Friday, December 29, 2017

Best n Worst 2017

Sorry in Swedish only

Årets Album

Rancid - Troublemaker (US)

Runners up
Fuck Frankie, Headons, Oxleys´s Midnight Runners (US), Cock Sparrer (UK), Call Cat, The Professionals (UK)

Bästa svenska Album
Call Cat – Call Cat Radio Hour
Runners up Fuck Frankie, KSMB, Headons, Stilett, Fornicators

Bästa single/ep
Dödsbabs - Snatta på Konsum, Hyrda Knektar – Vi kommer att dö men först skall vi leva

Runners up
The Liptones/Beat Bahnhof (JAP) EPSplit,

Bästa inte rena punkplattan
Roger Waters – Is This The Life We Really Want? (UK), Jade Jackson – Gilded (US)

Bästa filmmusik/konstmusik/klassisk Musik
Soundtrack - Blade Runner 2049 Hans Zimmer (Ger), Benjamin Wallfich (UK)

Bästa liveaktRancid (US), Interrupters (US)

Runners up
Gatans Lag x2, Cock Sparrer (UK), Topper. Vänsternäven, Beltones (US)

Bästa live-event/club

Runners up

Bästa Singalong
Cock Sparrer (UK)

Årets nya upptäkt
Grå Vardag, Animal Nights

Mest Punk

Bästa film

Runners up
Blade Runner 2049, Ghost in the Shell, Valerian

Sämsta under året
Det ständiga revipinkandet inom scenen.

Årets pseudohändelse
Att Green Day försöker vara så jävla episka
Även årets lista blir på svenska, då jag inte vårdat min utländska läsekrets alls de senare åren.
Inte den svenska heller för den delen.
Alla band är svenska förutom när det är markerat.

KSMB vs KSM3-inbördeskriget rasar vidare, Tröttsamt på ett sätt. Samtidigt verkar det vara det som lockar ut gubbarna att spela.
Fler bråk mellan Oi! Och HC band kan en säkert säga samma sak om. Om jag hade brytt mig.

Eran Punk i tre delar. Vad kan en säga? Äntligen en historieskrivning om den tidiga svenska scenen. Men den historien kan vi nu, Inte så mycket nytt tyvärr.

Året utvecklade sig till ett bra år för mig. Fått ordning på livet, har lärt mig sjunga, spelar mer gitarr, Filmen Jävla Skitliv är på väg att bli färdig,

På filmfronten var det inte Cyberpunkfilmerna Blade Runner 2049 eller Ghost in the Shell som avgick med segern. Ej heller Luc Bessons Valerian. Samtliga är tveksamt om jag tyckte att de skulle gjort dem även om de var bra.
Utan Logan, Hugh Jackmans faväl till Marvel Hoppas inte)? En mörk och fängslande framtidsskildring.

Friday, December 30, 2016

Best n Worst 2016

Sorry in Swedish only

Årets Album
Interrupters - Say It Out Loud (US)

Runners up
Troublemakers, Asta Kask, Mimikry och City Saints, the Baboon Show

Bästa svenska Album
Troublemakers - Totalradion

Bästa single/ep
 Dödsbabs- Allt kan dra åt helvete

Runners up
Cominor, The Civillains, The Baboon Show.

Bästa inte rena punkplattan
NEJ - Nej.

Bästa liveakt
the Liptones.

Bästa live-event/club
AMTY (30 årsfesten)

Runners up
Demerit (Kina) på Cyklopen.

Bästa Singalong
Troublemakers - Götaälva på 35 årsjubileet.

Bästa revival
GLOs sound check. För övrigt står all revival mig upp i halsen.

Sämsta under året
Det politiska läget i världen.
Samt en vuxen människa som blev till en jättebäbis.

Årets pseudohändelse

Årets lista blir på svenska, då jag inte vårdat min utländska läsekrets alls de senare åren.
Inte den svenska heller för den delen.
Alla band är svenska förutom när det är markerat.

Året utvecklade sig till ett skitår. Både för mig personligen, världen och musik och filmvärlden.
För punken kan Freddie Wadling (Liket Lever, GLO, Cortex, Straightjackets) och Micky Fitz (the Business) ses som tråkiga förluster. Likaså att många även sörjer David Bowie som den inspiratör han var. Vila i Frid!

Thursday, December 31, 2015

Best n Worst of 2015

2015 as a punk rock year???
Let me remind you how I ended last years review.

"A irritating issue however is that the punk nostalgia is taking over the scene. New bands, young bands are not given a chance. The "it was better back in the Days" mentallity is the new trend. And I fear it will increase next year. "

Did it happened? Hell yes!
I stayed out of most of it.
Stayed out of a lot of other stuff because of personal reasons. To me it was a tuff year, it was hell. But I hanged in there and I'm still standing. A bit shaken, a bit stired, but still standing. The good part was to find out who my real friends are. Cheers brohers and sisters!
But the year was a shithole for many people in my suroundings, many who suffered from bad living or their loved ones turning into idiots. To bad.
On the Rock n Roll scene the the biggest loss was the physical death by mr Motörhead, Lemmy. In the end he was killed by death. His body died, not his spirit or legacy.
A tremendous loss for all punks, metalheads and rockers everywhere. And to make the loss even worse, Motörheads last album (2015) was as good as their classics 70 - early 80ies albums.

I choosed to cut down on the number of gigs to attend to, and concentrating on follow two bands. Topper and Fuck Frankie. Topper i followed parts of their German tour as well as gigs around Sweden.
And did direct their first and second video.
In the Fuck Frankie video I was in front of the camera for once. It was as fun.
Both the band made brilliant performances at the new and amazing punk festival Tyrolen Punk at Tyrolen in the middle of  nowhere in the rural part of southern Sweden. Alvesta, find that on the map if you can.
The line up of great bands was amazing. Possible the best of Swedish punk ever.
What a weekend!
Unfortionately it will not occure next year, possible 2017, hopefully.

I followed the making of Toppers new album and the release of it, the third album, Get in the line. Well I was a bit involved with the non musical part of it. So brilliant produced by Ulf Rockis Ivarsson. In between he also produced Punk icon Joakim Thåström's new album, or was it the opposit? :-). A great album as well, but not punk. Thåström still oppose the nostalgia of the punk business and the reforming of Ebba Grön. Hail to that!

Whats in it for 2016, I don't really care about. Still trying to lick the wounds of a pretty shitty year.

All bands are from Sweden exept where noted

A lot of bands at Tyrolen punk. Hard to pick one better than the rest.

Tyrolen Punk

Topper - Get in the line
Followed by
Smash It - Westcoast Democazy

NOTABLE, both records are from AMTY records as well as they hold Headons and The Liptones as well. So I guess that makes them the RECORD COMPANY of the year.

Saturdays Heroes, Skandalites,

Headons - Vi skall aldrig....
Troublemakers - Kungen håller tal

Troublemakers, Headons och The Adicts (UK)

Kungens Män

BEST BANDS (Different reasons and in no particular rankingorder)
The Liptones, Topper, Fuck Frankie, the Exploited, Bishops Green, Headons, Smash it up, Troublemakers, Midnite Stalkers



Rebel Riot (Bur)
Lemmy Kilmister

The revivals of KSMB and The Leather Nun

Billy Idols pathetic excuse of  whatever he tried to do at Gröna Lund.

Someone I loved.

The collapse of the Swedish decency in the refugee situation and the rise of swedish far right.

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

R I P Lemmy, your legacy can't be understood by any mortal

LEMMY, Ian Kilmister died of cancer
Yesterday afternoon in Los Angeles.

The singer with the brutal voice and as a bassplayer with the distorted bass is mourned by a whole world today.
His legacy on Rock n Roll, Hard Rock, Punk, Metal and Space Rock can't be understood by any mortal.

I doubt that the Exploited and Oi! music would have hit me so hard if it wasn't for his life work, Motörhead. The band was the perfect link between the Sex Pistols and the Exploited.
No one I had heard so far sounded like Lemmy.

The band brough unity between hard rockers and punks when there was a great divide between us.

They inspired generations, ten thousands of bands. It is beyond what can be understood by any of us.

And still so humble and down to earth.

A great Rock n roll warrior have moved on. Not dead, not gone, just moved to where he can join a band with Johnny Thunders, all of the Ramones, Philthy Animal and maybe be able to teach Sid Vicious how to play the bass.

Stay tuned for updates.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Refugees in , Pussy Riot

Alternative Paris. Stiff Little Fingers will play in Paris

When North Ireland punk band broke in the late seventies, Belfast was a terror bomb city. Now they prove that the guitar will fight the sword. Their words will win over the bombs.
Therefor SLF will play in Paris when all other acts cancel.

Most notable is U2, that had an opportunity to make a differece. To show the coward bastards behind the attack of Eagles of Death Metal concert last friday that we wont back down to their ignorence and terror. read more.

Monday, July 13, 2015

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Why I don´t will follow you all to Bråvalla!

Alonzo, Matte and Steppan at Punky reggae party at Kägelbanan

Today Swedish punk legends will play an official gig with most of the lads from its legendary line up. Well, most of them, the newly passed away guitarist Guld Lars will be replaced with his friend and fellow bandmember in Köttgrottorna Janne.

The expectations are high. From the start I was doubtfull about it. I saw them back in the days and they was like from another world then. REAL PUNK ROCK STARS, from the infamous suburbs of the capital Stockholm. For a young punk in a rural town it was huge.
Now I know some of the fellows, shaken hand with some. And seen their song being played with various constallations. Some good some not so good.

And I had a ticket, my friends are going. Im not. I don´t think I wanna see it.
Don´t know the actually subcontious reason, but I don´t wanna see it.
So the ticket are sold, the money will be spent on my daughters vacation trips.

Possible is it the hype? The "I was there" attitude of the people that are going to see it. Which is very touristy and unpunk in my book.
Possible is it my memories that possible would fade? Or is it that 200 Euros for an hour and a half that buggering me. Because the festival didn´t lined up any other band I wanted to see at the moment.

In two weeks time however I will be at an event in Tyrolen in south Sweden. A festival with an insane Swedish line up of both legends and contemporary great bands. Not a commercial festival, but a DIY punk festival, for punks, by Punks with Punks on stage. That I think, will be more my thing. Today I will put up posters to promote it.

But good luck anyway KSMB, you are worth the attention after all.