Tuesday, January 28, 2014

UK Subs, TV Smith and Topper at Henriksberg a Live review

UK Subs, TV Smith, Topper
at Henriksberg in Gothenburg

I did travel hours to see UK Subs and Topper to support them. A trip I didn´t regret.

First of all, it was great to take a trip to another city. To be among new people. Not the same faces as always. That didn´t prevented that some old Stockholm faces showed up anyway.

Henriksberg was a new acquaintance to me. An old three stories building on top of one of many of Gothenburgs hills, which gave us a magnificent view over the Gothenburg harbor.
But I wasn´t there to look at the scenery outside the windows. We were there to see some classic punk rock. UK Subs and TV Smith were up for a night full of punk from the past. Topper, from Stockholm was there to support them.

I hitchhiked with Toppers van to Gothenburg, both to film them on tour as well to get to know them a bit better. The spirit was high, but you could tell that under the jolly surface they was focused to deliver a good gig, so they did, or even better, a great gig as the opening act. If the singer Joakim is focused at any gig he doubled that here, I would say. The timid, funny guy in the tour bus was gone, now there was a devil full of thoughts sung to us with a very focused band that was on their toes. Swedish living punk rock legend, Christer Blomgren of the Troublemakers helped them out on “Once a Punk”. Brilliant!

TV Smith
TV Smith of the classic band The Adverts was doing an acoustic set with both old and new material. I feared some nostalgia here, but had got it wrong. We got a rather warm, living performance, with lots of stage presence, way better than expected. But there IS a limitation in acoustic played punk and that is my objection. It was brilliant, it was soulful in many ways, but I missed the distorted guitars and a band to give the songs the push that would take it from good to great.

UK Subs
UK Subs entered the stage as absolute winners. From the first chord to the last it was a divine chariot of punk on the road of triumph. The crowd was there from the start. The moshpit wasn’t as violent as I´m used to in Stockholm (which was great), still it didn´t prevent a bunch of Turbojugend to start a fight in the end of the set. Over what? Don´t know. Well, nothing that lasted for long. On stage an incredibly skilled band gave life to the 35 year old songs. And Charlie Harper showed no signs of being 70. In fact it was so much better than expected. The sing a long during Warhead was the highlight of the night. BUT, we got robbed of “Party in Paris” that wasn´t played even if the whole crowed chanted it after the gig in an attempt to get another encore.

But you have to ask yourself, where were the biiiig crowd. I´m glad that I got to see them in a small club like this, but guys and girls! This is punk legends, they deserve more people and bigger stages.

A great night with great music and in great spirit, can´t be wrong. Well, worth the time and money spent on traveling  and hostel. The music, the people at the place the way UK Subs interacted with the people there was a night of great punk spirit.

On Tuesday I will go out to one of the infamous southern Stockholm suburbs for an encore.
And will there be some “Party in Paris”.

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