Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Answers on the punk quiz

Quiz and anxwers created by Adam Rebelius from Chicago

The Answers on the quiz.

 1. CBGB and OMFUG: Country, Blue Grass, Blues, and Other Music for Uplifting Gormandizers. Thanks to Baby Bongo for correcting my typo w/his answer (And no, I don't know what a "Gormandizer" is either)

 2. "Carbona, Not Glue" appears on the first pressing of The Ramones "Leave Home" album. It was pulled off future pressings because the company that makes Carbona didn't like the song, and threatened to sue. Depending on what part of the world you lived in, the song was either replaced by "Sheena is a Punk Rocker", "Baby Sitter", or it was just left blank. ("Baby Sitter" was the b-side to a 45, but I can't remember what the a-side was. I used to have that single over 30 years ago til it got stolen)

 3. The song, "Submission" was originally left off the British pressing of Never Mind the Bollocks when it was first released. Fun fact: On the VERY FIRST pressing, the song is NOT LISTED on the back cover! There was a sticker on the shrink wrap that said, "Also contains the song, "Submission" Later pressings would have the song listed on the back cover.

 4. Chines Rock was originally a RAMONES song that Johnny Thunders and The Heartbreakers used to cover. The Ramones never got paid for the song, and sued. The Ramones version eventually was released in 1980 on "The End Of the Century" album.

 5. When DAMNEDX3 came out, the band Eddie And The Hot Rods originally appeared on the back cover. The original version is a highly sought after collector's item.

 6. Nick Mason from Pink Floyd produced The Damned's "Music for Pleasure" album for some odd reason. (Don't ask me why. I don't know either)

 7. Lenny Kaye, guitar player for The Patti Smith Group wrote the original liner notes for the two record 60s garage compilation, "Nuggets". Here is a direct quote from the liner notes: ....."most of these groups (And by and large, this was an era dominated by groups) were young, decidedly unprofessional, seemingly more at home practicing for a teen dance than going out on national tour. The name that has been unofficially coined for them-"PUNK ROCK"-seems particularly fitting in this case, for if nothing else they exemplified the berserk pleasure that comes with being on-stage outrageous, the relentless middle-finger drive and determination offered only by rock and roll at it's finest" (Emphases mine) Remember folks, these liner notes were written in 1972! ANSWER TO BONUS QUESTION: Lenny Kaye, for a brief period of time was the editor of "Rock Scene" magazine. a teeny-bopper music magazine that combined the style and lay out of such magazines as "Tiger Beat" and "16" but featured bands that would usually appear in CREEM. In "Rock Scene" it was NOT unusual to see an article about The Partridge Family next to a pictorial of The New York Dolls playing a concert at The Mercer Arts Center. They would NEVER have done that in "16" or "Tiger Beat".

 8. The VERY FIRST record by Patti Smith was a two song, 7 inch 45. The songs were "Piss Factory" B/W "Hey, Joe" This record was released in 1974, a year before the album "Horses" would be released. ANSWER TO BONUS QUESTION: Tom Verlaine is playing the lead guitar solo at the end of "Hey, Joe". The band that he would be famous for starting would be "Television". ANSWER TO EXTRA BONUS QUESTION: THe original record label was a local record label called "Mir" records. ("Mir" is Russian for peace) As stated before, the record was briefly re-issued on Sire in 1978.

 9. The famous actor/comedian who sat in on drums w/The Dead Boys at CBGBs during the two day benefit for Johnny Blitz was JOHN BELUSHI. ANSWER TO BONUS QUESTION: before his untimely death, John Belushi used whatever influence he still had at the time to get FEAR booked on Saturday Night Live. After that show, Lorne Michaels and the people at Standards and Practices at 30 Rock/NBC studios severed ALL ties w/John Belushi, and it would be at least ten years before Saturday Night Live ever took a chance with ever having any punk rock band on the show ever again. (Of course, Rancid, Green Day, Sonic Youth, and Nirvana have all appeared on the show at least once since 1992) ANSWER TO EXTRA BONUS QUESTION: Ian MacKay, of Minor Threat, was one of the slam dancers in the pit during Fear's two sets.

10. The very first time (And I think only time. I might be wrong) The Dickies appeared on American television was when they were just starting out in 1978, on a short lived sitcom called, "C.P.O. Sharky" which was mainly a vehicle for the comic stylings of Don Rickles. I can't remember what song they performed, though. This would've been about the time the "Hideous" E.P. was released.

 So that's the quiz. How did you do?

 0-3: You think "Punk Rock" is an incense holder made out of stone, but you think those Misfit Skull shirts look pretty cool. You might think Green Day is from Green Bay, but you have a keen interest in punk rock, and took a chance and took the test. You have a lot to learn, but you should be proud of yourself of making an effort and at least getting one question right.

 4-6: You heard "Blitzkrieg Bop" in a beer commercial, and "Lust for Life" in a cruise line commercial, and you know you like what you heard and want to learn more. The bad news is you thin St. Mark's Place is a park across the street from a Catholic church. But don't give up hope. You have a love for the music, and are eager to learn more, so start finding out who the local punk bands are in your area, and support them!

 7-10: Either you're the person who supplied the nails, hammer and lumber to the people who built the stage at CBGBs or you worked briefly or you worked at BLEEKER BOB'S GOLDEN OLDIES record store when it was still located at the corner of W. 8th St. and MacDougal in The West Village. (Or you're just a smart cookie and know your old school punk inside and out) You're so smart, maybe YOU should come up with the next trivia quiz!

 I hope people had as much fun taking the quiz as I had putting it together. And don't feel bad i you didn't know all or even any of the answers. As i said before this was just for fun. I'll try to make the next one a bit easier, but I make no promises. Thanks for participating. :-)

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