Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Legendary Swedish Hard Core House Not For Sale!

The legendary Umeå hard core scene house will not be sold to comercial interests. The Conservatives at Umeå town hall wanted to sell the old house where legends like Refused, International Noice Conspiracy etc started their fame. Some years at the 90ies the house was one of the world centers of the straight edge hardcore scene.

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The text in Västerbottens Kuriren

 Translated in google translator.

 Umeå will not sell the Scharinska villa
 Published April 3rd, 2012 at 17:36

 The protests have paid off. Umeå municipality scraps plans to sell the city's premier live stage, the Scharinska villa.

 "It's not up to date with sales. The working committee, we agreed that we should fix up the house and restore it as a full historic building, "says Lennart Holmlund (S), Mayor, in a statement.

 When the plans for a sale became known threatened a number of the city's most famous musicians, such as Dennis Lyxzén and Frida Selander, refusing to play in Umeå is Culture 2014. Several thousand people joined the fast to protest the storm.

 The question of how the rehabilitation will be financed remains to be resolved, but the plan is that the house will continue to function as a stage for live music.

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