Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Ebba Grön will play?!?

(Re edited 23/8 2012, the likly place will be at Perssons Betong)

Swedens most legendary original punk band Ebba Grön is rumored to play again!?!
They have turned a lot of money to do soccer stadium gigs in Sweden. 

Recently did one of the first Swedish punk scenes start up again at the legendary Youth Centre "Oasen" in the infamous working class Suburb Rågsved. They started having punk gigs with the original 1970ies punk bands such as "The Pain" and "Bitch Boys" who was the latest bands on stage. ( I wasn´t there so I cant tell you much about it more than the people who was there seemed to like it.

Ebba Grön´s Thåström at a gig at Oasen back in the days.

The rumors in the air today is that "Ebba Grön" will play again. Not for 40 000 people but for a hundred or so. Well, Im not sure that will happend, Thåström have turned down any such thought, except when the members of Ebba Grön performed with the Clash Mick Jones as a tribute gig soon after Joe Strummers sudden death in 2002.

Anyway Oasen will certainly be packed by this rumor not just this week end but the whole year after, just in case, haha.

(Edited thursday 23/8 2012)

After some research I found out that the place will be at the Sellstock festival at Perssons Betong in Rågsved as a celebration to Oasen. Read More here.

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