Friday, March 1, 2013

This Blog is soon one year old!

The one year celebration is to start!

March 24 2012 this blog started, I didn´t really got it going until April when it was skyrocketing in both posts and readers. Through the year it have grown, not least the readers becoming more and more. Last month, Februari was another record breaking month. It´s fun that it works.

But my time is limited and to run it takes it´s time. So be patient with me, actually I didn´t think I would last one year. Now, however, I will as a part of this next year invite more writers, guest DJs picking their favorites and try to do the interviews I so much like to do.

I did start this blog as a result of my filming Ligisterna, an excellent Swedish band. Going to concerts, hanging out and surfing the net gave me a lot material to post on the blog, So, why not?

It all started at a forum called which is pretty much a homebase for me. Cabbe, the bass player of Ligisterna, convinced me to get back on facebook, which is another source and reader base. As well as my dear girlfriends interessts in Asian punk, which came to me as well.

I started it partly so my American and international punk forum friends could see what was going on in Stockholm, that´s why it is in Swenglish (Swedish English, haha). And I don´t let my dyslexia stand in my way. If you think my written English is shitty then you would probably think the same about my Swedish or guitarplaying, haha. Im to old to care about being right, so Im not asking for any permission to do it, I´ll just do it. The Style police can go and F....well, you know.

The Americans are 1/3 of all viewers as well as Swedes are 1/3. The rest of the world then share the last 1/3 where Germans and Brits are the biggest group (no surprice). But all continents are following it so I guess Punk is really global today.

It is fun to be Swedish when Swedish Punk, Hard Core and Metal have such good reputation abroad. Which is why I got the feeling watching bands that Im priviledged.
It is my general impression that the Stockholm punk scene have recovered big time after been a bit in the shadows. I would say the punk in Sweden and Stockholm are blossoming, In stockholm there are up to 5 different Punk, Hard Core and punky Metal concerts to choose from every Friday and Saturday. With some planning you could have your own punk festival every weekend. And we got bigger events now, such as "Gatans Musik" and "Pretty Shitty Kjell", that brings both bands and people together, en masse. What we could need is a summer punk festival worth the name, such as West Coast Riot in Gothenburg.

And there is another thing I could wish for. Punk concerts for underaged punks. Most concerts are +18 due to the Swedish alcohol laws and therefor the average age is high. Swedish punk might be good, but it is far to beer bellies and thin haired to believe that there will be new generations of good bands. Psykbryt is a young band trying to make a difference but there should be much more like them. The bands which members could be fathers to the Psykbryt members are good, but there have to be some young that not will try to be trendy and right to make it right.

Enough of this, now on to the next year, the good year that will be a legendary punk record year that will be certain, that I can say without a crystal ball. 1,2, Fuck You!


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