Monday, April 30, 2012 - Din guide till bernaisen och fulölen!

Sorry in Swedish only because it makes little sense in English
Its a swedish guide to camp bars in Swedish.

Sunkhak, Punkhak, Syltor, Kärt barn har många namn.
Självklart en viktig del av varje punkares livsstil. 
Hur vet man att man väljer rätt bar?

Tja ett konsumenttest är bara ett klick borta.

tar er dit där planksteken är lika härsken som fettet i ditt hår.
Där det är skumt med ölen och livet lite olyxigare, lite enklare.

On Your Mixed Tape 9 Topper

Topper - Suburbs
From the album Punk Dont Death

Click the pictures for Topper on My space. 

On Your Mixed Tape 8 The Briggs

The Briggs - Bored Teenager
From their album Numbers

Blood for Blood - Anywhere But Here

Blood for Blood - Anywhere But Here

A little song to comment on the pollen count.

Vänsternäven in the Studio again

Vänsternäven in the Studio again.
After unconfirmed rumours that they were to quit the angry well populated working class punk/oi! band band from Skövde in the former province of Skaraborg, are in the studio for new recordings, according to thier facebook page. Something I really looking forward to. Not least to hear the tongues of the area where I grew up in hard punk songs, but also for their good tunes. 

On Your Mixed Tape 7 Social Distortion

Social Distortion - Reach For The Sky

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Köttgrottorna at Snövit 27/4 2012 Review

The Place

Snövit is a cottage style of restaurant in my mothers taste in a stark contrast to the clientel that hang out there. Baby skins, Punks, Herberts and Södermalm Bohemians. Like all the other punk stages it is the basement of a restaurant. Unlike Broder Tuck in the same neighbourhood that have a huge restaurant and a small basement concert area. Snövit have a bigger concert room than the restaurant above. In the narrow restaurant we hang out with tonights main attraction, Köttgrottorna. A trallpunk/poppunk band that been around forever. Originally formed out the rests of Incest Brothers with Trekant as a first try. To the lineup a guitarplayer from legendary KSMB was added Guld Lars. Köttgrottorna is close to a punk allstar band, not nececary shown in the music with its ups and downs. I seen them both pretty dull and on auto pilote and living and vivid through the years.

You could tell the night was going to be a night when they sparkled just entering the place. The band members were nice lads and have no rock star poses so they are easy to talk to. They asked the people around what songs did they wanted them to play. Guld Lars wasn´t to glad hearing me wish for Zuga, but he was voted down by the others.

The Crowd
As I pointed out before that the Stockholm audience don´t move an eyelash but stay like statues even if the band doing their best. Tonight that wasn´t a problem because a fan club from the City of Uppsala had dragged their sorry asses down to Stockholm for the venue. And the Uppsala crowed was moving their asses like they should. Because tonight Köttgrottorna wasnt a veteran punk band, they ware the living thing. Fun to watch, funny and witty and with a ton of stage precence they really worked together with the crowd in a great way.

The Music
They started off with a classic tune as “Pendeltåg” (commuter train) and after that it was a hit parade with lesser known as well with classic songs up until Zuga. Zuga the ironic song about their inability to give themselves a blowjob. The crowd was really there and a few extra songs was played without Köttgrottornas departure in between.

Oh there was another band as well, but they didn´t catch my attention at all.

Was it worth its 70 kronor (7 Euros) in entrance fee? Of course it was worth the double.

The Negatives split.

A trailer for The Negatives split record with Vitiators.

Attentat movie.

A concert clip from todays Attentat.

A few days ago the London band Cockney Rejects was the subject on a new Doku. Now the Swedish veteran punk band Attentat is next. With the working title "Glöden som aldrig slocknade" (The fire that never went out).
Both new and old material will be in the film. Attentat was on of the first band in Sweden and one of the biggest back then. They were very active in the Gothenburg scene that gave birth to a lot of bands. Some of both Attentat and the Gothenburg scen is found it the band Troblemakers today with it´s members in different bands back then.

R.I.P. Martin Sörling

Martin Sörling 
The Bass player in one of Swedens original punk bands Grisen skriker  have passed away.
mourned and missed by the Swedish older punks.
Grisen skriker started in 1978 and was disbanded in 1979.
They didn´t last to long but was very influencial on the Swedish punk wave.
They did reform both in the 1990ies and 2000ies.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Tom Robinson Band Vs The Business

The clever theft.  

I remeber it at it was yesterday. when Tom Robinson band released the Power in the darkness,With its smash hit 2,4,6,8 Mototway. It was a kind of rock with a punky wibe. It was labeled as punk or rather New Wave. It was the first time I heard the chant chorus that I later would hear in Sham 69 and likes chorus. But the best song from the Album was however Up against the wall.
Punk was becomming the new trend, espesially under the new name New Wave that was muck more sellable. Tom Robinson was by some "real" working class kids considered as a trendy wanker. Not least that he was telling he was gay in an era you didn´t do that.

A few years later the working class, the low educated London east end bands came along as a second or a third wave of Brittish bands. Tom Robinson was an easy target, gay as he was. The Business* was aiming their frustration at bands as TRB among others. And it was done with a song stealing the Up against the wall riff.
Surburbian rebels was as catchy as the original, up against the wall. By listening to the lyrics you understand its about the reds, trendy wankers and TRB. I wonder how the hell they got away with it. I mean, its an obvious theft. But very clever done. So I guess it both an tribute to a good song as well as it is a critisism against the one that wrote it originally. If you leave out the childish complaining against TRB its an exelent song. So I guess its why they got away with it.

*The Business was from South London but the whole Oi! movement was bundled as east end cockneys.

East End Babylon the Story about Cockney Rejects

I am waiting for a chance to see the East End Babylon, on a screen near me.
According to a East end Londoner who was there (Lee Drury) back in the days
and seen the film, report "it was as good as expected".
Meanwhile the director Richard England have to explain why he didnt include the whole
OI! movement in the film about the first Oi! band Cockney Rejects.

Mimikry - Högervindar (Strebers cover) and D.O.A. it´s about Class war

Stand up against the right wings! Sweden been in the middle of
a right wing and capitalistic era. Now the oposition have started to take the lead in the polls.
It have been like being naked in a blizzard.
Which the Strebers song is all about. Here masterly covered by Mimikry.
The cold winds of the right wing.

D.O.A. frontman Joe "Shithead" Keithley will run for election for the Canadian Social democratic party NDP.

The artichle in the Nationalpost

Attentat was saved by cloning!

Legendary Swedish original punk band Attentat from Gothenburg got their new record fucked up, or more precise the studio hard drive crashed with all the material from their next album on it. saved the day or at least the songs by cloning the hard disk and restore the information.
Im looking forward to my teen favorites next album. Until that you can listen to old stuff from the middle ages.

and a Live clip when Jönson sings Ge fan i mig (Leave me fucking alone) with his teenage son in 2010.

Punk Radio on Facebook

Streamed Punk Radio on Facebook

Listen to, party along to or sent your shit there.


Zuga . Köttgrottorna at Snövit

The Swedish trall punk legends Köttgrottorna 
plays their classic ironic song Zuga about the frustration 
of not being able to suck ones own dick at Snövit, Stockholm.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Oi! Oi! Oi! a few different.

English, Spannish(?), Japanese and Irish American. When Gary Bushell, the English separatist once crowned an entire genre after the classic Cockney Reject song, I doubt he knew what an avalanche he started. 

Punk Fashion, Torn Tights

Would punk be the same without punkettes in torn tights, layer on layer? Propably not.
I never heard any one got credited for it as an inventor of that style like Steve Jones Hankie on the head or Richard Hells and Johnny Rottens torn T-shirts. I guess it was something that just happened.
Or to make a sexist remark, possible it was a horny boyfriend in a hurry to drunk to find the where to make the hole.....oh did I just wrote that....noooo!

On Your Mixed Tape 6 Hudson Falcons

Hudson Falcons - Free Lori(2000)

You could fill an entire mixed tape with Hudson Falcons fast working klass punk.
But here I pick Lori. And there is a real life story behind it.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Kasta Katt (debute single)

Kast Katt will (hopefully) release the single Punkar´n (the Punk)
on 1st of May. An interpretation on Joe Hills classic song the Tramp.

1000% DIY!


On Your Mixed Tape 5 Ligisterna

Ligisterna - Mata asen med bly

The Swedish band Ligisternas exellent debute album was pearl in last years releases.

One month Celebration

Today's one month since I started this blog. It feels like a much longer time ago.
My attitude was when I started it, If I can get it going for one month it was more likely to get it to last.

In 1983 I started my first punk fanzine, Damernas Runt Aktuellt. I cut out the logos from popular celebrity mags and the porn mag FiB Aktuellt. And as a catch I had one of the biggest Swedish punk bands at the time, Attentat as a feature. The fanzine never got printed because my lack of money. Even some photocopies was expensive to me back then. I learned the way to do it and later I manage to publish comic fanzines as Trilsk and Entropi.
Now almost 30 years later I still find it as fun as I did then. I am no journalist, I can´t spell proper and English isn´t my native language but that doesn´t stop me. A lot of water has passed under a lot of bridges. Most notable is the way information is distributed almost for free and how quick it is done, Fanzines, music and ideas can be spread around the world. Today I can reach a global audience, which was unthinkable with the 1980ies fanzine made in a town no one knew where it was, which is why it is so exiting. I find new bands, I can push my favorites.

I mean how hard can it be? I go to concerts, listen to music, watch art, read books etc. Here I can share it with you, it´s just an upload away. So far after one month I posted 50 posts, reached almost a 1000 readers and found some new good stuff, it is way beyond what I could dream of thirty years ago. So the posting continues, here we go…1, 2, fuck you!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Chinese Punk, Post Punk, Alternative compilation

Novice on the Chinese punk and alternative music scene?

Well there is a way to get over that. Listen to or download the Compilation Maybe Mars

at Maybe Mars

Contains my Asian favorites Demerit

On Your Mixed Tape 4 Demerit

Of course the Chinese band Demerit should be on you punk mixed tape.

Demerit - Beijing Is Not My Home
Taken from the Album Bastards Of The Nation (2008)

On Your Miixed Tape 3 Asta Kask

On your punk mixed tape there are a minimum of one Asta Kask tune.
I choose an old classic, Inget Ljus (no Light)(covered by bands all over the world)

Asta Kask - Inget ljus
originally published as a 7inch single 198? something.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Mexican DIY label free downloads

The Mexican DIY punk record label Nacion Libre give away records for free.

French Anarcho pop (Trall Punk) ala Louis Lingg and the Bombs - Conspiracy
and more...

The Nacion Libres statement (Transladed in Google translater)


This album has been released from the Mexican netlabel Free Nation.
No problem if you want to post it to your blog / forum / site, only
I ask that you use the links we provide on our website
to keep the download counter. We also would appreciate
if you mention that you get the Free Nation disc and / or put a link
to our website (

Remember that our sole purpose is to promote Mexican underground scene
and internationally, offering a free and open space for bands
edited digitally records, keeping out the business and industry

Thank you, Staff of Free Nation.

Punk Fashion; Unmotivated zippers

Punk related birthdays; April 24, Gideon Sundbäck. 1880 -1954

Google highlight the Swedish born inventor Gideon Sundbäck today, the man who perfected the zipper in 1913.
What would punk clothing been with all the unmotivated zippers punk designer Vivienne Westwood put on the early punk clothes?

Monday, April 23, 2012

On your Mixed Tape 2 Rancid

Song two  
Rancid - Avenues and Alleyways(1995)

Any song from this modern classic could fit on any mixed tape.
I choose this at the moment because I a bit tired of playing Roots and Radicals over and over again.

The Idiocy in the Indonecian province of Aceh continues.

The Idiocy in the Indonecian province of Aceh continues. Two punks have been caned according to the local Sharia laws for having pre marital sex.

There is a way to help and get some good punk music as well.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

It´s Emo to hate Emo

It´s not often I comment kids yap about who is cool or not. Ok, I don´t deny I think the commercialized pop punk is disgusting. But it stays there. I can think that hipster shit and Emo kids are a bunch of spoiled rotten cry babies. But I don´t write fucking songs to stir up hatred on them.
Today I will spend a few words on it.

 As you might know there are a few so called punk bands making songs about how much they hate EMOs etc. Anti Flag and Cheap Sex I think make compleat fools out of themself with songs like Emo Sucks and Fuck Emo. Partly because it is Emo to do songs about how much they hate Emo, partly because it´s for cowards. I mean, most Emo kids are already bullied and despised so they are easy to pick on targets. Which makes those bands, Jocks both the old ones and the new ones. If those band wanted/want´s to prove themself, how hard they are, then they should attack those who have the power, like Pussy Riot in Russia did. But I guess those band don´t/didn´t dare to destroy their careers that way. It easier to gang up on a limp wristed self pitying kid.
And why in hell do Anti Flag wanna be a W Bush like bully?

I guess it´s a bit of masked homophobia and small town narrow minded mentallity hidden behind it. Like the terror Raggare/Teddyboys/Rockers once inflicted on the punk kids, those so called punks, now practice it on Emo kids. Is it brave, is it Punk or Is it sane? It´s redneck mentallity posing as punk.

There is nothin Oi! about kicking on one that is down, it is both punk and Oi! to kick against the power.

Yes Im aware of Anti Flags political stance and therefor I find that Emo song stupid and counter productive. 

Skandalites live at Skål 2Oi2

The ska band Skandalites takes on the death metal song Nobodaddy, originally released by Entombed. Live at Skål, Stockholm, 2Oi2.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

On you Mixed tape, Recomendations, Song 1

On you mixed tape 1
The Beltones - Fuck You Anyway

No Punk/Oi!/whatever, mixed tape will be compleat without The Beltones "Fuck You Anyway".
The lyrics are propably one of the punk history´s most poetic.

It have been released in some different versions. I prefer this On Deaf Ears album version (1999).

Pussy Riot denied Bail

The female punk band Pussy Riot that been jailed in undemocratic republic of Russia is denied bail. read more in the Telegraph

Help them with money and other support here.

Friday, April 20, 2012

This is Oi!...not a fashion!

Oi! from all over the globe, Europen, Asian, Australian,
north and south American bands 

find it here

Free Pussy Riot!

Once again is Russia in the hall of shame violating human rights. The Russian punk band Pussy Riot that been jailed and accused of whatever* from the non democratic Russia (soviet style), is still in custody. At the same time the far right, (Putin funded?), skin heads stired up a riot outside the court yesterday.

Now the punk world reacts! FREE PUSSY RIOT! 

*Russian Orthodox church and the Russian fake democratic government is threatened bunch of girls with guitars. I find this hilarious. Go go go, girls!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Adam Rebelious Punk Quiz!

Adam Rebelius is an still going drunk original 70ies punkrocker from the windy city Chicago. With kind permission I repost this punk quiz from Ill give you one week, then I post the answers.
you can solve it by yourself or post you anwers in the comments field.

Punk Eriksson

Now over to Adam´s Quiz

I'm bored and I can't sleep. What's an over the hill wanna be rock and roll star to do? I thought "Why not come up with a punk rock trivia quiz?" so.... that's what I'm doing. As the mood strikes me, there will probably be more than one, but this is the first one. This one is going to focus on the first era of punk rock between 1976-1980. Have fun!      

 1. What does "CBGBS and UMFUG" stand for?

 2. What song was pulled off The Ramones, "Leave Home"      album?

 3. When "Never Mind The Bollocks, Here's The Sex          Pistols" was released, the U.S. version had an extra song that was not originally included on the British pressing. Name the song.

 4. The song, "Chinese Rock" was a hit for Johnny Thunders and The Heartbreakers, but it was NOT one of their songs. Name the original band who wrote it.

 5. When the first Damned album came out, (Damned Damned Damned) there was a mistake in printing up the cover. A different band is pictured. What band was it?

 6. A famous hippy musician from a famous hippy band produced the second Damned album, the highly underrated, "Music for Pleasure" which was only appreciated by fans of Iggy and The Stooges "Funhouse" album. Name the musician and band they were from.

 7. Which punk rock musician wrote the liner notes for the two record 60s garage compilation, "Nuggets" originally released on Elektra Records in 1972, and re-issued on Sire in 1978, and was, quite possibly, the VERY FIRST PLACE the term, "Punk Rock" was used? BONUS QUESTION: What magazine was he the editor of for a brief period of time?

 8. What was the VERY FIRST record that Patti Smith put out? BONUS QUESTION: Who is playing the lead solo at the end of the record, and what band would they be famous for starting? EXTRA BONUS QUESTION: What was the original label the record was released on before being re-issued by Sire in 1978?

 9. In 1978, Johnny Blitz, of The Dead Boys was attacked on the streets of New York City and stabbed multiple times. There was a two day benefit concert held at CBGBS to help pay for his medical expenses. What amous actor/comedian played drums for The Dead Boys during one of those nights? BONUS QUESTION: Before their untimely death, what west coast punk rock band did they get to appear on the television show where said actor/comedian got their start? EXTRA BONUS QUESTION: What famous Washington D.C. celebrity was in the audience that night when the west coast band played?

 10. What short lived sitcom did The Dickies make a cameo appearance on in 1978?

Remember, this is all in fun, and perhaps a learning experience for one or two of you out there. Hopefully some of you will learn something new and get an edu-mah-cation out of taking this quiz. It won't pay the bills, put a roof over your head or put food on the table, so don't be discouraged if you don't know the answers. This is just done out of boredom. Have fun everybody!

Adam R

Jakara punk doku!

You might read about it, you might seen it flicker through at the news flash. The punks in Indonesia that got their rights violated by Sharia extremist authoroties in the province of Aceh. But honestly what do we know about Indonesian punk?

In this video we will get to know them a little better. It is also a plead to support the film project with both money and to spread the word.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Bad Religion - Los Angeles is Burning! Video

A true favorite video of mine. Bad Religion´s Los Angeles is Burning.

Pissed off Rotten not amused with the re Release of God Save the Queen

Hahaha! It must be ironic that the Britains most hated man in 1976-77, attacked in the streets and denied the right to perform by local authoroties, now are the symbol of the same Britain. Not only was there an offer to play at the 2012 London Olympics. Now the Sex Pistols classic anti establishment anthem is released as a comercial song ever now and them when the Queen of England celebrate something. John Lydon aka Johnny Rotten is not amused, and I understand him.

Source BBC
Original article here.

The Virgin Records reissue of the classic A&M single

The Original 1977 video.

And Motörheads cover

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Extra Concert Social Distortion, Stockholm

Social Distortion, the band with the P90 pick up sound, now ad another date to their sold out concert  at Circus, Stockholm. August 8 is the new date. Aug 7 is long gone sold out.
Hurry up Harry, the tickets are hot!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Real Mc Kenzies, New Record Released

The Fake Scottshmen from Canada The Real Mc Kenzies have realeased a new Record, Westwinds.

Download a song for free here; The Message
Or Buy the record.

And during this years European tour they don´t visit Scandinavia at all so they can´t tell us to Bugger Off!

Also Keith Moon turned down playing in the olympics.

As I bloged a few days ago, Sex Pistols claim they turned down an offer to play at the Olympics. Now another wild one turned it down.
Keith moon, drummer in the legandary band The Who was offered to play at the 2012 London Olympics. There is only one problem, he died from an pill overdose in 1978.

Full artichle in Swedish here.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Rancid, Asta Kask, Street Dogs all on West Coast Riot 2012

Gothenburg Punk festival West Coast Riot Presents a program that look pretty good. Rancid been on since a few weeks. Asta Kask, Alonzo & Fas 3, anti-flag and more will be

We pay our tribute


Jim Marshall

29 July 1923 - 5 April 2012
The Inventor of the Rock, Punk and Metal sound
The Father of Loud

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Sex Pistols are not doing the Olympics.

The Sex Pistols turned down the Olympics 

The legendary punk band The Sex Pistols were asked to reform and perform at the huge summer Olymic event in London 2012, but turned it down. And why should they cope with a society that they been mocking since 1976. A British society that treat them bad and banned them back then. John Lydon have proved that there are still some ideals left in the old punks. They are not going for the gold and sell out. I guess that the idea of being turned into a jolly spectacle celebrated by greedy sporting companies, corrupt politicians and olympic delegates as well as tourists was a bit too gross.

 Note that the AC/DC didn´t play at the opening of the Sydney Olympics in 2000.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

CD Reviews, Mimikry, The Dräperz, The Lowlifes and Nitad

Mimikry - Monster
Best songs; Monster, Inte ens du
2012  Krypton Records/ Sound Pollution

The opening track, Monster, that also are the title track is at first a bit too commercial and soft for my taste. But after a few minutes I accept it as a hit song, In fact I convert from my first impression, it is a smashing good song.
The lyric are personal on the verge to self centerism. But I can live with that because of the strong chorus and the Playfulness with the words.
I blogged it before, in their worst moments they sound a bit like Nordman, at their best like Bad Religion. This is no exception on this Monster record. In Inte ens du they combine what I mean. The Bad Religion like chorus gives me shivers down my spine. All songs have strong and catchy melodies which makes even dull tracks like Utan Dig at least listenable.

The sound is professional and heavy. Mimikry is one of the bands that can keep it both fast and heavy. No wonder why the drummer is called Heavy (sorry a bad joke). The guitars, the bass and the drums gives the singer Hjalle a sound armada from which he can go  on a self reflecting journey on any open sea.  
The cover art; Mimikry have had some of the history of punks uglier covers. So this a step forward. But I can´t help it, it looks a bit too professional so it lacks a bit of that punky feeling.

Should you buy this record? Yes, if you into a more mainstream sounding punk or rock.

The Dräperz – Välkommen till Råby (Welcome to Raby)
Best song; Välkommen till Råby
2012 D.I.Y. records

The Dräperz 4 song EP Välkommen till Råby is a speedy, fast and furious EP. You seen it before, you heard it before but still it´s good, it´s getting me in a good mood.

The cover art is a classic cut out letters placed over a fade out photograph of Råby centrum (a dreaded suburb of the City of Västerås). But for this record it is so right. As many of today´s Swedish bands they mix Swedish and English lyrics. The in Swedish sung Välkommen till Råby could easily fit on an old Asta Kask EP. The sound is raw, its fast and both angry, resigned and ironic. It stand out in a fresh way. In fact at the moment I can say I find the Råby song one of the best released up to date in 2012.

The sound is not perfect but fair enough to match the good songs. The songs are tight and fairly fast. The other songs, Dräperz, No Future, The End don´t reach the heights of Välkommen till Råby. That even in the bass intro makes its mark as a modern classic Swedish punk song.

Should you buy this record? Yes, Yes, YES! Every Swedish punk should have one.

The Lowlifes - TV Addiction
Best songs; TV Addiction, Violence
2012 Club Underground

Thin k 1982 and the rise of Oi! There you have The Lowlifes but 30 years later. It´s sounds both as an Oi! nostalgia band, crust like and hard core. By the look of the band members the Oi! Influences seems strong. But this band is tighter in their playing than their presumed role models, but lack the older bands strong and catchy melodies. If I should associate it with a classic record I have to say it´s a better sounding version of GBH´s City Baby Attacked by rats.
The record is pretty fair, not the best and definitely not the worst. The music is tight and fast. I like the aggression in the playing but the fast tempo is in the long run the weakest link. They ever ongoing speedy music makes it all sound a bit the same in the end. The best is when the chorus is sung by all in the band as answer to the claims of the singer as in TV Addiction, du är and Violence. The Last is one of the strongest on the record even if I like the opening tracks Career Dreams and Det Brinner as well.

The Cover art, well it´s not a masterpiece, in fact it´s so non-communicating I would not give shit by this record in a record shop. Now I bought it at the concert. But still the cover doesn´t give the music the push “Buy Me” it is supposed to.

The sound is far more better than the older Oi! Records, but according to today´s standards it has a bit more to climb, to reach the height of the perfect punk sound. Possible it could be done in the mixing, but also the guitar sound could be a bit more processed if I may say so.
The Lowlifes mix lyrics in Swedish and English and are very angry. But I don´t really get what they are angry with. Like so many fast punk bands it´s like they angry out in the thin air. It´s part of the genres, but I really would like to have something to hook it up on. Unlike many Swedish  contemporary collegues these guys are no victims, they are angry and they will tell you. And that can´t be wrong.

Should you buy this record? Definitely if you into fast punk and Oi!

Nitad – Rastlös och vild ( transl. Restless and Wild)
Best songs; Rastlös och vild
2012 Morningwood Records

Watch out here comes the sonic tank brigade, slowly rolling and now they are speeding up! Run for your life or least your ears. The new Nitad CD Rastlös och vild isn´t something for the weak of heart or your grandpa to have as car music. It is quite painful to listen to. It´s like a roaring thunder coming at you with razor sharp edges (how is that possible, a thunder to have edges?). The Swedish Hard Core band Nitad really don’t want to be called Hard Core, mostly because they pick influences from other genres. On this record you could hear that, live it´s harder. They have understood that the fast and slow tunes, in combination, makes it more dynamic and makes all songs not sound the same. Otherwise the singing style, or primal scream like song (not the band, the psychology meaning of the word) don´t allow too much variation of the songs. That is a sign of intelligence, an intelligence that hide behind the hard and aggressive surface.

It´s painful for your ears, totally unpolished on the verge to amateurish sometimes, which I believe they are not. It´s supposed to sound this way. The way the singers voice don’t fit with the roaring thunder in the background makes it both interesting and annoying. Possible another mixing would made me like it a bit more. I probably got this wrong anyway. To me it reminds me of old late eighties bands like Big Black and Tad, but so much faster, harder and noisy. It like they found all the buttons on the mixer that made it unsmooth. These guys wanna hurt you ears seriously so run, run like hell otherwise you will end up there.

The lyrics are furious and simple. Instead of play some songs in Swedish and some in English they mix in the songs, and even made up their own Swenglish sentences like, Fuck Hela Världen, which makes it funny in all the dark misery they sing about.
I didn´t like the cover art at first, mainly I got association to any puberty punk band that wanna say fuck you to the parents, but it fits the record in it´s insanity. The psychedelic black and white comic art made by someone that seems like spent his days in a psychiatric ward is very significant for the record at large. This is not that is supposed to be easy to like, you have to earn it.

Should you buy this record? If you ever wanna brag about a record you own to prove that you into bad ass music for real, this would probably be one of them.


Sorry irony in Swedish only (doesnt make sense in English)

Glöm inte att boka biljett till festivalen
i sommar. festivalen där det inte sovs i tält. 

Featuring Din Personliga Bankman, Bolåneintitutet, Sälj ut välfärden, Alliansen, Sköna Hem, Skandia Mäklarna, Nordea, Postkodlotteriet och TV4.

Plats, Stockholm Innerstad, SOFO och runt Stureplan.  

The Globalisation of Punk!

A classic moment of how international punk have become was when the german band Rasta Knast singing about the swedish liqour store, Systembolaget in Brazil 2001. The poor Brazilians propably understand jack shit of what the hell it is about. Hilarious!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

The Briggs are Recording again

The California punk rock band The Briggs are back in the studio again, 
Both for Rancid tribute record and possible a new album(?).


Saturday, April 7, 2012

Anti Clockwise (Por) Free Download

Im doing a push for...

If your into Turbonegro and mourning that the one of the kind singer Hank von Helvete had started a lullaby/folksinger career or something, will find some comfort in the Portugeese based melodic garage punk band Anti Clockwise.
An utterly well sounding record.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Legendary Swedish Hard Core House Not For Sale!

The legendary Umeå hard core scene house will not be sold to comercial interests. The Conservatives at Umeå town hall wanted to sell the old house where legends like Refused, International Noice Conspiracy etc started their fame. Some years at the 90ies the house was one of the world centers of the straight edge hardcore scene.

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The text in Västerbottens Kuriren

 Translated in google translator.

 Umeå will not sell the Scharinska villa
 Published April 3rd, 2012 at 17:36

 The protests have paid off. Umeå municipality scraps plans to sell the city's premier live stage, the Scharinska villa.

 "It's not up to date with sales. The working committee, we agreed that we should fix up the house and restore it as a full historic building, "says Lennart Holmlund (S), Mayor, in a statement.

 When the plans for a sale became known threatened a number of the city's most famous musicians, such as Dennis Lyxzén and Frida Selander, refusing to play in Umeå is Culture 2014. Several thousand people joined the fast to protest the storm.

 The question of how the rehabilitation will be financed remains to be resolved, but the plan is that the house will continue to function as a stage for live music.

Will Hudson Falcons Appear?

At the moment Im working hard to understand if Hudson Falcons will appear in Stockholm or not. According to their homepage they will play at Skaal, which I believe is Skål at Hornstull. But such information is nowhere to be found in the Stockholm gig guides. Gaaah...frustrating.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Upcoming Gigs! (updated 3/3 2013)

Upcoming gigs 

Summer 2O13                                                                     
Please inform me about your next gig!

Have been on the lazy side lately but will update soon


7/6 DERBY STHLM, Charcoal at Nalen, Regeringsgatan 74, Stockholm   100SEK

13/6 Spökstan på Solstugan, Snoilskyvägen 37 Fredhäll Stockholm,  Subway; Kristinenerg

Bad Religion, Peter Murphy, Negative Approach and Sick Of It All and more will visit to STHLM during the summer.

My apology!

Sorry! If you waiting for live clips and reviews from last weekends concerts, please be patient.
phew, just over one week with this blog and Im already behind schedule....Its like a second job, haha.

Monday, April 2, 2012

The Negatives - The Hunt (2012)

One of Sweden best sounding punk bands have released a new and angry video

The Negatives - The Hunt

Subject; Lemmy
Directors; Greg Ollivier and Wes Orshoski
Year; 2010

Quote “You can´t have it all, Where should you put it?

No sane person on this planet can argue against the importance of Lemmy Kilmister, singer, bass player and front man in the now classic band Motörhead. And people agree on that  in the documentary Lemmy from 2010. It is pretty much a standard kind of documentary, with the exception that no one seems to have a bad word to say about him. Hardly his old band mates in the space rock/prog rock band, Hawkwind, which he was fired from in disagreement in the early 1970ies. Quite opposite, the punkrock and hardrock novelties lined up to cheer Lemmy. Something that don´t seems like go to the dear Lemmy´s head. The docu portray a down to earth easy going old man that still manage to play and sing the most hard and loud music this planet knows about. Most people in the docu agree on without him most trash and death and whatever metal wouldn´t sound the same. I can say that defiantly wouldn’t the Crust/D- beat punk genre sound the same.

Besides to show how important he is, we will follow his daily life in the tour bus and at home. We got to see his compulsive gambling, drinking and collecting of WW 2 German  knives and bayonets. As well as we get to know his opinion on family life and life in general. And there are few subjects that he always comes back to. The celebration of Beatles and Little Richard and that he love his son the most.

To some he might seem to be a complicated character mixing both the obsession of the black, gay 50´ies rock `n` roller Little Richard and decorating his home with Nazi flags. But to me he isn´t. To me he seems like to be totally honest towards himself about his likings. High and low doesn´t matter as long he gets interested in it. Not giving a shit about what people will think of him. The man that seems to be friendly to everyone feels that he have to defend himself against accusations of being a Nazi. Of course no one believes that he is one of those bad guys. But it is good to hear it from himself.

Its hard to think his age is 63 in the documentary, but sometimes the film maker manage to catch his face with a dead tired look in his eyes, then he looks like he is a thousand years old. Then I really wanna know what he was thinking. But in there we won´t get. That last door is closed. The man that always writes an autograph, let people take his picture, share a bottle or three with fellow musicians and knows everybody won´t let us in into his most secret chambers. If so this documentary would be one of its kind. Now its an OK docu, well worth to get into your collection besides all the other rocumetarys. It´s no really criticism against the film makers because it must been a hard task get anything interesting out of the one interviewed because their child like admiration of him. However will I point out that sometimes the movie is a bit confused in its narration.

Unlike docus on Ramones, Sex Pistols or Black Sabbath that always leaves a sour taste in your mouth after seeing them. Lemmy Kilmister is a rock n roller that you don´t get disappointed in, a grand dad of both Punk and Metal that still is King.      


A step towards freedom for the Punks and People of Burma

Source SVT text, Translated in Google translater.

Suu Kyi proclaims the people's victory

 Burmese opposition leader Aung San Suu
 Kyi called Sunday's election "a victory
 for the people "since her NLD party
 declared that she secured a place
 in Parliament.

 -But words, behavior and actions
 that may harm or make other parties
 sad or humans to be avoided
 altogether. I want everyone
 NLD members to ensure that people
 victory will be a worthy victory, she said.

 NLD said Monday that the party had
 won at least 43 of the 44 constituencies
 where it stood in the by-election
 to Parliament in Burma.

 Editors comment;
 Why I publish this will be a bit clearer to you later.

Review - The Lowlives and Knark at KGB and Knark at 44an

Stay tuned for the weekends reviews, will post later today.