the 60Skr in attendance fee. Link in itself was worth the double so you can make up your own conclusion from it. Deaf and happy!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

On Your Mixed Tape 12 - Union Carbide Production

Union Carbide Production - Ring My Bell

Someone wrote on You tube that you can divide the humanity into two categories,
those who knew how hard rocking the Swedish band Union Carbide Production was,
and those who isn´t aware. 

Which category do you fit into? Definatly it should b. on you Mixed Tape,

On Your Mixed Tape 11 - Dr Feelgood

Dr Feelgood - She Does It Right 

Before Punk broke in the UK the Pub Rock circuit was the hot shit.

No band was cooler than Dr Feelgood, and if you
start talking to a 50+ about Dr Feelgood its possible that
that person don´t stop tell you how great they were.

I agree. Wilco Johnson guitar playing was really one of its own.

Ligisterna at May U Skate? in Rålis 5/5 -12

Live at a skate event in Rålis Stockholm.

Review, The Nomads and Royal Baths at Strand 4/5-12

If you say garage punk the first and only name that springs to my mind is The Nomads. I think they are the #1 garage band.

The Nomads was, is and and will be the Pride of the northern Stockholm suburb Solna. Solna is a city of its own the locals say,
-Yeah right, we reply.

Besides The Nomads Solna is most notable for Football hooligans that hang around the football club AIK and corruption.

So they need their Pride to be at their best.

The Nomads have just released a new record called Solna. And I think with the cover they manage to be spot on the Zeitgeist there. And the record is probably their best ever. It´s too early to tell yet.

The Place 

At Strand, down at Hornstullstrand, not far away from Skål they put up a few restaurants and bars. Strand is working hard to become as hip and creadable as they could to attract the people of Södermalm. It´s a bit off from the main streaks so they have to have good acts and club to make us drag our sorry asses down there. I know, for a short while I tried to run a club there. And if the band fails to attract the crowd, the club fails. There for are Quality act important to them. And The Nomads are such an act. The stage and the place itself is one of the bigger in Stockholm. Compared to Broder Tuck it seems huge. Tonight every Nomad have come to see the Nomads. So its well crowded. 

The Crowd
Most of them to see the Nomads so they hardly give a fuck about the support act, Royal Baths, which is a bit pity. Not all though, some of us really appreciated the odd American band. I pointed out the fact before about the Stockholm crowd, If you get them to move an eyelash you really succeeded. Even when the Nomads play at their best people hardly even nod their heads. It´s a fucking parody on my claim. But Nomads are experienced enough to not getting disturbed by it.

Royal Baths

The Support act. Royal Baths

If you take a bit of Early, Syd Barrett, Pink Floyd, a spoon of Velvet Underground and a lot of Jesus and the Mary Chain, Mix it in a blender you will have Royal Baths. This isn´t said in a bad way, oh no. I think this four young lads take on their legacy with a pride. It´s nothing wrong with their effort, well one thing bothers me a bit. The songs are pretty much the same tempo so there isn´t as much dynamic in the set as it could be. But the trouble the band face is that everybody is waiting for the Nomads.

The Nomads

The Nomads

They start off with their new and smashing good single Far Away and I realize I wasn´t ready for it. Oh, please do it again, I wasn´t there when it happened. Then the Nomads move on, new and old in a good mix. Unlike other bands, I don´t wanna hit the bar or go to the gents when they play the new songs. Actually I think they are better most of the old ones. The problem I have with their set and always had, is that the songs tend to sound a bit too similar. It is the same three chord blues bar rock n roll over and over again. When it is at its best they could be on a Quentin Tarantino movie sound track, as cool and back street their sound are. The guitarist Hans Östlund rises the temperature a bit with his solos and energy. Over all it’s a good concert even if I could wish for a bit of more variation in their songs.

Worth it`s 100Skr in entrance fee? Definitely!
The energy from both the bands keeps me company on the subway home. 

Saturday, May 5, 2012

R.I.P. Lloyd Brevett of Skatalites

Lloyd Brevett, Bassplayer and founder of Skatatalited have died at age of 80. He was treated at Andrews hospital after a Stroke and series of Seizures.

Skatalites was pioneers in the sixties in Ska music and making it popular.

R.I.P. Adam Yauch of Beastie Boys

Adam Yauch dead. One of the founding members of the rap group Beastie Boys is dead. He was diagosed with a Tumour in The Salivary Gland in 2009. Beastie Boys was founded in 1979  as a Hard Core Punk band, featured on the Roir records tape compilation, NY Trash.

In 1986 Beastie Boys debute Hop Hop, album changet the sound of hip hop with hits like Fight For Your Right, and No Sleap till Brooklyn.

He was also heavy involved with the Free Tibet Campaign.

The link to the article in Rolling Stone.

Friday, May 4, 2012

On Your Mixed Tape 10 - The Exploited

The Exploited - Dead Cities
A fantastic single released in 1981

Art at Candyland Tonight

Today at Candyland* Gallery, Li Xiaofei Artist Talk,
and the on going exhibition by Pacoco Gil, Köttets lust.

Event starts at 7pm

Gotlandsgatan 76 Stockholm Swe

Photo from Pacoco Gil´s Exhibition Köttets lust ( The desire of the flesh)

*Candyland is a non-profit art space run by ten people who take turns in inviting artists to exhibit. Candyland is located in Södermalm, the south east part of Stockholm, where most of the artists' initiatives in Stockholm are located. Candyland was founded in February 2004.

The Nomads, New Single, Miles Away

From the already critical acclaimed new album Solna,
The Nomads now release a single, Miles Away.

Solna is the name of the suburb of Stockholm from where
The Nomads derived from.