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Ligisterna, Låt dom hata oss, Nya given, Live at Antisocial, review

Antisocial #8
Ligisterna, Låt dom hata oss
and Nya Given

Klubb Antisocial have moved from Skål in the outskirts of Södermalm to Liffy basement in Old Town, where the metal club Pussy a GoGo resides. And there are no question that Metal is what normally is going on there. The big black and white, metal style, wall paintings is obvious in the old 17th century stone cellar, kind of cool in its kitch. But the sound in that basement is far from good. The sound bounce on the naked walls and everything just sounds loud and not good. But that is no exception to all the other cellar clubs of Stockholm.

As someone point out. The narrow, intimate feeling of Klubb Antisocial got a bit lost in that cellar. Skål wasn´t a good place but the bar itself forced people together in a way. On the other side, this place takes more people so the club can grow. And I can´t see any reason why they shouldn´t do so,   

The people
From being more of a pure Oi! club with its skinhead followings, Antisocial have broaden its view a bit. Fridays night was a proof of that with a Streetpunk/Oi! band, a Hardcore band and an Old School Punk band.  The crowd was reflected by the band genres. Spirit of 69. skinhead girls, mohawks, hard core studded jackets as well as the more casual sloppy Ebba Grön style.

The Bands

Nya Given (the new deal)

First out was the band from the city of Norrköping, Nya Given . A streetpunk and skinhead ranting kind of band. Good songs but the band seems like they would burst out in a stream of apologies for existing.
-OK, that´s the way you might do it in Östergötland, but now you are in Stockholm, so please, gain some selfconfidence, it will help. Possible is it scary to play in the capital of Sweden for some or something, I´ve seen this before, by the same guys in a different band. But they shouldn´t worry too much, the crowd gave the band a good reception. So I could see no reason why they should be asking for any permission to perform. The singer got a real good punk voice with great timing in the rhythmic ranting. For a moment I wondered if I should call the cops, someone stole the bands energy. Not bad, but could been better with some attitude.

Låt  dom hata oss (Let them hate Us)
The hardcore band Låt them hata oss had all the energy and attitude that I missed with the first band. They didn´t had as good songs as the first band but a really entertaining show was performed. It was wild and frenetic and with a nice arrogant attitude from the singer telling us, old fart to go to hell. He didn´t care whatever band we saw back then. Brilliant!

Ligisterna (The Thugs)
Just before Christmas I saw Ligisterna put on a wild and wreckless show. This wasn´t as spaced out a that, but not far from it. Anger, testosterone and a shit load of energy. Old songs, new songs in a turmoil. Singer Bojan all over the stage as well as bass player Cabbe. A lot of humor and jokes in between the songs. Ligisterna plays in a tradition of classic Swedish punkband Ebba Grön.
Even if it´s hard to compare bands from different ages, Ligisterna gave me the same feeling that Ebba Grön gave me back in the days. Something that would make the Låt dom hata oss singer to tell me go F…………………, well you get it.  The bad sound is taking down the experience a bit, but you couln´t blame the guys onstage for it, they were in it for real.

The crowd did go sing along to all the bands and there was a great feeling of belonging about it all. I felt sorry for the ones that sat at home felt sorry for themselves, when they could been at Liffys basement listening to great music. Both live and played on record by the DJ, chatting with music underground of Stockholm. I payed 100 SEK for the bands 35 SEK for beer in a bottle.  That can´t be wrong.

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