Sunday, April 22, 2012

It´s Emo to hate Emo

It´s not often I comment kids yap about who is cool or not. Ok, I don´t deny I think the commercialized pop punk is disgusting. But it stays there. I can think that hipster shit and Emo kids are a bunch of spoiled rotten cry babies. But I don´t write fucking songs to stir up hatred on them.
Today I will spend a few words on it.

 As you might know there are a few so called punk bands making songs about how much they hate EMOs etc. Anti Flag and Cheap Sex I think make compleat fools out of themself with songs like Emo Sucks and Fuck Emo. Partly because it is Emo to do songs about how much they hate Emo, partly because it´s for cowards. I mean, most Emo kids are already bullied and despised so they are easy to pick on targets. Which makes those bands, Jocks both the old ones and the new ones. If those band wanted/want´s to prove themself, how hard they are, then they should attack those who have the power, like Pussy Riot in Russia did. But I guess those band don´t/didn´t dare to destroy their careers that way. It easier to gang up on a limp wristed self pitying kid.
And why in hell do Anti Flag wanna be a W Bush like bully?

I guess it´s a bit of masked homophobia and small town narrow minded mentallity hidden behind it. Like the terror Raggare/Teddyboys/Rockers once inflicted on the punk kids, those so called punks, now practice it on Emo kids. Is it brave, is it Punk or Is it sane? It´s redneck mentallity posing as punk.

There is nothin Oi! about kicking on one that is down, it is both punk and Oi! to kick against the power.

Yes Im aware of Anti Flags political stance and therefor I find that Emo song stupid and counter productive. 

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