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Julpunken 2013 Doberman Cult, Ligisterna and Psykbryt a Review

Julpunken 2013 at Kafé 44

The place and Doberman Cult

The annual Christmas Punk at Kafé 44 was held in Friday Dec 20. A great line up, but gosh how early they started. I arrived at 8pm and found that I missed two acts already. Matriarkatet and Reidar Assine, too bad.

So my starting point was Doberman Cult, a Hard Core band that I can stand. It happens that I go to the Loo or hit the bar when the hard Core bands play. Not when these geezers played. In my mind they let enough old school punk and rock vibe into it so it won´t be ridiculous. Fair sound and one of a hell energetic singer, that literary was climbing on the walls and being all over the place, that did set the standards for the night.  And the rest of the bands didn´t dare to go below that. Unfortunately didn´t the crowd go wild to it, maybe they was to busy watching what the singer was going to do next?

The place and event

The night was due to Swedish alcohol laws a no beer event. That didn´t stop people drink their own beer outside the place. I got a vibe of my youth from it. But because the no alcohol policy young punks could see it as well. Not just old farts like me.
The crowd was a mix of very young skins and punks and the punk and skins regulars where some of us are closer to our fifties.
It wasn´t packed but fair enough with people to get a good atmosphere. Boy, did I miss a cold beer between the acts?


Ligisterna haven’t been onstage that much this year so they was really fueled up for a rocket ride.
To make it short, I was a true mayhem onstage. The sound was far from perfect, partly because the amps of Kafé 44 have seen its better days, partly because Niklas the singer and rythm guitarist was playing around with the volume knob in between the tunes. Playing the songs, he was like the Doberman Cult singer, all over the place.  Mostly old material was played, mostly to satisfy my taste, haha, I can´t get enough of their older tunes. But bass player Cabbe did sing a new tune that was a bit different than the other tunes. Time will tell if it survives on their set list.
Ligisterna did live up to their reputation as an unpredictable, entertaining and wreckless band.  If you want a mainstream comecial band for your wedding, don´t call Ligisterna. For a moment it looked like they were going to wreck their equipment as well as the whole stage. But that was just an artistic statement or a moment of divine inspiration. Ligisterna did get the young and old in the crowd to get going in a violent mosh pit. And in the encores they had turned both the stage and crowd into a mess of chaos. This was old school punk in it´s prime. Actually on of the most entertaining gigs all the year.


Closing the event was the youngsters in Psykbryt. I never seen them better. And they had to be. There were no room for a shamble then. They didn´t wreck and jumped around as much as the previous bands. But they got the crowd going. Wildly and madly punk dancing that might been remembered in the Saturday morning as bruises all over the young punks. Well, the old ones might certainly have a few bruises as well.  The sound was better than Ligisterna´s sound. Their wit and charm did reach out when the sound system was fair enough for us to hear their lyrics. They have developed alot as performers this year. They were so focused on what they did so kick drum problems was fixed in a moment.  They crowd seemed to love every second of it and so did I.
As an encore Psykbryt, Ligisterna as well as DERBY STHLM (try to keep them off stage if you can) did cover KSMB´s “But We Have No Bananas”, together with the crowd. How many can sing in the same microphone? Call the Guiness Book Of Records, this might make it.

WOW! Is my only reaction, what a start on the night. It ended too early though. Then we deserved a beer to make the rest of the night as good, so we went to a place for some of that and lost DERBY STHLM on the way. God knows where they disappeared.
Keep looking for the lost geezers of DERBY STHLM, we just lost them. Call 112 (199)!

I don´t remember what I did pay to get in, and it was irrelevant. It was great in all the ways it could be, even if they didn´t served beer.

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