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Asta Kask release and a f-up by Spotify

Asta Kask anounce that their new album "Handen på Hjärtat" is delayed on Spotify.
For iTunes users it is avalible as scheduled.
CG and Vinyl avalible is Sweden next week.
For the ones at the release party Sat 1st of June At Debaser Slussen in Stockholm there will be opportunities to buy it there.

American Distrobution from Prank Record will start next week.
Check Prank records homepage next week. 


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Demerit - Bastards of The Nation

Demerit - Bastards of the Nation (Chi)
From the album "Bastards of the Nation" (2008)


Peace and Love och festivaldöden (en rant på Svenska)

Sorry in Swedish only

Så gick ytterligare en Svensk rockfestival under. I går försvann Peace and Love från rockkartan. Och jag kan inte säga att jag kommer att sakna det. Även om just den festivalen var en av de bättre, så anser ja att de flesta stora festivaler är ganska fisljumma tillställningar. Lite av varje, likt en buffé, men med ett exklusivt pris. Så exklusivt att man får en semester för priset av en week end i musikens tecken.
 Kan inte säga att jag direkt känt mig lockad, att ta mig dit. Mest beroende på att festivalerna saknat ett konstnärligt spår.

Festivaler som Sweden rock festival har ett spår, ett gigantiskt spektakel med tydlig Hårdrock/Metal profil. Likaså Metal town och punkens stora spektakel West Coast Riot. De har både själ och hjärta. Men att se Green Day, Rammstein dela scen med Avicii lockar inte mig.
För liksom fotboll har blivit mer business än en idrott, har de stora musikfestivalerna mer än prägel av krämarmarknad ala Kivik än kärlek till musik och en Rock n Roll lifestyle.
För att tala klarspråk, de festivaler som har råkat i problem är främst de som är en slags festivalernas Absolute Music. En slags utslätad charter turism i musik. Så ju fortare de försvinner desto bättre är det. Sedan kanske mer nischade festivaler kan uppstå, som jag och mina likar känner mig lockad av.
Men framför allt borde folk i de stora städerna ta sig ut och lyssna på det utbudet av musik som finns där på en krog nära dig.

I helgen finns en nischad festival på Kafé 44 med punk. Om ni inte har prioriterat Asta Kask och Alonzo Fas 3 på Debaser dvs. Nästan som en festival det med.

Vailla Muffins - 3 Comrades

Vanilla Muffins - 3 Comrades (Swi)
From the album "The Drug Is Football" (2003)


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Iggy Pop don´t like punk

Rhe Godfather of punk Iggy Pop don´t like punk.

Click on the link and read more.

Ligisterna and DERBY STHLM at Skål (Live Review)

The Place, The Club
Possible have Klubb Antisocial gone from being an obscure Oi! club, to become the best punk club in town. It is relaxed and just a cool place to be. The place Skål is located at the wrong side of Södermalm island far away from most of the punk clubs. “Knivsöder” (Knife Söder) the area is called in the local folklore due to its history of drug related stabbings. That is history now as the hipsters and the nouveau rich moving into the area. But that shouldn´t stop you from attend their gigs.
It is very social there. Last night it was a meltingpoint of three different part of the punk scene, The Antisocial regulars, Ligisterna and DERBY STHLMs entourage. It might sound weird but Ligisterna and DERBY STHLM have never seen each other play or even shared a stage, but now it happened. These two top bands on the same bill was a dream scenario and you just pay 60SEK to see them. Brilliant!
However the cellar club isn´t without its problems. The stage must be one of the Worlds smallest. The roof height I very low, especially on stage and the stage sound is pretty much the sound you as a crowd will hear as well. On the other side there will be an intimately atmosphere even if there are few in the audience. Last night it was packed, not entirely full but pretty close to it.

The Bands

In the basement of Skål, Ligisterna was meeting a new audience that never heard them before, never heard of them before as well as people familiar with their stuff and I doubt they let anyone down. They were ready to rock even if the sound wasn´t optimal.  The mini stage didn´t alowe bass player Cabbe to jump along and move as much he is used to but otherwise nothing was different. the same energy as always. Despite some unbalance in the sound they did a convincing set but to my annoyence they did left out some of their better songs as “SAAB”, “Skitliv”, “Slav” etc. And many in the audience wanted to hear “Soptipp” as well. On the other side we got some new songs, just as good as the old. One a bit accurate today in the shadows of the Husby riots,” you just wanna dance I just  wanna destroy” was the chorus, but sung in Swedish of course. The singer Bojan aka Niklas wasn´t as funny in his comments between the songs as he used to be, but very focused to deliver a good set. And so were the whole gang onstage. But they have a way to communicate with the audience that is breaking down the borders between the rock band onstage and the crowd.

As an encore they did play a little trick on the audience. “En gång till” (One more time) did the crowd shout. And the band deliberately interpret that as the last song was the one to be played once again. So they did play the last played song as the encore. Haha, very funny.


DERBY STHLM manage always to create chaos onstage during their sets. Often their instruments is broken in a way or two. Last night Uffe did go hard on the strings on multiple guitars and had to ask Ligisterna of support to lend him a guitar. Unfortionately Ligisterna just went upstairs to prepare their CD and Vinyl sales so he had to the last number with missing strings. Who cared? It was as good as it was anyway.

Before that the football crazy mad men delivered an entertaining set as always. They are a band that are growing in popularity and despite the chaos on stage, they always deliver a great set. Last night was no exception.  No sweat was spared. Before the gig on Facebook, DERBY STHLM, more or less told the crowd to become a big choir that would help them out. So when they opened up the stage during the Ebba Grön cover “Radion” not only Psykbryt did take the stage in possession as usual, some of the Ligisterna and others as well as I did grab the mics to shout along Lalalalala in the Ebba Gröns 1979 classic, “Radion”. Before that, the French singer Nico of Sans Sursis did his French version of Tredje könets* “Spindlar”, “Cyntia”. Unexpected and very punk good. During the set the microphones was handed out at the audience to use, like to break the borders between the band and the crowd, to blur the dividing line, just in the tradition of DERBY STHLM ideology. And they did create that old school punk feeling of belonging and be a part of something bigger.  Both Ligisterna and DERBY STHLM are always a sight to see, last night was no exception.

And so

Last night was a night when the angry working class ethos got heard onstage. With frustration delivered with a message in punk songs not as thrown bricks. Even if both bands made joke about they rather be out throwing bricks.
60SEK was cheap for such an entertaining night as it was.

*Leffe of DERBY STHLM played in Tredje Könet.

Saturday, May 25, 2013


Tonight at club Antisocial, two of the top bands in Stockholm share the same stage.
DERBY STHLM and Ligisterna

Alonzo Fas 3 Album Review

Alonzo Fas 3
Alonzo Fas 3

(Spotify, CD, Vinyl)
This review is made from listening to the CD.

Michael ”Micke” Alonzo was one of the singers in one of the original Swedish 1978 punk band KSMB, a band that reached a whole generation of Swedish youngsters and gained some mainstream success as well. At the height of their success Micke Alonzo annoused that he would quit to become a “Pizzabagare” (work in a pizza restauran.) I never got the nerve to ask him about the truth in it. A few years later he was back in Stockholms Negrer and got the neo nazi movments enemy #1.
And when they quit he been into politics, advertising, doing Tv and been writing books as well as he owns a law firm. But I could tell he was really tempted to be back on stage singing. After a failed attempt to reform KSMB he got together with a bunch of guys from bands like Hellacopters, Refused and Nomads etc. A Swedish punk supergroup you might say. Fas 3 as they named them self. It has a double meaning, both it´s is Alonzos third phase (fas) in music as well it is a very unpopular unemployment program launched by the Fredrik Reinfeldts right wing/liberal government.

I followed the band during a series of live concerts during last year. And the crowd was really there for the old KSMB and Stockholms Negrer tunes. In between the band sneaked in some new Fas 3 tunes. I can admit that sometimes I hit the bar or went to the bathroom during some of them. As well I wasn´t too impressed with the singles during 2012.

I have gotten some inside info on the record in advance during the process and it all claimed this was going to be a great record. And so...Now it´s here!

In the first track “Det bästa som har hänt” (The best ever happened) they speed up the Sympathy for the Devil verse chords in double speed and go for a knock out. The song is about all of us punks that in the seventies did our thing against all odds. And it grasps my heart and my spine in a way a record do when it is something extra. Wow, they got their low-fi sound right on the record that never really worked in the shadows of the KSMB song live.

after the up tempo opening they go on with “Ett meningsfullt liv” (A meaningsful life) and it is from my POW the perfect song as the second song.

3rd track” Matilda”, a mainstream down tempo pop song that could been on a recent Bruce Springsteen album or something. The single left me stone cold. On the album after the two faster tracks it fits perfect. Here it is in its right element and I find myself humming it ever now and then.
And now I listen on the lyrics and it´s dark undertones.

Ismer is a track where Alonzo  is giving the boot at all –isms that he is really fed up with. Feminism, Liberalism, Communism, Nazism and whatever ism there is. Here his son Ali* helps out in the chorus. OMG, it´s not a long time ago my kids did play with toy pirates with him. Well times fly.

Then the record moves on in a perfected balanced way to be a record that is close to a masterpiece. Alonzo Fas 3 has nothing to be ashamed off and with this record the band takes a step out of the KSMB shadows to shine on their own. Infact it is a candidate to be crowned the best record this year by 1,2 FYPR.
 The slow “Varför skulle jag bry mig” (Why should I care) is one of the real highlight on this as well as the ballad “Inte ett ord till” (not another word). “När du inte är med” (when you´re not around) reminds me of a punkish the Doors etc. The closing cocktail jazz number “lyxbegravning” (Luxury burial) performed as a drunken after party jam closes a perfect circle of songs that shows that the album format is still working like it used to do, even in a time of clicks and internet restlessness. In fact this album is important to define the greatness with Alonzo Fas 3 and confirm their existence.
Overall, this record have all the balls, bollocks and mojo as well as honesty and strong melodies played by the super group Fas 3 to become one of the soundtracks this summer. And I´m not shure that I have discovered everything there is to discover on this record???

Worth buying? Hurry it´s already a classic record, not least because Petrus Vavami  / Micke Alonzos stylish and clean record cover.

* Michael Alonzo have written about the struggle to have the right to be the father of his son Ali in the book “Ge aldrig upp”.

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Asta Kask - Vredens Barrikad (new song free download)

Stockholms suburbs, especially the Husby suburb been the center for nightly riots the last week.

And just like it was a planned publicity stunt masterminded by the guys in Asta Kask (or did they have a crystal ball?),
they will have a song about something similar on their new album released next week.
Vredens Barrikad (transl. The Barricade of Wrath).

They give it away free, just click and play.


Rifle, New Song

The Swedish Synth band Rifle have a new single on Spotify today...


The Clash - White Riot Single Version

The Clash - White Riot (UK)
Single version (1977)


Thursday, May 23, 2013

Hudson Falcons - Working Class War

Hudson Falcons - Working Class War
From the alum "Desperation and Revolution" (2007)


Troublemakers - Majorna Brinner

Troublemakers - Majorna brinner (Swe)
From the album "Idiot" (2010)


Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Saturday´s Heroes - Tear It Down

Saturdays Heroes - Tear It Down (Swe)
From the 6 track record "Stories Left Untold" (2013)

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RIP Ray Manzarek, The Doors

According to a press release by the band died, 74-year-old Ray Manzarek in Germany as a result of cancer.

Manzarek founded The Doors with vocalist Jim Morrison in 1965.

Backyard Babie will publish autobiography

Dregen, guitarist in Backyard Babies and an ex Hellacopters will publish a autobiography in september.

Sorry the rest will be in Swedish....

Dregen - självbiografin
berättad för Tore S. Börjesson

Släppdatum 2013.09.02
Recensionsdatum 2013.09.23

Sveriges mest utpräglade rockartist – Dregen –  kommer efter sommaren med sin självbiografi, berättad för journalisten Tore S. Börjesson. Med The Hellacopters och Backyard Babies blev Dregen en av Sveriges största rockartister och vann flera grammisar. Sedan har han turnerat över hela världen med storheter som Kiss och AC/DC.

Dregens liv har allt det man vill ha av en biografi, de tre mytologiska benen sex, droger och rock'n'roll. Men även ett livslångt personligt drama som började när han vid 11 års ålder blev ögonvittne till att hans pappa hängde sig. 2004 hamnade han och hans fru, artisten Pernilla Andersson Dregen, mitt i tsunamin.

Dregen är en rockstjärna i ordets rätta bemärkelse: en stilikon och en self-made-man som gav upp alla tankar på ett vanligt liv redan i mellanstadiet. Dregen har aldrig haft en Plan B. Nu berättar han om sitt intensiva och kompromisslösa liv i självbiografin som kommer i september. I samband med boken släpper Dregen också sitt första soloalbum.

Tore S Börjesson, mångårig profil på Aftonbladet, är en journalist med musik som huvudsyssla och rock'n'roll som livsluft.

Omslagsbild: Niclas Brunzell. Artwork by Björn Rallare.

Street Dogs - Certain Fate

Street Dogs - Certain Fate (US)
From the Album "Rustbelt Nation" (2013)


Rancid - Old Friend/Brad Logan (California Sun)

Let´s have a Rancid Tuesday

Rancid - Old Friend (US)
From the album "...And Out Came The Wolves" (1995)

Rancid - "Brad Logan" (US)
From the album "Chef Aid: The South Park Album" (1998)

Often tha song is called California Sun 

Monday, May 20, 2013

Street Dogs - Rustbelt Nation

Street Dogs - Rustbelt Nation (US)
Single taken from 
the album "Rustbelt Nation" (2013) 

Friday, May 17, 2013

Dropkick Murphys and Bruce Springsteen release Rose Tattoo for Boston Maraton benefit

Dropkick Murphys and Bruce Springsteen release Rose Tattoo for Boston Maraton benefit.

The Boss join forces with the Boston based Dropkick Murphys in an EP for the victims of the Boston Maraton bombs.

Pogues Guitarist Phil Chevron diagnosed with cancer

Pogues Guitarist Phil Chevron diagnosed with cancer

Phil Chevron have been treated for cancer before, this time it is in the neck and head and the Doctors don´t dare to do surgery because of the high risk of a stroke.


Thursday, May 16, 2013

Alonzo Fas 3 at Debaser Medis May 15 2013 (release party)

Alonzo Fas 3 
at Debaser Medis 
May 15 2013
 (release party)

Since the Michael Alonzo comeback to punk, a year ago, I´ve heard the rants about the fact that Alonzo didn´t wrote all the classic KSMB songs, Johan Johansson did. Johansson this nag nag, Johansson that nag nag. And Alonzo & Fas 3 is just a KSMB cover band which is untrue. Let me put this straight! Michael Alonzo was one of two voices of KSMB in the early eighties. They were brilliant then. The songs of KSMB is still brilliant and as it showed this last year an important part of the Swedish punk song treasure.  The legacy of the band is un-mistakenly huge. Psykbryt for instance plays KSMB song regularly without someone accused them for being a KSMB cover band, so why can´t one of the original singers do it? Like Wilco Johnson wouldn´t play Dr Feelgood tunes.  In fact I would be pretty pissed off if he didn´t. Backing up his performance is something like a super group with both a core of members as well as a stream of guest performers. I wonder for instance how much core member Nicke Andersson (ex Hellacopters, Entombed) is? Alonzo & Fas 3 then changed their name to Alonzo Fas 3 which makes the band name more graphic. Not least on the record cover.
Besides KSMB tunes Alonzo Fas 3 plays some classic tunes from his second band Stockholms Negrer and new written Fas 3 material. And because of the new written material we were gathered at Debaser Medis for the release of the new record.

The Venue/Place /Crowd

It was a release party but the vinyls didn´t arrived in time from France so there was only CD avaliable. Not that I really cared about the vinyls, I prefer CD. But this France failure did annoy Alonzo who let us know about his frustration onstage. In one of the songs he really did a rant about it and I guess we all got shiver down our spines. OMG he is for real! He is not a man that passed his 50ies killing time with old tunes. He is pissed off for real, he is the real deal!
The crowd was rather big a Wednesday night like this. Besides the punk scene regulars I guess the rest was KSMB fans back in the days as well as there were some younger fans there, not even born when the songs performed was around.
Being a dull Wednesday when everyone seemed grumpy it wasn´t optimal to set the crowd on fire but in the end he did, I wasn´t in my best mood for instance after I was a biiiig smile. And The crowd didn´t tear the place down like the month before when band almost blew Stiff Little Finger off stage. But if you play KSMB and Stockholm Negrer tunes there will be sing a longs.

 The Band

Warming up the crowd was a gathering of different old times punk playing punk covers like God Save The Queen etc it seems. I missed most of it so I can´t say anything about it.

Then  Alonzo Fas 3 entered the stage in a Pink Floyd the Wall style and turned the dull Wednessday into Punk Rock n Roll poetry. The Backdrop more looking like a totalitarian banner than a punk band backdrop. The band as usual dressed in black pants and shirts with red armbands. Micke Alonzo in front in a red shirt, it made an impressive and beautiful impact on me. For a while then Alonzo was back in his Black T shirt.

I moved around in the room during the first tunes (sorry if I stepped on some toes)  to find the place where the perfect sound was and found it. By then the band had worked their way up to a frenzy that is needed for this kind of music.  Then they added another guitarist. First the guitar player from Baboon Show to be succeded by  Nicke “Hellacopter” Andersson. With three guitarist the sound was perfect. The core base player was for the day replaced with a substitute bass player skilled enough to not make any difference. With the three guitarists they then delivered the new songs with precision. Some have been around for the whole year. Some been added on later and one new song I never heard before. But it isn´t really punk tunes, more of rock tunes played by the Swedish punk elite. The songs isn´t trying to restore Alonzos former punk glory but it is exactly where he stands today, 53 years old, into politics, being a father and in love with his woman.
And I can say that “now” the new songs clicked for me. Now the coin was accepted by the soda machine. Some tunes been around for a year so the crowed have learned the lyrics and they could sing along. And in the middle of it, there was Micke Alonzo owning the place. He had proved to us that this was not a KSMB karaoke night. This was Fas 3 (transl. Phase 3).

He didn´t top his Stiff Little Fingers gig but he was on his way. Fas 3 have never sounded better and I doubt KSMB had done it better in 1981. I find it offensive that Alonzo Fas 3 isn´t booked at every rock festival this summer. I guess they would shake some life into the rather dull line ups. So please let me not hear any “Johan Johansson is better” references for a long time because that will just makes you sound stupid.

Worth the time spent there?

Yes, in fact it took away my rather damp mood. This is Spa for my mind.
Entrance was free.

BTW, it´s rather wonderful to see grown men lose it all to just freak out in a classic KSMB/Stockholms Negrer tune like it is done in a Negro Spiritual Church.

The record will be reviewed later.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Pensioners Organisation tries to recrute Hard Rockers, Metal heads and Punks.!k3zwk6wrjxyE/

The biggest Swedish metal and hard rock festival, Sweden Rock that is held in June in Ronneby, southern Sweden, and sometime have some punk bands in the line up as well. Will now be a recrute base for PRO, Pensionärernas riksorganisation, in translation, National Pensioners' Organisation.

PRO claims that many of the headbanging visitors are over 55 of age which makes them suitable for recruitment. A bit hurt Sweden Rock defend them self by claiming that the average age of the visitors are 37.

If they´re serving free coffe, Gene Simmons of Kiss might sign up, or?



Alonzo Fas 3, New Record today

Todays big punk happening is the release of the Alonzo Fas 3 album.

Releaseparty at Debaser Medis today at 20.00
First band onstage 20.30

Free entrance!

The good bad news! The post that never going to be.

The good bad news!

Some month ago I stumbled upon a punk rock novel. Posted a chapter every day, the young Scottish punk lady Raven Taylor presented a romantic, dramatic and a bit sad novel about a punk band singer and a young women. It was taken from her own life, her friends life as well as it was inspired by the lyrics of Rancid. The novel name was borrowed from one of the Rancids best songs "Fall Back Down".

I felt instantly that I would like to post it as summer reading for my blog followers. And that was supposed to be happening this summer. But then something good happened, She got a publishing contract with a publisher that would print the book old school, you know on a bunch of paper like people used do. No, it is not the kind of book you got in your iPhone, but that you find in the book store.

As a blogger I could been a bit grumpy about it, but Im not. The book nerd in me is all full of joy for her. Wow, she got a publishing contract! And that in the speed of light. However, Im got the permission to post the first three chapters...then you have to buy the book.

And, nothing can take away from me that here is where you heard of her in the first place. :-)

Soon on your bookshelf?
Raven Taylor - If I fall back down

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Rancid - Fall Back Down (Let´s have a Rancid Tuesday)

Rancid - Fall Back Down (US)
From the album "Indestructible" (2003)


Rancid - Last One To Die (Let´s have a Rancid Tuesday)

Rancid - Last One To Die (US)
From the album (Let The Dominoes Fall)


Lap Dogs will record again

My former band, well, at least we were some guys that showed up in a rehersal studio, Lap Dogs are getting together for a proper recording of the reggae tune "Domus Restaurant". 

Monday, May 13, 2013

Lap Dogs - (Oh No) I got a Gun (ugly mix)

Lap Dogs - (oh no) I Got a Gun (Swe)
Unreleased single

Bad Religion - Punk Rock Song

Bad Religion - Punk Rock Song (US)
From the album "The Gray Race" (1996)


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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Which is your favorite "To Have And To Have Not" version?

The title for this song in taken from an Ernest Hemmingway novel, "To Have And To Have Not".
Filmed in different versions such as The Breaking Point and The Gun Runners in the 1950irs.

The Original version
Billy Bragg - To Have And To Have Not (UK)
From the album "Life´s A Riot With Spy Vs. Spy" (1983)

The Classic coverversion
Lars Frederiksen and the Bastards - To Have And To Have Not (US)
From the Album  - "Lars Frederiksen and the Bastards" (2001)

The newer cover version by Tim Armstrong, Lars Frederiksens bandmate in Rancid

Tim Timebomb and Friends - To Have And To Have Not (US)
Single (2012) 


Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Tim Timebomb and Friends - Bad Luck (Social Distortion cover) (Let´s have a Rancid Tuesday)

(Let´s have a Rancid Tuesday)

Rancids Tim Armstrong covering Social Distortions Bad luck.
Originally recorden in 1992 for "Somewhere Between Heaven And Hell"

Tim Timebomb and Friends - Bad Luck (Social Distortion cover)
Single (2012)

Olympia - Tim Timebomb and Friends (Let´s have a Rancid Tuesday)

(Let´s have a Rancid Tuesday)
Tim "Timebomb" Armstrongs way of killing time.

Tim Timebomb and Friends - Olympia (Rancid Cover) (US)

Originally recorded by Rancid on their classic album "...And Out Come The Wolves" (1995)


Monday, May 6, 2013

Asta Kask- Världens Räddaste Land

Asta Kask - Världens räddaste land (Swe)
Single from the album "Handen på Hjärtat" 2013


En kväll för Stellan

Mob 77 - Desperate (Swe)

Old bandmembers and guests play one
of Stellan Hemringes old punk rock tunes.

From the cancer benefit concert "En kväll för Stellan"

At Boo Folkets hus in Orminge
May 4th 2013

Mob 77 was Peter, Stellan, Thomas och Matte.


Saturday, May 4, 2013

The Manics - Just Be There at Skål in Stockholm 2013

Under Reconstruction.
Stay tuned

The Manics - Just Be There
Live at Skål (Klubb Antisocial) April 27 2013

You are gone not forgotten! RIP

I´ve been a bit down due to Pollen problems and as fast you turn the back to the world some dies it seems.

First was the Kroatian footballer, Ivan Turina (playing in the Swedish legue), found dead, probably of a heart failure(?) at Thursday 2nd.

Then it became music related.
The rock world is in shock after Slayer Guitarist Jeff Hannemans death May 3rd. Mentioned death causes was a liver failure. Possible after the causes of his severe Necrotizing Fasciitis, I ask myself. 

Actually I was convinced two years ago when the horrible infection Necrotizing Fasciitis got him, that his days was numbered at least his Slayer days. 

In any case. I send my condolences to his dear ones and all the fans of Slayer. 

The same goes to Ivan Turinas family.

In a few hour I will attend a memory punk concert in Nacka. It is a benefit concert to Cancer research. 
In the memory of Stellan Harminge, member in the 80ies bands Mob-77, Aoouh! and Warheads.
Where I will team up with Stellans fans friends and we will have a drink to your (Stellans) memory. 

You are gone not forgotten!

Tim Timebomb and Friends - Ooh La La

Tim Timebomb and Friends - Ooh La La (The Faces Cover) (US)
One of the big amount of singles they released last year (2012)

Urin - Utväg

Urin - Utväg (Swe)
From the live compilation album (recorded at Oasen), "En dag måste nånting hända när allt slår in" (1979)

Tant Brun - Så Mycke' Skit

Tant Brun - Så Mycke' Skit (Swe)
 From the single "Nej/Så Mycke´ Skit"  (1980)

Friday, May 3, 2013

Anti-Cimex - Victims of a Bomb Raid

Anti-Cimex - Victims of a Bomb Raid (Swe)
From the EP "Victims of a Bomb Raid" (1984)


Kramer - Insight (Dead Kennedys Tribute)

One of the more bisarre Dead Kennedys covers where made by Kramer in
1992 on the Dead Kennedys tribute record "Virus 100".
The record was to celebrate Jellos record company Alternative Tentacles 100th release.

Kramer - Insight (US)
From the tribute album "Virus 100" (1992)


Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Street Dogs - There is Power in a Union

Street Dogs ~ There is Power in a Union (US)
From the album "Fading American Dream" (2006)

Which Side Are You On - Dropkick Murphys

Dropkick Murphys - Which Side Are You On (US)
From the album "Sing Loud, Sing Proud!" (2004)