Saturday, March 8, 2014

Some brave female heroes worth to admire, March 8, the International Womens Day

Malala was 16 years old when she survived a murder atempt by Talibans.
Her crime? She wanted education for all girls.

Femen was founded in Ukraine, a bare breasted protest group
that been putting their life at stake in such horrible places as Belarus and Ukraine.
as well as in the western Europe.

In the nude protest in Stockholm they flank Egyptian blogger Aliaa
Magda Elmahdy

Aliaa Magda Elmahdy, Egyptian blogger that outraged Egypt with a nude post.

Pussy Riot is the corrupt Russian regime´s nightmare

It is just 100 years ago women still have to risk their life for the right to vote in the western civilazation. A 100 years. The brave women of the Sufraget movement wich also included supporting males, Suffragists, do litterary fight for their rights. Withouth them there would been no real freedom for us punks today.

But the question of equality havn´t moved fast sinse. Infact it is still far away. And then we speak about the free western world. When it comes to the rest of the world, often bound to religious vomit and pathriarch tradition, then it is even worse.

Therefor the International Womens Day must be highlighed. And to do that I post some contemporary female heroes that are increadible brave and worth to admire.

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