Saturday, August 23, 2014

Gula villan celebration Ultrahuset 35years (concert review)

The Event and Location

Once upon a time there was an old house, in a suburb far far away, a house that was the no1 melting pot for Swedish punk. That house was Ultrahuset in the suburb of Handen.
When big brother evicted the house in order to close it down, the punks themself torched the place to the ground.

And the bands and meltingpot moved into the City of Stockholm and the island of Södermalm. At the place Kafé 44an. But places as Birkagården, Tre backar and Vitahuset had its share of punk as well. And Gula villan kept the legacy of Ultrahuset alive in Handen at Gula villan.

So when Ultrahuset was to be celebrated as 35 years old. Gula villan was the place to do it. However the selection of bands was contemporary more than nostalgic. And in a way I found that to be a good thing. A provisional stage outside the yellow little house was set up. And picnicing families, beer drinking punks and some curious in general was the crowd.

Thanks to our lousy managed commuter train traffic I arrived 1 1/2 hours later than expected so I missed a few bands.


Parkförvaltningen have its origin in this muncipaly of Västerhaninge where Handen is placed on the map. And plays a mixture of Indie, pop and Progg rock (the Swedish way).
With dark lyrics from the torn part of big city life. At Gula villan they where in their right elements. Tight, brutally honest and full of lifevisdom. A great gig. The best of them I´ve seen soo far.



Did their best gig I´ve seen. All the everyday frustration and bitterness, that almost destroyed the band some month ago, were poured into their songs. A musical and verbal attack on the piss ants that wanna bully people around. Elins high pitch voice was a crystal sharp edge that cut through the woods and six storey building houses that surrounds Gula villan.
Since the one week break up they been working on new material and recordings and I think they matured as a band. The 12 year old punks seemed to react on the music in a positiv manner.


Did one song without their singer Linus, that was away. A taste of the new record and they never been better. Tight, agressive and heavier than before.



Dödsbabs is a mixture of old Swedish leftist Proggrock (Spelled with two gg´s and have very little in common with that single g prog), and Sex Pistols sounding punk. Slower that Spotlicks, and in many ways darker and heavier. Even those guys did their best gig I´ve seen. If Spotlicks wanna see the light in the tunnel, Dödsbabs live in eternal darkness. Songs about beeing on the bottle, beeing so poor that you only have the choise to be shoplifting, and the cover "Snutbil” (Cop Car) wasn´t really positive thinking. Heavy and tight!


Is a bit younger than Dödsbabs. And not in the same part on the punk map as Dödsbas and Spotlick. Here my interest decreased pretty fast. It is possible that they havn´t been better, like the rest of the bands. But I couln´t manage to pay enough interest. I didn´t get it at all. And I strayed away from the stage and had a chat with people in the suroundings.



Michael Alonzo´s old band Stockholms Negrer should have had a reunion as the main event at this celebration, but Blondie Dostojewski wasn´t on that frequenzy so Michael Alonzo said “Sod it!”, Alonzo play instead. Actually Im glad they did. The night was magical. With guests like Poppe Schubert, bass player in Stockholms Negrer, Dadde Stark (Asta Kask), and members from Psykbryt, Östermalm and the crowd they turned the August night into an unforgettable night. Old KSMB tunes that is pretty much in all Swedes DNA, Stockholms Negrer classics that made the crowd happy and new Alonzo tunes. A brand new song even, “Tommy han var Gay” or whatever the name was. I wished that moment never ended. This was the concert I missed at Manu Chao the night before. This was the KSMB, Stockholm Negrer gig I always wanted to witness.

Entrance was pretty much whatever you liked to pay….just in the spirit Ultrahuset once did it.
One of the top events of the year so far.

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