Saturday, February 8, 2014

Swedish anti Olympic song is spread like a forest fire.

Swedish anti Olympic song is spread like a forest fire.

The worldwide anti Putin protests and anti the Winter Olympics have now a new contribution.

Swedish and International media have been reporting about the abuse of the locals, the workers of Sotji. And that with the Russian fascist regimes treatment of Pussy Riot, Green Peace along with and their Homophobic laws and systematic corruption of the Russian leaders. Have turned many of us that normally follows our winter olympics with pride, into boycotting it or at least question the IOKs decition to give the Russians the games.

Now the Swedes have their song for the protest. Tobias Nilsson is the name on people lips, and his version of the band Nationalteaterns anti Eurovision song contest song from 1975, "Doing the omoralisk Schlagerfestival"  (Doing The Immoral Eurovision Songcontest). The man from Halmstad, Roxettes hometown) have made a pastish of the old song, Doing the omoralisk vinterolympiad (Doing the immoral Winter Olympics) and it is now spreading on the internet. Also news papers and local Tv stations have picked up the tune as news.

When 1,2 fuck you punk revue first posted it, there were only 23 watches, now it is many more and there will be more.

Watch the video here.....


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