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Psykbryt – Ursäkta röran - vi river allt (Album Review)

psykbryt cdPsykbryt – Ursäkta röran - vi river all (Swe)
                                              (2014) CD/Spotify
                                              Review from listening to the CD

Psykbryt have developed a great deal the last 2 years I followed them and from the date they released their debute “…och ingen brydde sig ett jota”. From being hyped too early in the mainstream press there have been a certain pressure to live up to it. And for a brief moment I doubt that would manage. But the lads seemed humble enough to understand that it is hard work to gain the qualities that makes a good or even a great band. From being a charming young band they have evolved to a band to be taken serious. Not least with this release, “Ursäkta röran - vi river allt”. In many ways this is the record I wished Asta Kask released last year. Raw back to basic street punk with all of Asta Kask style of singalong chorus, and a bit of Dropkick Murphys, without being copies of those great bands. Infact, they lyrically have moved a far away from the conteporary punk cliches and fantasy Clockwork Orange worlds that is a bit of trap for young bands.

Psykbryt words are more in the tradition of Carl Mikael Bellman and Cornelis Vreswijk. Lyrics that describes and look into the torn side of life. “Sunkhak” is a lyrics that I can agree on every word to the max.
”Smakar skit” is a funny song about a young man that realize he didn´t liked Guniess beer after all and that he have  been living in a lie.
Unlike many others that glorify being drunk at the pub, they tell dark stories about the destructive ways of male alcohol fuled agressions and clichés, often with a bit of humor and a naked honesty that is refreshing. Lyrics about being losers and being satisfied with that, however the lyrics are never so dark and full of hoplessness as Ligisternas lyrics for instance. “Arbetar Klas” is a Johnny Cashish story that is both dark and humoristic. Besides that they are classic punk angry in songs like “Förnedrings-TV” that every punk record should contain. The sound is heavy and with rich guitars, fitting for the songs, distorted well played bass, very dynamic drumming that ad energy to the songs etc.  The only negative thing is that the lyrics are a bit hard to hear sometimes when they are drown in guitars, but the CD booklet sorts that problem out.

Psykbryt have with this album showed that they have learned the craftmanship of punk rock, and from that, they can be whatever they want.

Who should buy this record? All young swedish punks should own a copy. And all the lard asses that claims that punk was better in the past should lend an ear to it. 
The record grow for every track and invites me to listen further. and I feel like forgetting their debute record, because this is a huge step forward.  And a serious contender for the best album 2014.

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