Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Conservative swedish parliament member in an outrage over a 35 year old punk song

Swedish conservative parliament member Gunnar Axén threw out his radio after the 35 year old swedish punk song "Beväpna er" (Arm Yourself) was played in a radio program yesterday. The Swedish Radio (SR) have let their lawyers listen to the program and found nothing that broke against the radio trasmission guidelines. The song is almost a part of our cultural herritage they claim.
The cholleric politician overreacted and threw his radio away and claim that he never will listen to radio again.

The lyrics that say that they should shoot the king and the ruling elite, is ment to be taken as a symbol to fight the ruling elites power over the poor people in the suburbs.

Ebba Grön - Beväpna er (Swe)
From the Album "We´re only in it for the drugs" (1979)


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