Saturday, June 27, 2015

Why I don´t will follow you all to Bråvalla!

Alonzo, Matte and Steppan at Punky reggae party at Kägelbanan

Today Swedish punk legends will play an official gig with most of the lads from its legendary line up. Well, most of them, the newly passed away guitarist Guld Lars will be replaced with his friend and fellow bandmember in Köttgrottorna Janne.

The expectations are high. From the start I was doubtfull about it. I saw them back in the days and they was like from another world then. REAL PUNK ROCK STARS, from the infamous suburbs of the capital Stockholm. For a young punk in a rural town it was huge.
Now I know some of the fellows, shaken hand with some. And seen their song being played with various constallations. Some good some not so good.

And I had a ticket, my friends are going. Im not. I don´t think I wanna see it.
Don´t know the actually subcontious reason, but I don´t wanna see it.
So the ticket are sold, the money will be spent on my daughters vacation trips.

Possible is it the hype? The "I was there" attitude of the people that are going to see it. Which is very touristy and unpunk in my book.
Possible is it my memories that possible would fade? Or is it that 200 Euros for an hour and a half that buggering me. Because the festival didn´t lined up any other band I wanted to see at the moment.

In two weeks time however I will be at an event in Tyrolen in south Sweden. A festival with an insane Swedish line up of both legends and contemporary great bands. Not a commercial festival, but a DIY punk festival, for punks, by Punks with Punks on stage. That I think, will be more my thing. Today I will put up posters to promote it.

But good luck anyway KSMB, you are worth the attention after all.

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