Friday, March 15, 2013

Klubb Dislocated fucked up!

Klubb Dislocated fucked up!

The punk scene in Stockholm is furious. 
One of the bigger promotors, Klubb Dislocated, with venues at three places in Stockholm have 
booked one band (who´s name isn´t important) with members with roots in both white power movement and Nazi parties and another band, lets call them a Nazi light band.

This have made punks in the whole city blow their tops, and I doubt that the gig ever will be played. Because I guess there will be hordes of ANTIFAs getting there to greet them.

It is troublesome to Klubb Dislocated that in a Political Naive (PN) attempt to refer to freedom of speach, that they are not taking a political stance, try to pretend that they have not fucked up, when everyone can see they did. Many band´s this blog been in contact with will boycott Klubb Dislocated all events in the future.
And I don´t think it´s is the end of it.

i´ll guess their grab for some cash was a bite to sour.

Admit it guys, you fucked up, you fucked up big time!

Updated 16/3 2013

The pub/restaurant Broder Tuck (Friar Tuck) canceled the gig with following statement.

"We at Broder Tuck has decided to cancel the gigs on 25 May in our premises, 

you have questions regarding these gigs, 

we refer you to the club Dislocated who booked these bands.

We are a Pub / Restaurant who want to focus on serving good food, 

drink and good entertainment.

We reject everything on racism, Nazism and xenophobia.

Thank you for the comments here made us aware of the gig. "

        Broder Tuck  

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  1. Dessa spelningar kommer inte att bli av. Åtminstone inte i Dislocateds regi.

    Vi accepterar inte rasism eller någon form av hat alls för den delen.

    Matte, klubb Dislocated