Thursday, April 26, 2012

One month Celebration

Today's one month since I started this blog. It feels like a much longer time ago.
My attitude was when I started it, If I can get it going for one month it was more likely to get it to last.

In 1983 I started my first punk fanzine, Damernas Runt Aktuellt. I cut out the logos from popular celebrity mags and the porn mag FiB Aktuellt. And as a catch I had one of the biggest Swedish punk bands at the time, Attentat as a feature. The fanzine never got printed because my lack of money. Even some photocopies was expensive to me back then. I learned the way to do it and later I manage to publish comic fanzines as Trilsk and Entropi.
Now almost 30 years later I still find it as fun as I did then. I am no journalist, I can´t spell proper and English isn´t my native language but that doesn´t stop me. A lot of water has passed under a lot of bridges. Most notable is the way information is distributed almost for free and how quick it is done, Fanzines, music and ideas can be spread around the world. Today I can reach a global audience, which was unthinkable with the 1980ies fanzine made in a town no one knew where it was, which is why it is so exiting. I find new bands, I can push my favorites.

I mean how hard can it be? I go to concerts, listen to music, watch art, read books etc. Here I can share it with you, it´s just an upload away. So far after one month I posted 50 posts, reached almost a 1000 readers and found some new good stuff, it is way beyond what I could dream of thirty years ago. So the posting continues, here we go…1, 2, fuck you!

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