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The Deeds of Jello - Ice T feat Jello Biafra - Shut Up! Be Happy

In 1989 Jello Biafra did a spoken word as the opening track on the Ice-T record "Iceberg/Freedom Of Speech...Just Watch What You Say".
An icy, chilling vision of a totalitarian America that was to come a decade later with the W Bush administration.
The song was based on a speach Jello wrote in the backwaters of the cencorship trials Tipper Gore caused.
The music is a sample of Black Sabbaths classic tune Black Sabbath.

Ice T feat Jello Biafra - Shut up Be Happy (US)
From the Ice T album "Iceberg/Freedom Of Speech...Just Watch What You Say" (1989)


Turbonegro - All My Friends Are Dead

Turbonegro - All My Friends Are Dead (Nor)
From the album "Party Animals" (2005)

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Live Review - The Manics, NollKompetenz at Skål

The Manics, NollKompetenz and Utplånad at Skål (Klubb Antisocial)
April 27 2013

The Event/Club

Klubb Antisocial, is nothing what the name implies, it is very social. It isn´t the best known punk club but a club that walks its own pathways. The base is in Oi! and old school skinhead culture but have some other styles put in it as well. Like this gig with Street Punks, and Hard Mod bands. It must be clear to you now that I find most labeling of genres and bands as bullshit, so let´s say. Antisocial bring out good punk. And it is refreshing to see them go for band outside the Stockholm Scene. This was at Skål, in a cellar club under the restaurant, like is the standard way of having a punk club in Stockholm. Notable is that it have one of the smallest stages in town.

The Crowd

Mostly skinheads of various ages and styles. But also leather clad, mohawk, street punks. The atmosphere is great, everybody is there for a good time. The old punks and skins telling their old fishermen kind of stories of the older days of Oi!. Most people know each other, or at least know enough to make it almost cuddly. Those that hold some prejudice against todays skins and the Oi! genre in general should visit a Klubb Antisocial gig. More social event is hard to find than this, last nights gig. Punk gigs have relaxed and joyful atmosphere nowdays, that will mainstream media never understand.
It wasn´t packed but fair enough of people, I think.

The Bands

I missed the first band, Utplånad, so I can´t review them.

NollKompetenz is a Street Punk band ala UK82 as it is popular to label bands at the moment. That is, simple, no noncense Punk Rock, from the shithole of Finnspång. Finnspång, Jag hatar dig (transl. Finnspång I hate you) another band, Saturday´s heroes, sings in their tune “Finnspång”. And maybe because they are from where they are they seem like the played without self esteem and confidence.  When I ask them about it, they gave me funny looks like I was a mad man. You have to be humble they mumble so I guess it is what it is like in Finnspång. Their beaviour on stage is like they are prepared to be stoned and bottled off stage any minute. Don´t worry, that won´t happened. We have payed for it so now give it to us.
They got pretty good standard punk tunes. The know how to play and the singer got a good punk voice. So just add some Bollocks, Mojo, Cohones, Balls to it and you will get much better. During the set they seems like getting more and more confidence and it was getting better and better and the singer more often paid some out in the crowd. It might be in place to point out that this was one of their first gigs, and maybe their first real gig, there were a little uncertainty on that as well. I say, don´t worry guys you are good enough. And you got some of the Mohawks dancing in Stockholm, that isn´t too common. Stockholm, known for its stand like statues crowd.

The Manics
The Manics was something completely different, just like the band name says, they were manic, at least singer /guitarist Peter Aspegren. For some reason I don´t know they were only 3 guys on stage instead of 4. Dressed in grey 60ies style suites, Armed with Rickenbacker guitars and bass guitars they remind me of the Jam, I would say they were better. Big words, people told me, but I claim so is the case. They were better than The Jam mostly because the Manics have added the energetic guitar playing that Wilco Johnson made his trademark. Not the technique, but the energy. If NollKompetenz didn´t play with any confidence, the Manics put all the confidence there was in every downstroke on the six strings.
The narrow stage of Skål (ridiculous small) limited the band, that I could see, but they didn´t use that as an excuse to fail. The fact that there was a microphone trouble at start wasn´t an excuse to not doing well.
They played their closing tune Batman instrumental, like the rabbit in the Duracell Tv commercial would have done it, while the sound man replace the broken microphone, as an opening tune. They were here to conquer. And so they did. Before the gig some young skinheads asked me, -If they´re any good? During the set I can hear the same lads go, wow this is good!

However their two hit quality songs, “Gonna have Love” and “Just be there” stands out as the undisputable highlights just as the closing tune (in the encore) “Batman theme”, where they made the crowd sing a long, Batman Batman, Batman.

I can´t help feeling a bit sad over the fact that this is a band that could fit in anywhere, everywhere and still I will probably not see them on TV as they deserve. Like they could easily blow a hole in your TV set while they play in a talk show ala Letterman. They don’t live in the media cities of Malmö, Gothenburg or Stockholm to get those connections. And I guess it doesn´t help to write hate songs about the singer in the popular band Kent, Jocke Berg. Haha, but it is funny. But mostly I would say that it all to the laziness of the mainstream media. Magazines, papers, radio and Tv should have been full of The Manics if they weren´t a bunch of sheep cheering for the bands with the most free booze at their release parties. The club should been packed with critics and music business people if it just came down to the quality of the band, but so it doesn´t work.  I came to Skål to see the Manics, and I wasn´t let down. I even like them more now.

Well spent money the 100SEK. 

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Prins Carl - They won't let ya'

Prins Carl (Swe)
From the album "New Order" (2011)


The Manics - Gonna Have Love

The Manics - Gonna Have Love (Swe)
From the album "Please Panic it´s the Manics" (2012)


The Clash - Pressure Drop

The Clash - Pressure Drop (UK)
From the Ep "Black Market Clash" (1980)

Rereleased as CD Album under the name "Super Black Market Clash" (1993)


The Deeds of Jello - Jello Biafra With The Melvins - Plethysmograph

Jello Biafra have never done anything really bad. Maybe because he sticks to the game plan.
Melvins are no eception. Maybe the most known incarnation of Jello, but still very good.
The yelling singing from Dead Kennedys are there but this have a more darker and heavier sound than DK had like a mixture of the DOA and Lard collaborations. 

Jello Biafra with the Melvins - Plethysmograph (US)
From the album "Never Breath What You Can´t See" (2004)


Pussy Riot member denied release

Are we surprised? No, the whole democratic world laugh at Mr P rule of Idiocy.

Article in Swedish.

The Deeds of Jello - Jello speaks out in the Guardian

Jello speaks out, in the Guardian. April 25 2013

Jello Biafra: 'Obama owes Occupy big time'

The former Dead Kennedy talks to us about the state of modern punk – and modern American politics


Friday, April 26, 2013

Eastfield 'Another Boring Eastfield Song'

Eastfield - Another Boring Eastfield Song (UK)
From the Album "Express Train To Doomsville" (2005)

Abrasive Wheels - When The Punks Go Marching In

Abrasive Wheels - When The Punks Go Marching In (UK)
When The Punks Go Marching In (1982)

Are You Drinkin' With Me Jesus? - Jello Biafra & Mojo Nixon

1994 did Jello Biafra go country and western with Mojo Nixon.
Taking the piss out of the Country genre.

If  you ask me, I would say it is one of the best ever Jello Biafra Albums.
So Cheers, are you drinking with me....Jesus?

Jello Biafra & Mojo Nixon - Are You Drinkin' With Me Jesus? (US)
From the album "Prairie Home Invasion" (1994)


The Deeds of Jello - Nouvelle Vague - Too Drunk to Fuck

Inspiring the French bossanova cover band Nouvelle Vague to do a Too Drunk to Fuck wasn´t all a Ball.
The rest of the band Dead Kennedys members sold the rights, against Jello´s wishes, to the movie "Some people will do anything for money" rape scene.

 However it is a great song and this is a great cover.

Nouvelle Vague - Too Drunk to Fuck (Dead Kennedys Cover) (Fra)
From the album "Nouvelle Vague" (2004)

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Max Fish move to Williamsburg

New York, NY, USA

The cultural cleansing of Manhattana continues.
CBGBs, Chelsea Hotel got to an end as punk/rock related landmarks.

Now Lower East Side art/alternative waterhole (bar) Max Fish is moving to Williamsburg and the Hipsterisation of it is compleat.

Some claim that they are not surprised.


Republicans on Welfare - Music Is Not A Crime

The Deeds of Jello - Dead Kennedys - We've got a Bigger Problem Now

In the studio making the classic Ep "In God We Trust Inc."
The song is a remake of ther "Fresh Fruit For Rotting Vegetales" tune "California Uber Alles"

Dead Kennedys - We've got a Bigger Problem Now (US)
From the 12" Ep "In God We Trust Inc" (1981)

Live in the studio from the "Lost StudioTapes"

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Punk in Belfast - Good Vibrations (Movie Trailer)

Belfast in the seventies, IRA, bombs, riots and missery.....In it all there is some people that survives with the help of music. Not just any music. Punk Rock is the new thing (Stiff Little Fingers, Undertones etc).

Based on true stories.


Ge fan i mej - Attentat

Attentat - Ge Fan I mig (Swe)
From the Single (1979)

The Deeds of Jello - Jello Biafra/Dead Kennedys Interview

Jools Holland interview Jello Biafra about Fresh Fruit...
Let guess it was done in 1980???


The Deeds of Jello - The Dead Kennedys - Holiday in Cambodia

What did Jello Biafra and Dead Kennedys so great, play this and find out yourself.

Deak Kennedys - Holliday in Cambodia (US)
From the Album "Fresh Fruit For Rotting Vegetables" (1980)

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

RiFLE Walking Down Promo Video

Just some promotion from a smashing good synth band with a punky vibe their last single (I did the front cover)

Headons - Allting

Headons - Allting (Swe)
From the Ep "Headons på Svenska" (2013)

The Deeds of Jello - What Would Jello Do part 1 - Meg Whitman!

Jello always been keen on the spokenword. In this series he rants over this and that in American politics that concerns him. It is politics presented in both an angry and funny way.
What is Jellos political stance? Green, he runs for elections now and then for the Greens.

What Would Jello Do part 1 - Meg Whitman

The Deeds of Jello - Jello Biafra with DOA - Thats Progress

If you ask me I would say that the colaboration with the Canadians in
DOA was the best non Dead Kennedys project so far. In 1989 this smashing good record was released.

Jello Biafra with DOA - Thats Progress (US/Can)
From the album "Last Scream From The Missing Neighbors" (1989)


Monday, April 22, 2013

Rock Against Punkpolice

May 1st 2013
At Stampen, Stockholm
Gothabilly, Neobilly and Punk Rock

Asta Kask- Handen på Hjärtat album teaser 2013

Teaser from Asta Kask new album "Handen på hjärtat", Release this spring.

More records to come, Alonzo Fas 3, Knark, Rancid 1,2 FYPR waits breathless by exitement.

Divinyls singer Chrissy Amphlett is Dead

"I Touch Myself" singer Australian rock singer Chrissy Amphlett and front figure of the band Divinyls, has died in New York aged 53. Sadly she lost the battle against Cancer.

Read more

The Deeds of Jello, Lard - The Power of Lard

1988 Jello B teamed up with Al Jourgensen of Ministry to form "Lard"
Between 1989-2000 they terrorised our ears with records.

Lard - The Power of Lard  (US)
"The power of Lard" (1989)

Review, Jello Biafra atGSoM and Attentat albums

Jello Biafra and the Guantanamo School of Medicine
White People And The Damage Done

Download, CD, LP
Alternative Tentacles
(Review from the digital release)

Whatever Mr Biafra does he makes it sounds like a Dead Kennedys record. The new Jello Biafra and the Guantanamo School of Medicine album “White People and the Damage Done” is no exception. Since 1976 Jello Biafra has been mocking the stupidity of the Conservative America. Since 1978 he has done it on records. Since the breakup of Dead Kennedys in 1986 he have had numerous collaborations and Solo project. JBatGSoM is just another one.
The problems JB faces is that he done some of the World´s most significant punk hits with the Dead Kennedys like “Holliday in Cambodia”, “Let´s Lynch The Landlord”, “Kill The Poor”, “Too Drunk to Fuck”, “Halloween”, “We got a Bigger Problem Now” etc. And whatever he does now days I will, subconscious, compare it with the hits of his past. Not least of his way of singing it.

As always at a Biafra record there is a funny, thought-provoking title. No exception this time, “White People and the Damage done”, as a miss quote of Neil Young´s “The Needle and the Damage Done”. A macabre front cover as usual is in place. The Lyrics on the album is as political as ever. The tunes sounds a lot like Dead Kennedys tunes but with not as much treble as in DKs tunes. The similarity to DK is a bit problematic to me. I love Dead Kennedys, but I don´t love this. The record have a much more heavy sound than DKs ever had, so it should work, at least in theory. But the tunes isn´t as catchy as the former tunes was. They are catchy but not as catchy. After a while the record starts to stand out as an own record on its own terms. But at a first listen to it, it sounds like they try to be Dead Kennedys but can´t get it right. There are exceptions from it. The title track “White People and the Damage Done” and “Crapture” and “The Brown Lipstick Parade” are good tunes that I can like. Possible the “Hollywood Goof Disease” as well. The rest isn´t bad in any way but it is more mediocre and I got higher expectation on Mr Jello Biafra to get me jumping up and down in cheer joy.
There are a funny little steal from Deep Purple´s “Space Trucking” in “Crapture” that makes me smile.

Worth buying? Maybe, Possible, it depends. At least the good songs, on the other hand, listen to a full album makes more sense to it.

Fy Fan

Download, CD, LP

(Review from the digital release)

Attentat´s singles released in 1978-1980 was the pride of my vinyl punk single collection. They were my teenage Idols, even if it wasn´t OK to have idols by the time. With the album era during the rest of the 1980ies I didn´t followed them as eager as I did before.
Attentats new album “Fy Fan” was proceded by a number of singles During 2012. The singles “Fy fan Svenska man”, “Occupy Wall Street”, “Dö som en hund”, “Sweet and Slade” with b-sides was released through the year 2012. So when the album actually reached the desk in 2013 it felt like it wasn´t a new album. The singles had already showed that this wasn´t going to be an easy album to review (that´s why it took some time to review it). mainly because it isn´t one album. It is parts of several different ones, hacked up and put into one album. At least that is my impression. It is a complicated affair because of it, to be nice, unfocused, to be rude.
Attentat have been around since the late seventies and gained some main stream success in the traces of KSMB and Ebba Grön. Not as successful as those however, but almost. And went from be some -77 type of street punks to a more pop oriented rock band. The silence that then followed during the years Attentat was down must have build up several different directions in the minds and taste of the members. And is it so, then it is what hear on the record. Like if they tried to get their ideas down in the recordings. I don´t know, but I can´t find another explanation to this record.

I can´t say I like it, I can´t say I don´t. Some tunes are good, some fair and some….well I don´t know. Seems like the charismatic singer Jönsson* likes his tune “Sweet and Slade”, about his teenage glam rock era idols. I can relate to it because I was a Sweet fan as a kid, but I can´t relate to the song in general. I think it is drivel, just as "Gilla mig" is. “Fattiga och rika” is something like a Clash “Should I stay or should I go” Pastiche and it works quite OK. “Dö some en hund” is punky and is like the old school Attentat been awake for a while.

This record isn´t great. Like the rest of the Attentat albums it isn´t. The sound is big but could be harder. And the outstanding hits that the earlier albums contained isn´t there either. But I think this was a necessary record for them to do. To get rid of what have been brewing during the silent years. In order to give place for another album much more sharp and focused in the future, I hope.

Worth buying? If you are a hard core Attentat fan and if you like their softer tunes, otherwise I would say, save your money because this year have many releases by great bands.

*What I can see on Facebook

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Old Firm Casuals - The Rabble

Old Firm Casuals - The Rabble (US)
from the EP "Army Of One" (2011)

The Deeds of Jello, an Introduction!

Besides Johnny Rotten/Lydon one of the most outspoken characters
in punk rock is Jello Biafra. Or Eric Reed Boucher as was named by his parents.
Born in 1958 in Boulder Colorado, grew up in San Francisco, California, USA.

Just after the first wave of punk, Jello Biafra as the singer and political agitator in his band Dead Kennedys, becme one of the leading "punk" figures. And maybe because of his political stance, he and the Dead Kenneys became a popular target for the conservative forces in American society. This didn´t discourage him. After the Dead Kennedys break up in 1986, he seemed to clone himself and started band, collaborated with, did spoken words and lectures everywhere, any time, all the time. 1,2, Fuck You Punk Revue will try to solve some of the puzzle Jello Biafra without any illution of get it all.  


The Deeds of Jello! Jello Biafra And The Guantanamo School Of Medicine - Electronic Plantation

Nowdays Jello are into Medicine at least "The Guantanamo School Of Medicine"

Jello Biaffra and the Guantanao School of Medicine - Electric Plantation (US)
From the Album "The Audacity of Hype" (2009)


The Deeds of Jello! Jello Biafra - Oprah With Tipper Gore

Putting the cencourship eager Christian loby in place at Oprah!

Let´s never forget the crimes against "freedom of speach" performed by the ones
like Tipper Gore. This insanity was the issue of the 1980ies. Metal acts as Judas Priest and Ozzy Obourne, rappers like Ice T, and punkbands Dead Kennedys was attacked by the right wing Christians. Let´s never forget and see what is happening in the world today, for instance in Russia.

Free Pussy Riot!


Saturday, April 20, 2013

The Deeds of Jello! The Man With The Corkscrew Eyes - Tumor Circus

The Nineties started with Jello in collaboration with the guys of Steel Pole Bathtub in a project called Tumor Circus.

The Man With The Corkscrew Eyes - Tumor Circus (US)
From the Album "Tumor Circus" (1991)


Rebels: A Journey Underground #4 - A Riot of my Own

Rebels: A Journey Underground #4 - A Riot of my Own


Strindbergs - Kvasibarn

Strindbergs - Kvasibarn (Swe)
Single (1982)

Rancid - New Album Soon!

Friday, April 19, 2013

The Casualties - We Are All We Have

Casualties - We Are We Have (US)
From the Album "We Are All We Have" (2009)


Turbonegro - Shake Your Shit Machine

Turbonegro - Shake Your Shit Machine (Nor*)
From the Album "Sexual Harassment" (2012)

* and an Englisman nowdays.


Dr Alimantado & The Rebels - Born For A Purpose

Dr Alimantado & the Rebels - Burn For A Purpose (Jam)
From the album "Best Dressed Chicken In Town" (1978)


Stiff Little Fingers - Gotta Get Away (Live in Stockholm)

Stiff Little Fingers - Gotta Get away
at Debaser Medis, Stockholm
April 5 2013

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Johnny Rotten Watches "Katy Perry: Part Of Me"

Johnny Rotten Watches (review) Kate Perry
From Fuse News (2012)


Demerit - Voice of the People

Demerit - Voice of the People (Chi)
From the Album "Bastards Of The Nation" (2008)


Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Alonzo & Fas 3 - Tidens tempo

Alonzo & Fas 3 - Tidens Tempo (KSMB cover)
At Debaser Medis 5/4 2013

Micke Alonzo was on of two singers in KSMB in the 80ies.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Punk In Love (Indonesian Movie)

Punk In Love
Indonesia 2009
Directed by Ody C. Hardap

There is no subtitles in this you you have to guess what they say.


SNL Margaret Thatcher Skit - Part 1

I only found the first Part, but it is funny enough,

SNLs Johnny Rotten Clone Loves Margaret Thatcher, Hates Everyone Else

After John Lydon/Rottens claim (link here) that we wouldn´t mock the dead ex Primeminister Margaret Thatcher,
He is now parodied by comedians.

Blanks 77 - I Wanna Be A Punk / I Never Needed You (Partisan Cover)

Blanks 77 - I Wanna Be A Punk (US)
From the Vinyl Ep "I Wanna Be A Punk / I Never Needed You" (Partisan Cover) (1997)


Alonzo & Fas 3 (Feat Steppan) - Atomreggae (aka Harrisburg)

Alonzo & Fas 3 (feat Steppan)- Atomreggae (aka Harrisburg)
From Debaser Medis 5/4 2013
Special guests at Stiff Little Fingers

Monday, April 15, 2013

Grimple - A Fucked Up Beautiful Day

Grimple - A Fucked Up Beautiful Day (US)
From the Album "Up Your Ass", (1992)


The only punk in the village!

"....She´s scaring all the nice boys"

I guess the nice boys didn´t gave a fuck about her in the first place, so why shouldn´t she scare the career hungry "nice boys" psychopaths away?

From a BBC series

BBC writes about it;

Mel and Luke



Series 6 Episode 4 of 12
Image for Mel and LukePOD lands in Liverpool, where Ellie embraces the latest local look and snuggles up in a onesie. POD performs two spectacular makeunders. Punk and closet Justin Bieber fan Mel is trying to scare people away with her tattoos and piercings. She goes from punk to princess in one of POD's most amazing transformations to date. And ghetto-fabulous Luke's bling is so minging that POD's sensors go into overdrive.
Can POD turn them into natural beauties, and will they keep their looks?


Headons (Swe), Ferox (UK), Ep Review

Two political stained Ep´s will be reviewed here. But that is the only similarity.

Headons - Headons på Svenska
  (a 3 Song EP, Vinyl)  (Swe)
Side A Allting

Side 1  Sjukdomssäng

Rakt åt Helvete Records 2013

A real missile right through my head.
Headons claim that their switch from English to Swedish on this EP “Headons på Svenska” (Headons in Swedish) was because they want the illiterate high school failures to understand what the hell they are singing about. But Headons arn´t alone switching to their native tongues, and by doing so they will sound different. English is the rock n roll tongue and it sounds like Rock n Roll …Swedish however, have more and more been considered as one of the World´s leading punk lyrics language, at least by the bands all over the world that sings Swedish punk songs in Swedish. Headons isn’t any exception. They sound harder and more old school Swedish street punk than what they did on last year´s album “Threepointeight”.
They havn´t lost their roots in the rock n roll punk but added some more hard attitude into it.
It reminds me a bit of such great bands like Ebba Grön, KSMB, Ligisterna and Vänsternäven but it is on their own terms.
It is hard hitting action, angry voices from a country that is getting ruined by a right wing Government. It is pretty much straight forward old school punk ala Ebba Grön, it isn´t in any bad way. The fact that there isn’t one single singer in parts of the songs, but many voices doing the lead, gives an impression of a angry mob that had enough and calling for blood,justice and heads on plates. What I like about it is that it is very angry political but still far from a “smart” Trallpunk “Know it all” single. This is just some bloke next to you on the bus having a bad day armed with a guitar. Sometimes, like in “Nej” the band seems so punky dysfunctional that it´s increasing the feeling of an angry bunch of goons. But they arn´t any goons, it is much brain behind it. Not as catchy as Vänsternäven but I don´t think it was their intention. In all a real punk single.

In the end of last year I predicted that 2013 possible will be the best punk record year ever. There is nothing in this release that proves me wrong. But in a flood of good music that is flooding us now, there is always a risk that some doesn´t get the recognition that they deserve, and I´m afraid that this Headons release will be such a case, not least because a rather dull and lame front cover (or is it just ugly?). It reminds me of old times photocopied covers and gives a short moment of nostalgia, but I had preferred a cover that matched the qualities of the tunes.
Anyway, I strongly recommend this to your vinyl single collection, because you´re worth it.

Ferox – Nurture Your Nature (4 songs Digital EP)  (UK*)
(Don´t mix up this Anarcho UK band with the pathetic Swedish racist band that holds the same name )
Anarchy X
Nurture Your Nature
Emma´s Song

This is a prequel to the album that will follow.

Ferox is something completely different from Headons.
They was named something different first, “Internal Autonomy” and started in the 1980ies in a post punk, “Siouxsie and the Banshees” spirit. As they claim at they were in need of a change.
In fact the leap from the Headons to this is a bit too big to really grasp, but I´ll do it anyway. And I will say honestly, that I am not much of a post, punk listener.
The front cover looks good, the logo looks good, the name and title sounds good. What about the music?
 The first tune “Anarchy X” have a good pulse and a big sound and is quite good post punk pagan (?) anarchist stuff. I guess it is like a statement for their belief.
But I can´t shake off the feeling that something is missing in it. It is a bit too cautious I think.
Especially when I compare it with IA works.

The closing song “Honor” sounds like a nicer and more polite cousin to a possible Rockbitch tune, not referring to RBs spectacular sex ,live shows, but the punk, hard rock, prog sound that Rockbitch turned into an art form. The way to use the voices and the skill full handling of the instruments reminds me a lot of Rockbitch. But then the compirising ends.
It is in my ears a bit unfocused, or am I missing the point? It is possible! But I like the tune. It doesn´t come easy. The record seems to make demands on me as a listener. I don´t think it was meant to be a drunk at the pub record. I feel dumb and i´ll give it another go, and then I find layers in it, layers that should be wrapped up slowly, not at once. I pour up a glass of wine and start all over again.

“Emma´s Voice” is a 1:17 long acapella that feels like it is an intro to “Honor” which is bad. Because it is a good song, the lovely female voices in sonic tapestry reminding me of lost and ancient times and way of living (not in a pathetic Viking rock way), I think they could have stretched it to a full length song because it is good.

“Nuture Your Nature” is a rather horrible post, punk type of tune with it´s all characteristics, except that Ferox know how to handle their instruments, not all post punks did.
This is NOT my cup of tea.

Overall, this is a bit unfocused to be one record. It stretches in many directions at once, I don´t know if they done on purpose? It´s peaks are good but the record as a whole isn´t that great. Maybe will the rest of the song on the coming album sort it out, hold it together a bit, maybe not, but that´s in the future to see.

I will pay for “Emma´s Song” and “Honor” but that will be enough.
Will I got to see them if they come to Stockholm? Definitely.

From the Sketchbook I

From the Sketchbook

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Dogs - Too Much Class For The Neighbourhood

Dogs - Too Much Class For The Neighbourhood (Fra)
From the Album " Too Much Class For The Neighbourhood" (1982)

TELEPHONE - Argent trop chère (Live)

Téléphone - Argent trop chère (Fra)
From the German Tv Show Rockpalast

The Pirates - All In It Together (Live)

The Pirates - All in it Together (UK)
From the German TV Rock Show Rockpalast 1979

Saturday, April 13, 2013

The MANICS - "Just Be There" (Studio)

The Manics - Just Be There (Swe)
From the album "Please Panic it´s the Manics" (2012)


Headons gives away their Threepoint Five album for Free

Headons - "F*ck You" Official Music Video

Headons - Fuck You (Swe)
From the album "Threepointfive" (2012)

Fuck Religious Rules & Wars by The Rebel Riot

Rebel Riot - Fuck Religious Rules & Wars (Bur)
 Video (2013)

Råskit - Alpha Beta Gamma

Råskit - Alpha Beta Gamma (Swe)

Nödvärn - Krigspsykos

Nödvärn - Krigspsykos (Swe)
from the Album "Knark, Krig & Socialbidrag (2006)

Friday, April 12, 2013

The Partisans - I never needed you

The Partisans - I Never Needed You (UK/Wales)
(Im not sure it was on the original release of the album)

Vercetti - Elliot is a Punk Rocker

Vercetti . Elliot is a Punk Rocker (Indonesia)

I don´t have a year on this tune.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

First Emo hate crime arrests in Manchester

A new cathegory under the hate crime section of the law have now been practiced.
a 14 year old and a 44 year old have been arrested for a hate crime assalt on an Emo.

The section of the Brittish law that is supposed to give protection of people of, minorities, sub, and counter cultures have been practised on GLBT and Minorities. Now the UK Manchester police will count Punks, Goth and Emos as minorities as well.

Patti and the Pope!!!

Non Chatolic punk pioneer Patti Smith shook the new Popes hand....

... I wonder why???

No grave dancing for Rotten

"I was her enemy in her life but I will not be her enemy in her death"

Sex Pistols frontman John Lydon aka Johnny Rotten don´t think it´s propper to celebrate the former conservative Brittish Primeminister Maggie Thatchers death, he won´t dance on her grave.
"I was her enemy in her life but I will not be her enemy in her death".

Brännmärkt - Levande lögn/Apati

Brännmärkt - Ingen vinner (Swe)
Brännmärkt - Apati
From the Ep Ingen vinner (2013)

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Monday, April 8, 2013

It´s boobs for Christ sake!

Mr Putin seems scared of womans boobies. The network Femen greated Russias president Putin with bare breast at a fair in Hannover in Germany. Now his entourage demand hard punishment for the protesters. What are you scared of? It´s boobs for Christ sake! I doubt that the democracy, Germany will give them anything than a fine. I bet Puting expect 10 years i Sibiria.


Maggie is Dead!

Margret Thatcher have passed away today!

And for those who not remember or know who the hell she was...I can tell she was one of the punk enemies no1. Addressing a hard and mercyless politics that was aimed at the workers, unemployed and to crush the trade unions etc in the UK she became a target of not only punk critisim, but jokes and discontempt. This had no impact of the Iron Lady that did as she pleased in a rather brutal manner, that makes Cameron a pale figure.
I wont cry, the Punks, Miners, Roger Waters and the Irish wot forget what you did.

Vänsternäven - Skövde AIK (official video)

Vänsternäven - Skövde AIK (Swe)
Single (2012)

The Swedish Football season (Soccer) have started...Forza!!!
Dedicated to the Football fanatics in Derby STHLM


Sunday, April 7, 2013

Gatans Lag - Live at PSK 4 (full concert)

Gatans Lag live at PSK 4, Fryshuset Stockholm
March 30 2013

Hanx to Gatans Lag and Foto666 for sharing.


Saturday, April 6, 2013

Stiff Little Fingers, Alonzo & Fas 3 and Bitch Boys at Debaser Medis (Live Review)

Stiff Little Fingers, Alonzo & Fas 3 and Bitch Boys at Debaser Medis 
April 5 2013

(Pictures will come later)

You could almost touch the tension in front of the stage before Stiff entered. A positive loaded tension built up of expectation, a feeling of pure held back joyful energy. Some did some pogoing before any chord been played others like me chanted “Gotta Getaway”. The Stiff entered the stage, then all hell were breaking lose…

But first let´s back down a few hours, we take it from the start.

The Place
Debaser, Medis is from my point of view a real good place to see bands, both because it takes up to 800 or 900 people. It feels narrow, most people get a good view of the bands (I don´t know if people in wheelchairs agree on that) and the sound are often very good. The only negative I can say about it, is the bars have a tendency to get a bit too crowded and the service then get a bit slow.

The Crowd
It was sold out long time ago. The majority of the crowd was mostly old original punks in their 50ies. For us SLF was the band who was the big punk band (sorry Clash) just after Sex Pistols and before Oi! came along. Grey hair, baldness and hard earned beer bellies everywhere. And ad to that more girls (mostly fake blond ladies) than at a regular punk concert. A few mohawk punks and skinheads found their way to Debaser Medis last night. The heavy weighted punk veterans didn´t feared to die of heart attacks in the mosh pit. No one did die, but If someone did it hadn´t been a sad thing, it would have been pure happiness to meet you makers that way. SLF and Alonzo was more than pleased with the crowd response. In fact I think SLF was a bit shaken by it, at least did they told us so.

The Bands

Bitch Boys

Bitch Boys wasn´t the biggest or the most skilled band back in the seventies and eighties. Even if they learned to play it proper nowdays, this forum wasn`t theirs. They got good tunes, heavy sound and Frobbe is a witty front man. But they were the opening support act this night, which I don´t think did them any right. As I see it it became more of a limitation to them than an opportunity.

Alonzo and Fas 3

I said hi to Micke Alonzo before the concert, and to Steppan (the other original KSMB singer). It didn´t strike me then that Steppan would be on stage…Infact I didn´t recognize him as one of my teenage heroes.  But with him onstage it was a blast to see the other original KSMB singer do the “Polsk Schlager” and “Atomreggae” (aka Harrisburg). I went emotional for the first time last night, not the last. I admit there were a shitload of nostalgia hidden in my response to it but also IT IS godlike good tunes. During “Tänker på dig” (Thinking Of You) Micke and I think Steppan as well wen´t emotional, you could tell. Mickes voice stopped being loud and it looked like he was fighting his tears. I guess he was thinking of his dead Brother “Totte” (that was the drummer in their band Stockholm Negrer) which was one of the people they dedicated the song to.
From a source I gotten, the news last week that “Dadde” from Asta Kask was going to do the drumming, it pleased me a lot. Then I knew that Alonzo was in it for real. Dudde is a very fast and dynamic drummer. Onstage they also got it right by switching one of the two Telecasters to an Epiphone Les Paul with its Humbucker pick ups (like Rancid, Topper and other well sounding punk bands). The Fas 3 sound where good last night. It looked like the band played with a big bucket of confidence. Micke didn´t have to worry about if this was fair enough. From the Opening with the world class tune “602” to the end there was just hits. They´re delivering both their new Fas 3 songs “Dansa som en fjäril”, “Jag vill ha ett meningsfullt liv” as well as a Stockholms Negrer song “Det förlovade landet” (introduced as his old mans every day rants) to KSMB classics as “ABAB”, “Tidens tempo”, “Atomreaggae”,
After that I was ready to go home, I joked. No one laughed, but all agreed. Alonzo and Fas 3 proved themselves as a headline band, not just a support act. And from the Swedish punk folklore I remembered when Ebba Grön and Dag Vag as support acts to Elvis Costello took over the stage and blew everybody out of their minds, left poor Costello almost alone at the place- Because the crowd just got so pleased by the Swedish bands that no one cared about poor Costello. That was not going to happen last night. People ware there to see the Stiff Little Fingers for the first time in Stockholm in 30 years.

Stiff Little Fingers

I f there even was a shadow of a doubt, it wasn´t at any good at all. We didn´t got disappointed. From the opening number “At the Edge” to the last, 2nd encore, “Alternative Ulster” it was a ball. Mosh pitting pogoing, sing a longs and just a hell of a time in front of the stage. The rather stable edition of SLF with two members from the classic line up, Jake Burns and Ali McMordie and the other two from the 90ies. The 2nd guitarists, Ian McCallum, have been in the band since the early nineties. It is tight and focused not least with the drummer, Steve Grantley that ad some extra energy to it. The sound was good, a bit too much treble I think. On the other hand, that was always the Stiff sound. ”Suspect Device”, “Fly the Flag”, “Tin Soldiers”, “Alternative Ulster”, “At the Edge” and “Nobody´s Hero” is a part of the Punk history that never can be taken away from them, Stiffs. We got them, as well as “Roots Radicals Rockers and Reggae”, “Barbed Wire Love” and “Strummerville” thrown at us as it was fresh meat thrown at a lion pit. As well as a peculiar new yet unpublished song about the new law in the USA that gives the cops right to stop you just because of your looks (just like the Stockholm police got criticism for doing) sounded like the nicked it from Strebers or Dia Psalma or something, peculiar anyway. The new songs were as always a bit harder to take to your heart than the older classics, otherwise this was a hit parade. Even more resent songs like “Strummerville” were crowd pleasers. In the end, the tunes from the two first studio albums were the ones that blew me to, wherever I went.

Singer Jake Burns went on in between the songs to tell why he wrote them, and you could tell he wasn´t in it for the fame. He was the real thing then and I think still is. The looks in his eyes while playing the Rule Britania passage in “Fly The Flag” was indescribable, Just that look was worth all the money to get in. I believed for a moment he wasn´t a punk rocker entertaining us on stage, it was far beyond that.  I believe we could get a glimpse on what was going on in his mind. You could easily write a book about it like it was a Vermeer painting or something.

Then it was time to get real emotional, at least in my case, for the second time that night, during the encores and especially during “Tin Soldiers”.
I can´t help thinking of my father that fled a hard labor life in the woods, to become a soldier at the age 16.

As a second encore they finished with "Alternative Ulster" with, by then, mandatory sing a longs. What a fucking night it was!

Afterwards I changed a few words with the company I came here with but there wasn´t much to say, word didn´t cover it, just silly smiles all over our faces especially a certain Topper singer I think had the biggest smile on the whole Södermalm that night. Continue drinking beer and trying to have a good time was pointless. The Stiffs and Alonzos music had sent me to a place where just pure joy and happiness existed. The process to get a new beer and pretend that the world was the same without their performances was bound to fail, so I went home, and so did many others.

Worth the money?
Alonzo and Fas 3 was already fulfilling the fee of ??? Skr (I don´t remembered what I paid). When SLF entered the stage it was like being payed.
Jake Burnes told us about a depression he just gotten rid off, my way of not get into one is to go to concerts like this, this is soul food for your soul, hanx mates!

Friday, April 5, 2013

Stiff Little Fingers - Alternative Ulster

Stiff Little Fingers - Alternative Ulster (UK)
Inflammable Material (1979)

Tonight in Stockholm.....ahhhh!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Fuck Your Morals - Topless protest rules the Facebook!

We seen topless protesters in the "Femen" network being draged away by security forces in Ukraine and other eastern block "banana" republics. It is kind of a sister protest movment to russias "Pussy Riot". Now the turn have come to Tunisa. 19 year old Amina protested against a harder society, especially towards women by showing her breasts on internet with the words "Fuck Your Morals" written on her naked upper body, for this she now hide from a death sentence proclaimed by religious leaders.

The world won´t be qiuet about this. All over the world, women now show their support by doing the same, show their breast with "Fuck your Morals" written on them.
And I hope we do start boycotting the countries that behave this way. Not a penny I will spend on countries like this. FUCK YOUR MORALS!

Yangon Calling !- Punk In Myanmar

Punk In Myanmar - Yangon Calling !

Dedicated to our friends the punk brothers and sisters in Burma.
Keep fighting for a better future, never surrender never give in!

The religious vomit (The conflict) must stop!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Knullad Med Kniv - Straight outta Sumpan

Knullad Med Kniv - Straight outta Sumpan (Swe)
From the album "Vem bryr sig om musiken Det är namnet som räknas (2012)

New York Vs London Boys (A battle of words)

Sex Pistols - New York

On the pistols one anly propper studio album was the song New York about New York Dolls.
Frontman and singer John Lydon aka Johnny Rotten was probably tired of hearing on the manager 
Malcolm MacLarens rant about how well he did manage the New York Dolls in the end of their carer ( he didn´t). So to shut the trap Mr Lydon did write the lyric he did. Much to the other SP members embarrasment. The were huge Johnny Thunders (of the NY Dolls) and NY Dolls fans.

The answer came both as elegant as it was a bit childish.

Johnny Thunders - London Boys

The lyrics shows that Thunders was obvious hurt by Lydons tune. It is a bit
schoolyardish and childish. The sarcasm in Sex Pistols lyrics is way over the top of Johnny Thunders.
On the other hand he used the then ex Pistols members Steve Jones and Paul Cook as musicians on one of the recordings, just to tell, I own you.

Battle fought between 1977-78


Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Charlie Harpers (of UK Subs) Love Life (?) as Music

UK Subs . Fear of Girls
Originally published on the LP "Endangered Species" 1982

UK Subs front man Charlie Harper confess that even if he is a rock star
he still find himself shy.

The Gonads - I lost my love to a UK Sub

Just to be mocked by the Gonads (Gary Bushell) that makes fun of his
rock star and groupie relationship.

UK Subs - Rock n Roll Whore
from the Album Work in Progress (2011)

Years passed, after Charlie Harper tried "Tomorrows Girls", Got a "Stranglehold" on himself.
Then his words changed, girls turned into whores.
Still he just can´t ignore her...

Monday, April 1, 2013

News on the blog this month April 2013

One year have past since I opened the blog. March 24 2012 it was first posted. I didn´t had any intention with at all. Now a year later I got a montly visits beyond my wildest dreams, people in the bands I post being positive about it and I got my sorry lard ass going. All this was unintentional but very fun to do.

I decided to put some more effort into it this, next year. And to do so I will start with posting a punk novel written by a young Scottish punkgirl, "If I Fall Back Down", a novel based on happenings in her own life and enviroment as well as it is inspired by Rancid lyrics.

Another NEW thing is the guests DJs I invited to make their picks, both real club DJs as well as record collectors, guitarists and general punk scum I found on the net, that have something to say musically with their pick of songs.

And I still working on to get band profiles, interviews, band history going.

And who knows there might be a punk comic as well???

Punk Eriksson

Stiff Little Fingers - Gotta Getaway

Stiff Little Fingers - Gotta Getaway