Sunday, May 11, 2014

Bare breasts made the bouncers close a feminist punk event

At the feminist punk event, release party for the band Pfemme Records at Ada´s in Gothenburg Sweden
a member of the support act Solanas Cuntz did play without anything on the upper body.
Barebreasted as she was she gained some attention from the bouncers that told her to put her shirt on.
As she refused the audience removed their t-shirts and bras as well in a sympathy act.
The bouncers then ordered the crowd to leave in an attemped to close the place.
With a certain chaos that followed.
Then the police arrived and closed the event.

The Ada place claim that the Swedish law doesn´t allow to serve people with bare upper bodies, which the police denies, There are no such law, they claim, but the owner of a restaurant or bar can decide who to serve. It is up to the holder of the liqour serving licence to made the rules of the place.


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