Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Mexican DIY label free downloads

The Mexican DIY punk record label Nacion Libre give away records for free.

French Anarcho pop (Trall Punk) ala Louis Lingg and the Bombs - Conspiracy
and more...

The Nacion Libres statement (Transladed in Google translater)


This album has been released from the Mexican netlabel Free Nation.
No problem if you want to post it to your blog / forum / site, only
I ask that you use the links we provide on our website
to keep the download counter. We also would appreciate
if you mention that you get the Free Nation disc and / or put a link
to our website (www.nacion-libre.net).

Remember that our sole purpose is to promote Mexican underground scene
and internationally, offering a free and open space for bands
edited digitally records, keeping out the business and industry

Thank you, Staff of Free Nation.

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