Monday, November 26, 2012

The Casualties play at Linköping (Sweden)

The Casualties are coming to Sweden for the first time since 2007.

Where? L´Orient in the City of Linköping.

When? Friday nov 30

Some more bands will be added to the bill.

Door opens at 6pm. 

Troublemakers etc at Fryshuset dec 1st

Attentat, Troublemakers, Alonzo & fas 3, Bitch Boys and The Bristles

Will play a benefit concert for the homeless in Stockholm at Fryshyset, Stockholm.  Saturday Dec 1st

Door opens at 5pm (17:00) First band at 7 pm (19:00)

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Review - The Hyper Actives - Rock ´n´Roll lives Again!

An X-ellent cover by Mattan Arts.
Mattan Arts

The Hyper Actives are a Stockholm based band in it to restore the former glory of Rock´n´Roll. And to be able to do that they have to transform them self to 1960ies Marvel kind of comic book characters.
This could been a nonsense joke, by a bunch of lads trying to be funny, but!!! There are some sad things about the world of music today, that gives their comic book fantasy mission a legacy IRL.
They ain´t alone in their mission, The Australians in Airbourne are on to the world in a similar operation. And soundwise the Hyper Actives are in the same genre as Airbourne with some elements of early Hellacopters. If I didn´t knew that this was a HA record and heard a song on the radio I would certainly believe that it was either Airbourne or a previously unreleased Hellacopters tune caressing my ears. 

Is that a bad thing, you might ask? That they sound so similar to the two band mentioned. Definitely not, at least not on this record. In fact, where the Australians tend to be a bit the same all over the three piece Stockholm band never turn dull. The are a lot of both musical knowledge and Rock´n´Roll romantics in it to make it be a really listen friendly record. And when Hellacopters gave up, the The Hyper Actives picked up the banner. A perfect record for the car stereo on the high way to hell. All the songs are good, catchy in a Hyper Active way. The two Strongest tracks are the two opening tracks “The Promised Land” and “Rock´n´Roller Man”, The opening tune “The Promised Land” deserves to be a huge radio hit. But it ain´t and that proves them right in their mission.  Finally, Yes! You made Rock ´n´ Roll live again!  

New Rancid Song - Fuck You!

Rancid been on to make a new album, here is a first bite, a tasteful bite....pretty old school 77-kind off, pre punkish rock n roll. Looks promising!

The title is "Fuck You".


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