Monday, January 20, 2014

1,2, Fuck You Punk Revue Selection - Topper (and guests) and The Wall of Clash

Busy days....A little more than a week ago I was sitting on my ass, sipping my coffee and tried to find out what to do next in the Simpsons Tapped .Out app When I got this call from Jocke H, singer of Topper. I thought it was about me following them to Gothenburg for my punk documentary when they going to support UK Subs and TV Smith. But it wasn´t. He asked me if I wanted to come on down to the Brother Tuck restaurant/Pub for a chat. This led to this and that led to that. All of a sudden I was in the middle of a new punk stage being born. To make it short. Im in the middle of it, helping the lads of "Tucken" out, to get started. Actually I was asked to work with it, for real money. But No, that is not what I want. I want my punk concerts to be my spare time, not my work. But that seems like bloody harder.

But the dream scenario is that I can pick and choose my Swedish favorite bands to come and play. Or at least that is the scenario. and more, this blog will not just be a passive onlooker, but also as a promoter and organizer....well time will tell what will come out of it.

First out of the 1,2, FYPR selection will be Topper (and guests) and The Wall of Clash. Februari 1st.
Hope to see you there, But first we have some UK Subs gig to attent to, don´t we?

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