Thursday, May 24, 2012

Punk in Comix - Peter Pank

Many Swedes ghasps out a nostalgic Ah! when you mention Peter Pank. During the 80 and the adult comic wave Peter Pank was as pupular as many other of the French, Belgian, Italian and Spanish comics published in Comic books like POX, EPIX, Pulserande Metal and Tung Metal.

Peter Pank and Tinkerbelle

Behind the artist name Max hides Gisbert Francesco Capdevila from Barcelona, a Spanish comic artist that during the 1980ies made the comic Peter Pank. A Peter Pan parody in a punk setting. Originally published in the Spanish alternative comic magazine el Vibora. In Sweden it was published in the monthly adult comic book POX. 

 The style it was drawn in was in the tradition of European adventurous comics like Spirou etc. But with punky, anarchist, sexual and violent content. The characters from the Classic Peter Pan story was made into Punks, Teddyboys, Hippies and Punkette sluts and Dominatrix. The Captain Hook character was the leader for the Teddyboys, refers to the hostility between the Punks and the Teds here and there all over Europe at the early stages of Punk. 

For an old punk like me it still stand out as a good comic. It´s funny, stylish, disturbing and tear down the silliness of the original Peter Pan, especially the Disney Version.

Between 84-90 Max Published 3 albums in Spanish, Peter Pank (84), El Licantropunk(87), Pankdinista! (90).

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