Saturday, February 16, 2013

The Krooked and Greta kassler at Copperfields (review)

Club Dislocated Fridays at Copperfields looks like a bit of small sucess. A rather decent crowd showed up this Friday for some Stockholm punk. I had just bought my first beer when the tragic news reached me. Ligisterna have canceled. The reason why I was there had pulled out because of illness. Still, there was three more bands on the bill and I thought they really had to deliver to make the  it worth the effort going there.

The Place
Copperfields is a pub that got a stage. Still they have tables up next to the stage which makes moshing hard. Some tries it however, even I for one song. No one will cry if they removed some of the front tables.

The crowd
 I estimates it as a good crowd, both people with punk patches/studed jackets and Lonsdale dudes, Skinhead girls and casuals. I spoke to a fellow that just happened to had a few pints in the restaurant and was on the way out when Greta Kassler started. He and his buddies stayed for the rest of the night, loving it. Possibly was it a good move to start having the club outside Södermalm.

The Bands

Greta Kassler

First out was Greta Kassler, a trallpunk band that made that melodic genre a bit faster, a bit harder. And with the Ligisterna absent the band do step out of the shadows. Any obscurity about this and that is blown away tonight. Tight, fast and raw with very good sound. Best song? "Kasparovs Parti", possibly. But my doubt about GK is that their melodies doesn’t stick in my mind, I know that they got lyrics about important stuff but the lines doesn’t stick,  it is possible that it is me? Tonight I don´t find that´s a problem, the performance is convincing as it is.

The Krooked

In my eyes the Krooked have been the Ligisternas support act. Tonight with Ligisterna absent they stand out real fine and proved that they can be a main act just as good the Civilians was last week.
However I have the same problem with them as with Greta Kassler. I have a hard time to remember a catchy tune after the last chord is strummed. But in the moment they play they are a good, entertaining band that is both hard working and seems to have a passion for the spirit of Punk Rock n Roll, and when they do as they do tonight it´s great.

The last band wasn’t my cup of tea at all so I don´t review them at all, I had a chat with Greta Kassler instead.

Worth the money? It was free! But I don’t understand why more people are not there? Because this is the world famous Swedish punk played for free!

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