Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The FAt Four On Tour 2013

A four band Swedish tour package is out on the roads during end of Septembet to October 2013.

Spotlicks (Stockholm), Headons (Halmstad), Smash it Up (Gothenburg) and Suicide Syndicate (Malmö).

So far Helsingborg, Halmstad and Stockholm is on the bill. Stay tuned for more dates.


Sunday, September 15, 2013

3rd annual Ultrahuset celebration at Kafé 44, Tredje Könet, Klägg and Gonzo Morales live review

The Venue (and a background)

For the second generation of Stockholm punks Ultrahuset was a second home. Basically it was a family house in a suburbian middleclass area that for some reason was turned into an anarchy punk place (why I didn´t know then and I still don´t). The concerts where held in the living room that was turned into a riot pad. The place was an exception in the well planned capital of Sweden, Stockholm.
An exception that became a role model for other places such as Pinkruset and  Vita Huset in Täby. But Ultra Huset in Handen was the #1 stage of both new  and older punkbands. Ebba Grön,  KSMB, Black Flag (Henry Rollins edition) and Dave Grohls Scream did play there.
The authorities and neighbors did manage to close it down in 1987-88. And as a symbolic act, some punks thought it was a good Idea to torch the place and burn it down instead of hand it over to the enemies.  With it, a wild and crazy part of Swedish punk history died.

Swedish punk didn´t. And so did not did the activities that moved to different places. Kafé 44 at the innercity island of Södermalm was the most notable extension of the activities of Ultra.
Since 3 years now Ante and Frölis have organized an annual celebration of Ultrahuset with bands that where there when it happened. This year Tredje Könet and Klägg was the main event.
The music and punk scene in all its glory, what as most famous with Ultra was the buns that Tompa Eken baked, and still does at Kafé 44, or 44an as most people say. The best buns I ever tasted!
I didn´t get any last naight Buhu. I guess I didn´t paid enough attention or something.

With both Tredje Könet and Klägg on stage you will have the background to DERBY STHLM that roams the Stockholm stages today. Before I dive into that I will say there were two more acts this night. The first was Billey Shamrock which I missed. And the Danes Gonzo Morales which had nothing to do with Ultrahuset and whose music was a bit apart from the nostalgia punk that was going on.

The Bands

Gonzo Morales

Apart from that they did a smashing good concert. The sound was excellent and their concept that might have been silly with its distorted vocals and tremolo guitars was a blast, hypnotic and catching. I wished they have had the opportunity to play on their conditions, not squeezed in between Klägg and Tredje Könet. Definitely will I listen more to them because they were quite good.
Together with a band like Nej they would have made a great lineup.


I never heard Klägg back in the days, (which is weird because I hung out with Turbos brother Tommy). It was something that you read written on the wall in punk style graffiti.
I did a review of their DIY album this spring.
Live they were good. They were as aggressive and hard as I like to remember the bands from the old age. The agitating singer that where all over the place trying to wind up the not so young audience to the guitars with its Clashy hooks, tight drums and the bass players insane manners (the same as in DERBY STHLM) made it a good concert even with today´s standards. It might have been a nostalgia night but their performance and songs seemed surprisingly fresh.

Tredje Könet

Tredje Könet had their days in the mid 80ies. With its catchy pop punk I will say they were procursors to both trallpunk and the catchy rock punk that copy Rancid today. They got very strong melodies in all their numbers, but, the crowd where there to hear their two minor hits, “Spindlar” and “Godismannen”.  “Spindlar” covered by the French band Sans Sursis as well as DERBY STHLM frequently cover “Godismannen”. But  “Människor I nöd”, “En neger” and “Jag vill inte” is still real good punk rock songs that hold its banner high.
 It must been like home to Leffe when he last night was in a different band than DERBY STHLM, but still got a bass player in the center of the stage jumping up and down like a madman, or should I use madwoman instead. Ylva was one of those females that back in the days seems to refuse to be nice and quiet or just be pretty. Was it the whole rock star number onstage?
Still even if she leaves the tits covered nowdays as Leffe points out, she is all over not wanting to leave the stage clean for guitar playing male egos. The mocking between Leffe and Ylva onstage as well as between the band and the crowd was a part of the entertainment. Tredje Könets EP “4 hits” was one of my first buys when I moved to Stockholm in the mid 80ies and it is with a certain sadness I realize that this was a, one time only, event. I wish they continued because I felt I want that, I realized I missed them.

However the essence of the night is spelled DERBY STHLM. Whatever the two main acts did back then is refined in DERBY STHLM, and it was fun to see where the hell they came from so clearly.

I should mention the spontaneous 2 number gig Psykbryt and DERBY STHLM (named by the crowd as Derby Psykbryt) did in two KSMB numbers rather improvised, just like it could be back then.

The crowd

The crowd was mostly the regulars at Punk venues as well as some others. And because of the Ultra connection to the gig the average age was past 40. Pogoing there was to a certain point, but mostly it was more the Stockholm style of standing like statues kind of crowd. However the crowd grabbing the mikes in the chorus was more like it was back then at Ultra, where the was no real stage and the crowd was more or less standing in the band area, just like it should be.  Especially during the covers.
Covers like “Ronka”, “Jag vill dö” and “Pervers politiker”

And so

Worth the money? 100 SeK, Yes. But that price was an capitalistic outrage compared to Ultrahuset standards. Times have changed, that is clear.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Iggy Pop & James Williamson Kill City - Kill City

Iggy Pop & James Williamson - Kill City (US)

Taken from the Album Kill City (1977)

In memory of Ultrahuset

Swedens legendary punk place Ultrahuset
was a chaotic and wonderful place back in the early and mid 80ies.
Now some band will do a revival gig to celebrate the place.

3/5 of Derby STHLM will be represented on stage in Klägg and Tredje Könet.

It´s 25 years since the punks themself torched the place when the authorities threw  them out.


Sunday, September 8, 2013

Kasta Katt consuming my time.

It´s been a hard work getting back to blog after the sunny vacation.

Partly because my back hurts and consumes a lot of my energy, and partly because Im recording with my own punk project Kasta Katt. Finally, Im moving in the right direction.
One of the reasons I do that is spelled, Ipad. With it I can do the groundwork for new songs which I can, litterary, write on the bus to work. And When Im at home I just can recaord it fast and dirty.

My intial plan was to make it a 4 track EP with "Full Fet Fattig", Att Vara En Vara", "Carl Bildts Pengar" and another track. But as it is now 8 songs are recorded, which makes it tempting to go for a full lenght because I got some written material not yet recorded that could fit right in, maybee. "Domus Restaurant", "Landet Swärje" and more.

As it it now there are the proposed songs.

Working title is (Ilskna Sånger Från Förorten)

Full Fet Fattig
Att Vara En Vara
Carl Bildts Pengar
Eliten Mot Skiten
Knuffas På Brommaplan
Du är en Stjärna
Lap Dog  (Cover on my Lap Dogs song)
Landet Swärje ( I wrote it in 1982)
Domus Restaurant (Which I wrote 1982 and demo recorded by Lap Dogs)
Jag Är Vakt Här
Kvinnohandel Nu
Born To Lose (Working title)
I Got A Gun
Min Del Av Stan

Stay tuned!

The Clash - Safe European Home

The Clash - Safe European Home (UK)
From the Album - Give ´em Enough Rope (1978)