Sunday, February 2, 2014

Thanx all 1,2,FYPR night at Tucken

Last night 1,2 FYPR event filled the club of Tucken to see Topper and The Wall of Clash play. A brilliant night......THANK YOU ALL!

The Wall of Clash did put on a great Clash tribute show.

Topper appeared as always as the top performers they proved themself to be.

In all it was a brilliant punk rock week full of Topper, UK Subs and many more.

A GREAT THANK YOU TO The Audience, Tucken, the Wall of Clash och Topper, My darling Camilla , Club Double Debbie, UK SUBS, TV Smith, Stiffy Jones, the two Patriks, Uffe, Lasse, Guest artist at Toppers performances and the beer Falcon. 

Pictures will soon be up.....


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